How to Stream AMC Plus on Xbox?

Playing games will make you more enthusiastic and fun. Sometimes it may lead to addiction. If you ever thought that Xbox is only for playing video games. But the fact is you can also stream your desired content through streaming services like Sling TV, DirecTV, and more. So you can also enjoy the on-demand and live TV content on your Xbox as well. If you are ever bored playing games, then start streaming your favorite shows or movies through streaming services as well. Ofcourse, today we will also go to teach you how to stream AMC plus on Xbox.

How to Stream AMC Plus on Xbox?

What is AMC Plus?

AMC plus is a video-on-demand streaming service, and you can stream award-winning TV shows and movies. Although, you will get ad-free streaming through this platform. Also, it offers premium streaming bundles like AMC, Shudder, IFC Films, BBC America, and much more infinite content to stream.

It has been available since 2020, and it offers live TV and on-demand content through the AMC Network cable TV channels as well as streaming platforms. Here you will get infinite content to stream through the cable TV channel.

However, AMC premiere was also one of the oldest streaming platforms, and it is a stand-alone service that is available only in America and Canada.

About Xbox:

Xbox is a video gaming console, and it is used for streaming live TV and on-demand streaming services, as well as online game playing. Check out this article Sky Sports, on Xbox.

Can I get AMC Plus on Xbox?

Currently, AMC plus is not included in the Xbox console. Nevertheless, you can register to AMC plus on any other device such as Apple TV, Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, Windows, Android or iPhone, Sony smart TV, Vizio smart TV, and Android TV. 

How to Stream AMC Plus on Xbox?

So here we will let you know some alternative tricks to stream AMC plus on the Xbox console.

  • AMC plus on Xbox via streaming services such as DirecTV Stream, Amazon Prime Video, Philo, fubo TV, and Sling TV. 
  • Miracast using Android smartphone
  • Cast from iPhone

You can stream using the AMC plus app content from your Xbox gaming console using the given below procedures. Also, refer to this post Phasmophobia on Xbox

1. Using Sling TV on Xbox:

You can use any of the streaming services to watch AMC plus on the Xbox console. As we said in the above session, you can purchase any of the streaming services that offer AMC plus channels in their channel lineup. If you have any of the above streaming services subscriptions, then start streaming on your Xbox console right now.

⋙ First, you should want to set up high-speed internet for your Xbox console.

⋙ Move to the Xbox Home page and then hover over the Media section.

Now enter into the Microsoft store and find the DirecTV Stream app.

 Then you will get an official app in the search result.

Further, get it and open the app, then search for the AMC plus channel in the list.

⋙ Now play any of the content from your Xbox console.

2. To Miracast Xbox using Android Smartphone:

You can also use this method to stream AMC plus content on your Xbox console using an Android device. A similar post, HBO Max on Xbox One

Preliminary steps:

⋙ In your Xbox 360, install the Xbox app to miracast through Android smartphone to Xbox console.

For Xbox One, S, and X series, you should want to move to the Wireless Display tile from the Xbox menu.

Then turn it on the ready symbol from your device.

Miracast on Xbox:

⋙ Firstly, connect to the high-speed internet source to both Xbox and Android devices.

⋙ After that, get the AMC plus app on your Android device from the play store.

⋙ Furthermore, log in to your AMC account using its credentials.

⋙ Then play any video and now tap on the cast icon from your Android screen.

⋙ Otherwise, set up your Xbox app with your Xbox console and merge them.

⋙ Hence your Android screen will reflect on the Xbox console and now enjoy the streaming on the big screen.

3. Cast from iOS to Xbox to stream AMC plus:

Suppose you are using an iOS device, then you can also try this method to cast AMC plus content on your Xbox console.

Mandatory Steps:

  • Get the Xbox app on your iOS device for casting to your Xbox console.

Cast AMC plus on Xbox:

Connect your Xbox console and iOS device to the same standard internet source.

⋙ Now download the AMC plus app on your iOS device with the help of the app store.

⋙ Next, open the app once it gets installed and then logs in using its account credentials.

⋙ Further, Choose any of the content and then click on the Airplay icon on your screen.

⋙ After ward, merge your smartphone to th Xbox console, and it will cast your iOS screen to your Xbox screen.

⋙ Now start to play any of the content from AMC plus and enjoy streaming on the big screen.

Other ways:

Suppose you don’t want to screen mirror or cast from your smartphone. In that case, you can also get this app on other streaming devices such as Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Windows, Android, iOS devices, Mac, Android TV, Vizio TV, and Sony TV. 

So you can use any of the supported devices to stream its content directly from your device without any hassle.

Final Verdict:

You can’t be able to directly install the AMC plus app on your Xbox because Xbox only offers certain apps to download in the Microsoft store. So you just try any other possible ways or otherwise try another streaming device that is compatible with AMC plus app to stream its content. If you have any more queries or questions about AMC plus on the Xbox consoles, use the comment box below.

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