How to Connect Airpods to HP Laptop?Guide 2022

Have you ever wondered if our human systems should also have Bluetooth features? I obviously did. You just need to start pairing and connecting to somebody; they can hear whatever is inside you. Sounds fantastic, right? But it is just a dream. Speaking of electronics, they have that sort of luck in their lives(metaphorically ). Sure we cannot help you connect with hearts, but we will help you how to connect airpods to a hp laptop. This blog will carry the straightforward method to connect airpods to the hp laptop. Keep scrolling.

How to Connect Airpods to HP Laptop? 

Airpods are second-generation audio-supporting devices that are featured to assist hearing needs. It is the best option for somebody who is looking for wireless headphones\earbuds. There is a misconception like wise men connect with wise women, crazy people connect with crazies, and airpods connect only with apple devices. This is a prime Misconception that runs in the situation. Let me clear this out.

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Just like you need to have the heart to connect with somebody, likewise, you need to have proper Bluetooth functionality to connect to the airpods. As airpods have excellent device compatibility, they can access any possible device in the area. The device is meant to have an audio input or output with Bluetooth functions.

Is Airpods Accessible With an HP Laptop?

As long as the device that use to connect to airpods or any other Bluetooth audio device has access to the Bluetooth functionality. It is accessible to connect with the device. Talking of HP laptops, since most of the laptops support Bluetooth connectivity and have all other features of audio support, it is always compatible. So HP laptops support connectivity with airpods.

NOTE: if you are a user of an old version of a hp laptop, then you should probably use a Bluetooth dongle to support airpods on your laptop.

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Steps to Connect Airpods to HP Laptop: 

The method of connection is really simple. Once you have connected the airpods to the HP laptop, they will appear in the available range. You will not need to follow each step every time you connect the device. The reconnection will take automatically. Connecting Airpods to the hp laptop involves following basic instructions. This article will help you to connect airpods to your laptop in a count of minutes.

Setting Up Airpods: 

While using airpods, you should always check whether the airpods are fully charged. If not, then place them into the charging case and wait until the battery is full. Once the airpods are charged fully, take them out of the case, and you can proceed with further instructions.

Helpful Tip: Airpods take 15-20 minutes to get charged fully, while the case takes an hour. So if you plan to use them, don’t forget to charge them previously.

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Switch Audio Capabilities on HP Laptop:

In order to connect a Bluetooth device to your laptop, you will need to undergo some basic changes on the laptop. Switching your audio capabilities on a laptop is necessary. Switch from speaker to headphones. To do that, you have to follow these steps.

  • On your laptop, select the sound control panel.
  • Click on the speaker icon and choose headphones in the menu
  • As the default audio device, you have to choose Airpods.

Prepare the Bluetooth on your Laptop:

  • On Windows, open the settings
  • Select Devices >Bluetooth & other devices 
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth on your device
  • Click on Add Bluetooth & other devices >select Bluetooth.

Pair Up the Airpods with an HP Laptop:

In case your airpods were not charged and placed inside the case, it’s time to take them out. Now open the airpods case, and at the back of the case, you will find a button. The button on the case is used as a rest or power button. Press and hold the reset button at the back until it shows a blinking white light. It indicates the pairing of the device.

On the screen of your HP laptop, the name of the airpods will appear on the newly discovered Bluetooth devices. Place the airpods in your ears. Now from the available list, select your airpods. And click on it to start pairing. You will hear a beep sound to notify you that the AirPods are connected to an HP laptop. Play any random audio to check the connectivity.

Final Verdict:

To conclude, as we have reached so far, we know that airpods are excellent connectors. They can connect to laptops or other devices with just one pairing time. Its Bluetooth features allow it to remember pairing information as long as both are in the range of connectivity. It will not be wrong to suggest a tagline for airpods that” Connects Everything except Broken Hearts.” (pretty cringe as it sounds). Follow this guide and experience outstanding audio connectivity with Airpods on your HP laptop.

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