How to Get BBC iPlayer on Sky? [Updated 2022]

You get all of the BBC channels and programs on any of the app’s compatible devices then BBC iPlayer is the app you want. To the UK viewers of BBC channel fans who want to watch all the BBC channels like BBC Entertainment, BBC One, and BBC HD, The BBC iPlayer is the best match for you. What if you have Sky Network TV devices at your home and looking to watch all the BBC channels on it? Then this article can help you with how to get it. Here you can learn about everything you need to get BBC iPlayer on Sky.

BBC iPlayer:

bbc ipalyer

Explore BBC’s contents like News, Sports, Weather, Reel, Culture, Worklife, Travel, Future, and more with all its channels on the BBC iPlayer app. These apps give access to BBC channels on any device by cutting cable cords. With this app, you can get all of BBC anywhere, anytime you want. You can find categories like Comedy, Drama, Documentaries, and more for easy access.

BBC iPlayer helps you continue your streaming from where you left. All the shows and programs of the BBC channels will be made available right after telecasting on the channels. To access the contents of BBC iPlayer, you need to sign in with your BBC account. If you don’t have one, follow the steps given below and create a BBC account.

How to Create a BBC account?

  • Get to your Web browser on any internet-connected device.
  • Visit and select Register Now option.
  • Now select age and enter your Date of Birth.
  • Enter your Email ID and Password.
  • Select Register to create your BBC account.



Sky or Sky UK Limited is a British-based Telecommunication service provider. They provide services like Television, Broadband Internet, Fixed line, and Mobile services. Sky is one of the major Television services providers in the UK. Sky has provided different products to make your TV experiences more wonderful. To know about

Sky has produced set-top boxes like Sky+HD and Sky Q to watch your favorite channels by subscribing to its Sky TV packages. Once you have any of t

he TV packages, you can access all the channels in the subscribed plan channel lineup. On Sky Glass TV, you can get the Disney+ app by reading How to Get Stream Disney Plus on Sky Glass TV?

Is BBC iPlayer on Sky?

Yes, you can get the BBC iPlayer app on your Sky Q box and Sky Glass TV. You can watch BBC channels with a Sky+HD box connected to your Smart TV.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Sky?

As mentioned above, you can download and install the BBC iPlayer app on your Sky Q and Sky Glass and access all the contents of it by activating your BBC account. You can directly download the BBC iPlayer on Sky by connecting to a secure internet connection. The process is very simple; with a few clicks with your Sky Remote, you can get iPlayer on Sky. Follow up on the steps you are given here to watch all the content from iPlayer on Sky devices.

BBC iPlayer on Sky Q:

  • Get your hands on Sky remote control and press the Home button on.
  • Now move to the Apps section.
  • From the available apps, choose the BBC iPlayer app.

Activate BBC iPlayer on Sky:

After getting BBC iPlayer on your Sky device, you need to activate it on your Sky TV with your credentials to access the app on your device. To do so, go through the following steps,

  • Visit on your web browser with any device.
  • Now sign in with your credentials.
  • On your Sky device, select BBC iPlayer and tap on Sign In to get the Activation code.
  • Now use this code on the web page and select Activate.
  • You have now activated your iPlayer app on your Sky device.

Now choose a BBC channel and select the red button and select BBC iPlayer in the Apps section. You can use the same following steps on your Sky Glass TV to get the iPlayer app on it. Now with the BBC iPlayer app, you can now continue watching from where you left off. You can also get ITV Hub on Sky Q.

The End

Unfortunately, Sky+HD users can only watch BBC channels and cannot get BBC iPlayer on it. But for the Sky Q and Sky Glass users, this article will be very much helpful in installing and activating the iPlayer app on the devices. If you have any doubts, you can ask BBC for help with the

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BBC iPlayer free on Sky?

You can download the BBC iPlayer app on Sky Q and Sky Glass for free.

What are the Channels available on BBC iPlayer?

The channels you can access on BBC iPlayer include BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, cBBC, BBC News, and Radio 1.

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