How to Download and Install Avast VPN on Firestick

Being associated with a variety of applications, Firestick provides us access to multitudes of movies, TV shows, Live TV, and much more. It even lets us access media that are geographically restricted. When it offers you such access, you cannot be more careful in hiding your identity which is where the Avast VPN comes into the picture. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Avast VPN on Firestick.

Avast VPN on FireStick feature

What is Avast VPN?

Avast VPN officially called Avast SecureLine VPN, is a subscription-based Virtual Private Network that works on Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems. Avast VPN, just like any other VPN, provides you privacy and anonymity by establishing secure and encrypted connections. But it is the most preferred VPN with a user base of about 400 million. 

A situation where you would want to check your email or to access your bank account while waiting in a queue at a coffee shop arises and you must use the public Wi-Fi connection for it. Think of all the risks that you will put yourself into while doing that. An anonymous person might hack your bank account and get knowledge of all your activities through your mail.

With the Avast VPN installed on your device, it automatically turns on when connected to a public Wi-Fi and all these possible risks can be avoided.

Again you might want to watch a TV show which is restricted in your country. The Avast VPN masks your IP address thereby providing you anonymity so that you can watch your favourite TV show.

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Why do you need Avast VPN on Firestick?

Streaming devices like Firestick are vulnerable to privacy threats. This is because you would like to watch movies, TV shows, or Live channels that are not hosted by the officially available apps on the Amazon store but it provides you options to download or side-load the apps on your firestick. When this is possible, your device is prone to cyber-attacks and there is a probability for you to face legal issues as well.

With the Avast VPN installed on your firestick, you could care less about legal issues, cyber-attacks, and other lethal obstacles.

Surprisingly, the Avast VPN with all the above-mentioned leverage is not officially available on the Amazon Firestick. But that gives you no space to worry because there are multiple ways in which you can download the app on your firestick device.

Let us look at the methods by which the Avast VPN can be downloaded.

How to Download and Install Avast VPN on Firestick

A Must-Do before Installing Avast VPN on your Firestick

Authorizing the firestick to allow apps from unknown sources is the most important part. Let’s ensure that by implementing the following steps.

# Step 1. Select Settings on the firestick.


# Step 2. Click on the Device or the My Fire TV option.

my fire tv

# Step 3. Select Developer Options.

developer options

# Step 4. At last, enable the ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.

apps from unknown sources

Now that it is done, let’s move along with the installation. In this guide, we’ll see the two ways in which Avast VPN can be installed on your firestick.

Installation of Downloader App

The get-go of the Avast VPN installation is the Downloader app.

# Step 1. In the search box of the home screen, type Downloader.

downloader search2

# Step 2. Select the downloader app, click download and open.

downloader open

 # Step 3. Allow the downloader to access photos, media, and files on your device.

allow permission

# Step 4. Click the OK button.

Downloader installed

If you already have the downloader app installed, skip the above steps.

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Installation of Avast VPN on Firestick through the Downloader App

# Step 1. Run the downloader app and select the Home tab on the left sidebar.

hulu firestick downloader

# Step 2. You can see the pop-up window when you right-click the URL field, with a space to type the source URL along with an on-screen keypad.

avast vpn on firestick downloader

# Step 3. Input the Avast VPN APK URL to download an APK file for the TV app and tap Go. You can choose different APK URLs as there are many APK sites, allowing the download of APK versions of the app. Just make sure the site is reliable. An infected APK file wouldn’t do well for your device.

type url avast vpn on firestick

# Step 4. The Avast VPN APK will now start its download.

avast vpn download for firestick

# Step 5. Click Install once the Avast VPN is downloaded, to start its installation.

# Step 6. You will see the app installed notification window when the app has finished its installation. You’ll find two buttons below – open and done. Click Done.

# Step 7. You no longer need the APK file as the Avast VPN is installed now. So, click the delete button. 

You have now successfully installed the Avast VPN app on your firestick. 

Let’s get along with the next method of downloading the Avast VPN app.

Installation of Avast VPN on Firestick through the ES File Explorer

ES Explorer is a more versatile tool also widely used to sideload apps on FireStick and other Android devices which is why you’ll find the steps to install Avast VPN via the ES File Explorer even easier.

# Step 1. Search for the ES File Explorer app in the search bar of your firestick.

es file explorer homepage avast vpn on firestick

# Step 2. On the home screen of the explorer, click the downloader.

es explorer downloader

# Step 3. In the New option, you will add the APK URL to download the Avast VPN.

es explorer downloader avast vpn on firestick

# Step 4. Insert the URL, name it Avast VPN, and click Download.

es explorer url path and name avast vpn on firestick

# Step 5. Once the Avast VPN has completed its download, click Open file.

# Step 6. Click the Install option and you’ll find the file on the installation screen of the Fire TV Stick.

# Step 7. Click Install to start the installation of the Avast VPN.

# Step 8. Once the installation is finished, click Done.

Now that the app is installed, you no longer need the Avast VPN’s APK file. Follow the steps below to delete the APK file.

# Step 1. On the left sidebar of the ES File Explorer, click the local and select the second Home of the two options available.

es explorer second home

# Step 2. On the right side, click the download folder and select the Avast VPN APK.

es explorer delete apk download folder

# Step 3. Long press the OK button on your firestick remote and select the Delete option at the bottom.

You are all set to use the Avast VPN app now.

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Wrapping Up

You have now successfully installed Avast VPN on your FireStick device. The installation methods specified above are the most simple, easier, and reliable methods to install the Avast VPN on your Firestick. With the Avast VPN installed on your firestick, you can now have access to all the channels that were once beyond your reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Avast VPN safe?

Yes. In addition to masking your IP address, it offers an automatic kill switch which is basically a back-up plan. When your network connection is about to terminate, the Avast VPN kills your current session.

2) Does the Avast VPN keep logs?

The Avast VPN has a zero-logging policy and doesn’t collect data about the websites, data transfer, and the IP addresses but just the timestamps and the bandwidth usage.

3) Will using the Avast VPN slow down the network connection?

No, the Avast VPN doesn’t slow down your internet speed. In fact, it is faster than most VPNs available. So, the Avast VPN’s claim of lightning-fast speed on servers around the world isn’t in vain.

4) Can the Avast VPN subscription be used on multiple devices?

With a multiple device subscription, you can use the Avast VPN on up to 5 devices.

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