How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV

Having a smart TV, you would simply want to watch movies, TV shows, and live TV from various streaming applications. How would you like to have all that on a budget-smart TV that allows you to add apps through which you can endlessly stream and watch movies, TV shows, and live TV in your comfort? This article is a step-by-step guide on how to add apps to your Vizio Smart TV.

add apps to vizio smart tv

What is Vizio Smart TV?

An inexpensive smart TV compared to its competitors, Vizio provides you with a great picture quality making it a perfect TV for those of you with a budget. It has a very low input lag which makes it commendable for gaming

The best part about the Vizio smart TV is that it is ad-free for the most part. Even those apps that allow ads to appear in between streaming can be disabled which can’t be said for the other smart TVs. It also has a remote app that lets you operate with the help of your phone. 

In addition to offering access to several streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and more, the Vizio smart TV also provides access to WatchFree, a new streaming service with zero subscription and it allows you access to more than 100 channels with linear and live content.

A noteworthy thing about Vizio is that while like every other smart TV, it runs into problems with its quality, streaming, and more, it can be sorted and even better with every update. 

With all these heads-up given about Vizio, you would want to add apps to it to make it your really smart TV. Over the years, Vizio has released various versions of smart TVs and each version has its way of adding or deleting apps to the TV.

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Versions of TV by Vizio

Vizio has released different platforms of TVs which can be identified with the year the TV model was released. Given below are the years the model was released and its platform. 

2015 and older models feature Vizio Internet Apps or Vizio Intenet Apps Plus.

2016 and 2017 models feature SmartCast or Vizio Internet Apps Plus.

2018 and later models feature SmartCast.

You can check the user guide for your TV model for system identification. With the years, models and features said about, each platform has different ways to add, manage, and delete apps to the smart TV. 

How to Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV?

Let us begin with adding apps to different platforms model by model and it goes without saying that to use any of Vizio’s smart platforms, your device should be connected to the internet.

How to add apps on Vizio Internet Apps?

The Vizio Internet Apps or the VIA works just any other platform found on most smart TVs. Either the TV already has the app in it or it can simply be added to it, allowing you to add and manage the apps using your remote control. It also supports screen mirroring and screencasting using compatible smartphones and tablets.

There’s already a selection of pre-installed apps on your smart TV to which you can add additional apps. Following the steps below you will be able to add apps to Vizio Internet Apps.

# Step 1. Click the V button on your Vizio remote control upon which you’ll be taken to the home menu.

vizio remote v button

# Step 2. At the bottom of the screen, click on the Connected TV Store

# Step 3. Select either All apps, Latest, Featured, or Categories that take you to the App store.

# Step 4. Locate the app that you would want to add by browsing through the list and clicking on it.

# Step 5. On the next screen, you find the app which you’ll have to scroll through and click install.

# Step 6. The app once installed, will be added to the dock at the bottom of the screen.

To watch a movie or TV show from the installed app, click on the associated app icon using the remote control’s navigation.

How to Add Apps on Vizio Internet Apps Plus?

The interface of Vizio Internet Apps Plus is quite different and much better than its previous version, I would say. Adding apps to Vizio Internet Apps Plus is the same as that of Vizio Internet Apps with a slight difference. 

# Step 1. Clicking the V button on your Vizio remote control takes you to the home menu.

vizio remote v button

# Step 2. Under the My Apps tab, you’ll be able to see the already added apps.

vizio plus home

# Step 3. Browse through the All apps, Latest, Featured, or Categories for the apps you wish to add to your Vizio Internet Apps Plus.

vizio plus apps category

# Step 4. Hover over the app you wish to add and hold the OK button on the remote control.

vizio plus add apps

You’ll see that the app has been added to your My Apps list.

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How to Add Apps on Vizio SmartCast?

The SmartCast being the latest addition to Vizio TVs, has proven to be the best of all its platforms. Until its previous versions, Vizio only allows you to add apps available on its app store. But with the introduction of SmartCast, there is a list of SmartCast core apps that are already installed on your TV display including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and much more and these can be accessed without casting. Besides, multitudes of other apps can also be accessed on your Vizio SmartCast just as long as the apps are Chromecast-enabled.

Google Chromecast platform being the foundation of the SmartCast TV, doesn’t require plugging a Chromecast dongle into the TV. Instead, it has a built-in ChromecastThe device that you cast the content from becomes the remote control of the SmartCast. When initiating a cast, the TV will automatically switch from the current source input to the casting source. Let us begin by adding the apps.

# Step 1. On your smartphone, open the App Store or the Play store.

Vizio smartcast app store

# Step 2. Select the Chromecast-enabled app that you would want to cast on the Vizio SmartCast and tap Get/Install.

vizio smartcast install app

# Step 3. Upon completing its installation, the app will now be integrated into your smartphone’s cast selection.

# Step 4. All you have to do now is open the app, and click on the cast logo at the top of the screen to cast the app.

vizio smartcast cast

A smartphone, as you know, does multitasking and it doesn’t require you to continue playing the same content on your phone. You can carry on with the other tasks on your phone like making a phone call, finding another content to cast, and even leaving the place with your phone and all these without interrupting the casting. 

Wrapping Up

Following the steps above, you must have found that adding the apps to your Vizio smart TV is very simple. While adding the apps to your TV and watching a movie through streaming apps seems very nice and comfortable, casting content from your smartphones is more convenient and I’ll have to tell you SmartCast is the new future.

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