How to Watch Amazon Prime on PS4?

It’s time to get entertained with Amazon Prime on PS4We use PS4 to play games on our Smart TV. Both are entertaining platforms to us.

The combination of streaming our favourite content while playing games is fantastic entertainment for us. And more features in this combo. We take you to the installation and streaming procedure from this article. So, follow all titles and given instructions in this article.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on PS4

The outlook of this whole article has given here:

  • What is Amazon Prime?
  • Know about PS4
  • What is Amazon Prime on PS4?
  • How to Stream Content in Amazon Prime on PS4?
  • What are the features of Amazon Prime?
  • How much does Amazon Prime cost?
  • How to Watch Amazon Prime on PS4?
  • Our End Words

To know complete detail about these topics, get into the article.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based content online streaming mobile application. Prime allows you unlimited streaming. You can watch all types of movies, web series, and on-demand videos on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime services are available on all streaming devices. Also, it permits you to stream the Amazon Originals on your streaming device.

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Know about PS4:

PS4 is a home video game console. Sony Computer Entertainment founded the Play Station 4 gaming device. Ps4 is not only for playing video games; also, you can stream the video content through your supported streaming devices. Also, it allows us to stream video services such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and Amazon Prime Video.

You can multitask with this PS4 device. You can stream movies or other content while playing video games on PS4.

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What is Amazon Prime on PS4?

All types of content can watch on streaming devices. So, as we discussed, Amazon Prime and the PS4 are the best entertainment platforms for us if you have any doubts about installing Amazon Prime.

We teach you the methods and steps to get the Amazon on your Play Station 4 device. Let us read about it in detail below.

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What are the Features of Amazon Prime?

In Amazon Prime, we had extraordinary features to stream our favourite content. Look at the list of elements in the following lineup. They are:

  • Amazon offers you 30-day free trial to stream.
  • You can easily cancel your membership at any time.
  • Start Watching famous movies and Programs.
  • Amazon allows you to stream ad-free music.
  • Along with the music, you can stream thousands of stations.
  • Each month, you have a Prime Gaming facility, hundreds of new books, magazines, and more.
  • You can watch the OTT movies, which are called Amazon Originals.
  • You can get this on all streaming devices.
  • Amazon Prime was available all over the world.

These are all the features and benefits we highlighted in this topic. So, now we move to the subscription part of Amazon Prime.

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How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon Prime gives us four different types of subscription packages to its users.

We got all the above features based on your selected subscription packages. We will see the subscription plans one by one.

Amazon Prime SubscriptionIt was the first subscription package given on Amazon Prime.

You have to renew this for every month of purchasing this subscription. A free trial for 30 days is applicable here. If you want to cancel this subscription, you may go ahead at any time.




Amazon Prime Video Subscription

This pack is for annual subscribers. You have to renew this package every year on the same date you purchased the plan.

In this plan also, you can get 30 day’s free trial. After the trial period is finished, you can start your paid contribution on Amazon Prime.





Subscription of Amazon PrimeThis package is called Prime Student, and this is also like a first plan.

You have to renew this pack every month. You can claim the 50% offer in this package.

Here you have a chance to use the free trial for six months.




Subscription of Amazon Prime VideoHere is the last package of the Amazon Prime membership.

This subscription package is primarily for the Qualified Government Assistant beneficiaries.

Try the 30 days free trial in this particular package. You may cancel this membership contribution at any time.




So, we have checked out the subscription package details once in the above section. Pick any Amazon Prime Membership and enjoy your favourite TV shows, Movies, Programs, Books, and Amazon Prime Video Originals. Also, read How to Change YouTube TV Password? All we got about Amazon Prime. So, now we move to the installation process on the PS4 device.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on PS4?

You can download the Amazon Prime service directly on Play Station 4 device from Play Station Store. We will see how to download and stream it on a PS4 device. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Wi-Fi Connection.

First, you have to power your Smart TV and insert it into your PS4 console in the Smart TV HDMI portal. Then pour the standard Wi-Fi internet connection for both PS4 and Smart TV.

Step 2: Play Station Store.

Take your PS4 controller and navigate to the Play Station Store. Then select the TV and Video part in the Store screen.

Sony Play Station Store

Step 3: Prime Video.

Click the search icon and find Amazon Prime Video in the given search bar.

Step 4: Download.

Pick up the Prime app from the search result. Now you have to click the Download option on the left middle side of the screen.

Downlaod Amazon Prime Video App

Step 5: Start.

After downloading, tap on the Start option on the same download page. Or pick the app from the home screen of your device. Then unwrap the installed Amazon Prime Video app and start streaming it.

How to Stream Content in Amazon Prime on PS4?

The above topic teaches you to install the Amazon Prime Video app on your Play Station 4 device. Look down to get the procedure to stream the Amazon Prime content on a PS4 device.

Step 1: Continue. 

We have already installed and launched the Amazon Prime Video application on your Play Station 4 device. You have to open the app and select the Continue option to further process.

Step 2: Sign In.

Here, head towards the Sign In section and log in with your Amazon account authorization.

Amazon Prime Video Sign In Page

Step 3: Start Watching.

Choose the subscription plan and settle the billing procedures by clicking the Start Watching option.

Step 4: Continue.

After signing in, go to the Continue option and get into the Amazon Prime Video application.

Step 5: Watch Now.

Now it will open the Amazon Prime Video main page. You may select your favourite content and start streaming it by hitting the Watch Now key on that page.

Watch Now content on Prime Video

Enjoy streaming on your Smart TV big screen. Now you can continue watching your favourite content on the Prime Video.

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Our End Note:

Here we came to the end part of this article. The above topics teach you to install the Amazon Prime Video on Play Station 4. Get the proper instruction in our writing and download it from the Play Station Store on your Play Station 4.

Not only on the PS4 device, but you may also install and stream the Amazon Prime Video application on your Laptop, Desktop PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Laptop, and all streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Roku, etc. You may get this app on those devices’ respective App Store. Why are you still waiting? Go and start downloading the Prime Video app on your available streaming device.

I think the information and the instruction we have given in this article are helpful to you.

If you have any doubts? Or have any queries about this article? Please mention all your needed information as a question in the below comment box.

We will respond to your feedback, and the doubts dropped in the comment section quickly.

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