How to Fix All 4 Not Working On Smart TV?

“Content Currently Unavailable” and “Try Again Later “is what you never want to stream while watching All 4 App. And if you do so, then without a blink, move forward and keep reading the article on How to Fix All 4 Not Working On Smart TV. We have provided you with all the possible troubleshooting methods to solve the issue.

All 4 Not Working On Smart TV

All 4 App on Smart TV :

An On-Demand App that offers Streaming Service provided by Channel four is the All 4 App. It is absolutely free of cost service. However, the streaming service of All 4 is available only in UK and Ireland. Being one of the biggest streaming services with no cost, It is compatible with most devices -Smartphones -Android and iOS, Smart TVs, Firestick,roku, Now TV, and so on.

If you are unable to access the free app or face any sort of malfunctioning, then get into the Scoop and solve All 4 Not Working On Smart TV.

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Why the All 4 Not Working On Smart TVs?

All 4 Not Working On Smart TV

Behind every not working issue of the app, there is a list of reasons that lie behind it. In the case of this issue, we have to consider these reasons as playing the lead or the Antagonist in the malfunctioning of the app.

  • Incompatibility of the Smart TV with the All 4 app.
  • Outdated version of the app.
  • Smart TV with older software.
  • Any Technical Glitch in the App.
  • Your IP Address is unrecognized.
  • Your Smart TV needs a Reset.

How to Fix All 4 Not Working On Smart TV?

The Malfunctioning of the app can be due to any of the reasons. And to fix that, you need some worthy troubleshooting methods right now. Because it’s now or it’s never. If you want to continue streaming the All 4 app, you will surely need to learn these methods you can try.

Obligatory Checking: Make sure you have a Stable internet connection on your Smart TV; in order to access the Working of any App, it requires a stable internet /Wifi Connection.

The methods are very straightforward, and you can easily carry them out on your Smart TV.

1)Change the Smart TV :

You want to change without sacrifice; You want peace without struggle, and the world doesn’t work like that. Similarly, if you want to make the Digital World that is your Smart TV to work, Then a change with a struggle and a tiny sacrifice is required.

Here, we are referring to the Sacrifice of Changing your Smart TV. As per the updates of the app, users with an older version of the TV cannot access the app. Which makes the app work on only some specific models of TVs. An older version of any Smart TV makes it Incompatible with the app and thus results in the All 4 Not Working On Smart TV.

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To be Precise :

If you are using a Smart TV, that is, a Samsung Smart TV, then it’s more likely that you should pay attention to what model are you using.

What Models do not support All 4 Apps?

Samsung Smart TV models from 2011 to 2012 cannot access compatibility to the All 4 App.Smart TVs, which models such as the (PDP) Plasma Display Panel and the (LCD) Liquid Crystal Display TVs.

What Change Can You Make with your Smart TV?

Either you can change to a Newer version of the Smart TV or change the TV with another brand than the existing one to enhance your streaming experience of the All 4 App.

Use a Streaming Device: If you are someone who does not believe in change. And that change can make your (Streaming )life better. Then we have another option for you. You can Opt for using a Streaming device with that of your older model of the TV. Several Streaming devices are available in the market, Such as the Amazon Firestick. You can choose one that fits you and Continue streaming.

2)Reboot, Restart, and Reuse the Smart TV :

We have two variations of Humans -One who is Soft and Another who is hard. Likewise, there are two types of Reboot: The Soft reboot and the Hard Reboot. Sometimes the malfunctioning of the app can be due to any technical glitches; you can try Restarting, Rebooting, and then Reusing your Smart TV to solve All 4 Not Working On Smart TV.

Soft Reboot:

  1. Turn off your Smart TV using the Remote.
  2. Let it be in the Standy mode for some time.
  3. Now, Turn your Smart TV back ON.

Hard Reboot:

If your Smart TV doesn’t obey your Soft reboot, it’s time to act hard.

  1. Unplug the power cord of your Smart TV from the wall Outlet.
  2. Wait for some time to let it reboot hard.
  3. Plug it back in and try restarting.
  4. Launch the All 4 app and check if the problem has been resolved.

3)Reset All 4 Apps:

The All 4 App stops Working can be resolved by performing a reset of the All 4 app on your Smart TV. To do that, you will need to access the Smart Hub or the App Store on your Smart TV.

  • Click on the Smart Hub button.
  • Navigate to the Apps Section.
  • Try to launch the All 4 App. If there is any issue in launching, try this.
  • Press and Hold the Power button; let it turn OFF, and then turn it ON again.[or]
  • Go to Settings >Support>Device Care>Self Diagnosis >Reset Smart Hub. And then, Voila.

4)Update the All 4 App:

Maybe the app needs some makeover. Not with the Concealers or the Hair get done. But with the tech. The app may be in need of Updates. Several apps tend to opt for various technical changes in the software resulting in Updates. If you are still using the app without updating, check whether there are any updates available on the app. When you find any, then follow these steps to update the All 4 App.

  1. On your Smart TV, Go to the Home screen.
  2. Navigate to the Smart Hub.
  3. Click on the Apps option, then Select the My Apps.
  4. Below the Options tab, You will find the Updates that are available.
  5. Choose the All 4 App and now Click on the Update.

Check whether this update has solved the All 4 Not Working On Smart TV issue.

5)Update the Software of your Smart TV :

The problem with the All 4 Not Working On Smart TV can occur even if you are using a newer version of the TV. Whether it is a TV or An app, Everything needs an Update to run smoothly. In fact, If your Smart TV is facing any errors with malfunctioning, then it might affect the Streaming.

Steps to Update the Smart TV :

  1. Turn ON your Smart TV, Click on the Menu button.
  2. Go to the Settings and Choose Support.
  3. Select the Software Update option on the Screen.
  4. Click on Update Now, and your Software will get updated with the latest Software available.

6)Try Using the Magic Wand -VPN:

Didn’t we miss the fact that All 4 App is available to work only in the UK? And if you reside anywhere which does not support the Geo -Location of the app. Then All 4 Not Working On Smart TV can be due to the Geo- Restrictions of the App.

Nothing is impossible to Stream in the Integrated world. By this Quote stated by the One and Only Me, I give you a Magic Wand that you can use to stream the All 4 App even from the Restricted area.

To solve the ITV Hub problem, Visit: How to Fix ITV Hub Not working on Smart TV?

Use a VPN –a Virtual Private Network which allows the user outside of the provided area to access the app. Connect a VPN Service to your Smart TV; if that doesn’t support it, then you can set up that on your PC or streaming device and then connect it to your TV.

7)Contact your Service Provider :

Last but not least, if you reside inside the geo-locations, everything is up to date, and you are still facing the All 4 Not Working On Smart TV issue. Then it’s time to contact the 911 of the Technical World -The Internet Service Provider.

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask for a Static IP Address. (Which will charge you an additional cost ).
  1. After getting it done, Restart the Router/Modem.
  2. Wait for at least 15-30 Seconds.
  3. Now, Restart the Router to get the IP Address.
  4. Launch the app on your Smart TV.

Ta-Dah, the issue is solved.

Final Verdict :

At the End of the article, By the fact that e have provided you with all the best ways possible, How to Fix All 4 Not Working On Smart TVs.We look forward to giving you a final piece of the tip; you can also Stream the All 4 App Online by using the Web browser on your Smart TV.So, This way or that way, you have all the ways to watch all exclusive TV Shows absolutely free of cost. Enjoy Streaming.

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