How to Get and Watch All 4 on PS5? [Using 3 Methods]

Download and Watch All4 on PS5 by directly downloading from PlayStation Store, using PS Remote Play and by screencasting with the help of the iMediaShare app. I will discuss the methods in detail in this article.

How to Get and Watch All 4 on PS5 [Using 3 Methods]

Things to learn from this article are,

  • Steps to get All4 on PS5.
  • Using PS Remote Play to get All4 on your PS5 console
  • Casting All4 from Smartphone to PS5 using the iMediaShare app.
  • Steps to Create All4 account to go ad-free.

Is The “All 4” app available on PS5?

You can directly download All 4 onto your PS5 device through the PlayStation Store. You can also use alternatives like the PS Remote Play or screencasting your All 4 accessible device to your PS5.

All 4 on PS5:

All 4 on PS5

All 4 is the biggest free streaming service in the UK, with more than 1500 shows from four channels.

With the All 4 app on your PS5, you can get access to

  • UK TV series
  • World drama
  • Movies
  • US box sets

You can download the All 4 app on your PS5 using the Play Station Store or using PS Remote Play or screencasting.

How to Get All 4 on PS5?

As mentioned above, you can get the All 4 app on your PS5 by either downloading it from PlayStation Store or by PS Remote Play and screencasting. The methods and the steps get discussed below.

[Method-1]: How to Download and Watch All 4 on PS5 from PlayStation Store?

To download the All 4 app from PlayStation Store on your PS5, the steps to be followed are as follows,

  • First of all, connect your PS5 console to a good source of Internet.

ps 5

  • Navigate to the home screen of PS5 and select the option Media, found in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Move to the All Apps section and select the option.
  • Select the Search icon on the right corner of the screen.
  • Now enter the name of the app All 4 in the search tab and start the search.
  • From the search results, select the All 4 app to download and install the app.
  • Launch the app and log in with All 4 credentials.

With these steps, you have successfully downloaded the All 4 app, and you can watch it on your PS5 console.

[Method-2]: How to Get All 4 on PS5 using the PS Remote Play Function?

You can find the PS Remote Play feature on PS4 and PS5 devices. To access PS Remote Play, you need,

  • PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition with an Internet connection.
  • A device that is compatible with PS Remote Play and connected to the same network.
  • PS Remote Play App
  • PS controller
  • Recommended internet speed – 15Mbps

Follow the steps to get All 4 on PS5 with the help of PS Remote Play Function,

  • You need to connect your PS5 console and Smartphone through an internet connection.

On your PS5 console:

  • Go to Settings on your PS5 device and select Remote Play.

enable remote play

  • Select the Remote Play Feature.
  • You need to make your PS5 go into rest mode.
  • Now navigate back to settings and select System.
  • You can find the Power Saving option; go to its features.
  • Now enable Available on Rest modes by ticking its box.

On your Smartphone:

  • Go to your Smartphone’s respective app store.
  • Search and download the PS Remote Play app.

ps remote play google play store ps remote play app store

  • Use your PS5 credentials to log in.

Connect PS5 and Smartphone:

  • Make sure your smartphone and PS5 console get connected to the same network.
  • On your Smartphone, press Start and wait for it to connect to your PS5 console.

You have successfully connected PS5 and Smartphone with the help of the PS Remote Play app.

With the following steps, you can now access the All 4 apps on PS5 using your Smartphone.

[Method-3]: How to Screencast All 4 on PS5 From your Smartphone?

To Screencast All 4 on PS5 From your Smartphone, you can use the iMediaShare app. Follow the steps to screencast All 4 onto PS5 from a smartphone.

Download All 4 and iMediaShare app on Smartphone:

  • On your Smartphone, go to the respective app store and search for the All 4 and iMediaShare app.

all 4 on google play store all 4 on app store

  • From the search results, tap on install to download the respective apps.

Connect Smartphone and PS5:

  • Open the iMediaShare app on your Smartphone.

imediashare google play store imediashare app store

  • On the app, select the All 4 app.
  • Select Choose a Screen option.


  • You can select your PS5 connected to the same network as your Smartphone.

You can now see that your smartphone screen gets mirrored to your PS5.

Additional Information:

How to Register for All4?

You can log in to the All4 app using the channel4 credentials, so you need to create an account on the channel4 website to access the contents of All4.

  • Open Chrome browser on any device and visit
  • Select the prompt that has an upgrade to go ad-free.
  • Now select start your 14-day free trial option.

14-day free trial

  • Select the register option.
  • Enter a valid email ID and a secure password.
  • Follow the instructions and finish the payment process.

all 4 logo

You can now enjoy the contents of All 4 ad-free on any device using this credential. The subscription costs £3.99/month, which gives benefits like,

  • ad-free streaming
  • 14-day free trial
  • ad-free download on mobile.

Since the All4 app is a free streaming service which gets profits from its ads, The All4 app will subject you to watching a lot of ads while using the app. So, it is best to subscribe and free yourself from the annoying ads.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Get All 4 on PS5?

You can get the All 4 app on your PS5 by either downloading it from PlayStation Store or by PS Remote Play and screencasting. The methods and the steps get discussed in this article.

What are the Apps used to cast All 4 to PS5?

The apps that you can use to cast All 4 apps to your PS5 are,

  • iMediaShare
  • PS Remote Play

The End

Now access all the contents of All 4 on your PS5 console by following the simple methods and steps given in this article. The methods consist of different ways, like directly downloading or screencasting using compatible apps. In the end, you will enjoy watching All 4 on PS5.

We can discuss the doubts regarding the content of this article in the comment section at the end.

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