How to Install Amazon Prime on Kodi

In this article, you are going to see a step by step guide on How to install Amazon Prime on Kodi.

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  • What is Amazon Prime
  • Why use a VPN
  • How to Install Amazon Prime App on Kodi
  • Steps to use Amazon Prime App on Kodi
  • Top 5 Recommendations on Amazon Prime

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Kodi is an online Streaming media device that acts as an Open Home Theatre App. It’s a Free Media Application. Kodi is available on platforms like Android, Mac OS, IOS, and Windows, and so on. The latest version of Kodi available is version 18. It’s a stable build for users.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Kodi


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Before getting started, first let us know about Amazon Prime…

What is Amazon Prime?

Since the OTT Platforms are in trend now, People prefer movies and shows at the big screens in the comfort of homes with a single touch. Though Amazon Prime does not require any intro, if you are into ardent Video Streaming then Amazon Prime is the answer.


Amazon Prime is one of the most popular Video Streaming App that offers a wide range of Choices like Popular Shows, Movies, Podcasts, Original Shows, and many more. It comes with a Low Subscription Fee when compared to its competitor Netflix.

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Amazon Prime can be streamed by any number of users, unlike Netflix App.

Why a VPN is needed for Amazon Prime on Kodi?

When you are Streaming Content for free, you should be very careful while using it. Streaming content for FREE sounds promising, but you should be cautious to mask your online identity and IP address using a VPN.

Streaming apps are most exposed to online threats. VPN protects you from attacks like Cyber Hacks and so on.

Let’s jump onto this article…

You can install Third Party Applications as only Add ons in Kodi. So Amazon Prime is also added as “Add On”.”

How to Install Amazon Prime on Kodi?

Before we begin you have to “Turn On” the unknown sources to allow third-party applications.

1. First, you have to download the Amazon Prime Zip file from the Kodi website under the “Video Add On” tab.

prime add on

2. Open Kodi and go to the Home Screen.

kodi homescreen

3. On the top left corner, Go to “Settings” and toggle to Unknown sources.

kodi settings

4. Click “System” and click “Expert Mode”.

kodi system

5. Now, Hover back to the home screen of Kodi, you will find “Add ons” below the game’s option.

kodi add ons

6. Choose the open box icon with an arrow pointing inwards called “Packages”.

kodi package

7. You can choose from “Install from Repository” and select your downloaded Amazon Prime File.

kodi install from repository

8. Then type the path from where to install the file and click done.

kodi path

9. Choose “Install from Zip File”, then select the Amazon Prime file and click OK.

kodi install from zip file

10. The Amazon Prime file will start downloading in a minute or two.

prime installation

11.. After the installation is done, go to “Video Add ons” under the Add ons tab.

kodi video add ons

12. Now you will see Amazon Prime Add on. Click on it.

kodi prime installed

How to use Amazon Prime App on Kodi?

1. Launch Kodi home screen and click “Video Add Ons” under Add ons option.

kodi homescreen

2. Click the Amazon Prime App icon that appears on your screen.

kodi prime installed

3. You will get a screen showing the content available in the app. Choose your favorite one.


Unlike Amazon Prime which charges the user with a subscription fee, watching Amazon Prime on Kodi is free of cost.

Top 5 Recommendations of Amazon Prime:

With the availability of Prime Originals, There lot of shows to stream from. The shows mentioned below are very popular and are available exclusively only on Amazon Prime.

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

2. Vampire Diaries

3. The Big Bang Theory

4. The Family Man

5. Modern Love


You have successfully installed Amazon Prime on your Kodi App. The installation method specified above is the most simple, easier, and reliable method to install the Amazon Prime on Kodi. With the above installation done, you can stream and watch Amazon Prime for free.

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