How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Sony TV? Smart Guide

Welcome to the Television world, my dear Buddies. Here we are going to see one Interesting article on the topic of How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Sony TV? This topic on BBC iPlayer channels is broadcast on Sony TV. Don’t skip any section until the end of the article to get more information. Lots of crucial lessons are hidden. Study the chapter to get technical things to do on your Smart TV. Let’s jump into the following Knowledge.

How to Watch BBC Iplayer on Sony TV

About BBC iPlayer

In this section, you can learn about BBC iPlayer. Abbreviation of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). BBC Iplayer is a British television network it will telecast all the events and programs in the United Kingdom. We also Broadcast shows from the BBC Archives and offer live events and programs on Online exclusives. John Reith is the founder of this channel, and now currently Timothy Douglas is the seventeenth CEO of this Network. And Davie is Cheif executive officer of BBC Station. The vital role of the British Broadcast Corporation iPlayer channel is to service the people by telecasting all the event and show for the UK peoples. After reading this section, you can get an idea of what is BBC Iplayer. Now we move to the next topic watching Iplayer on Sony Smart TV.

How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Sony TV?

Here, you can get the solution to watch the BBC application on Smart TV. It is no longer available on particular Sony Smart TV brands (2012 to 2014 models) because Sony Tv hasn’t enough storage space to install this streaming app. In the year 2020, on February 17, Sony Smart Tv owner launched to access BBC Player on Smart TV. Most smart TVs have a built-in app for the BBC Iplayer, and catching up on the program on the big screen with the help of the Electronic Program Guide [EPG] includes all the BBC channels on the Smart TV.

According to your device version, You can access iPlayer on your Sony Smart TV. During the period of BBC iPlayer is not working on smart Tv. BBC gives another option to stream. To use alternative apps to watch BBC iplayer such as Youtube or Netflix.

Suppose you want to watch this iPlayer on Sony Television. You need to do some steps. Read the following steps to find the solution to install and activation of the BBC  on your Sony Smart Tv. Let’s jump into the session.

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How to Install BBC iPlayer on Sony Smart TV?

In this section, we mention the installation steps. Follow the given steps to download the BBC iPlayer on your Sony Smart TV.

  1. Power on your Sony Smart TV and connect to the valid internet.
  2. Click the apps tab and select the Google play store on your Smart tv. That icon will display on your home screen.
  3. Inside the Google play store, tap the search icon and type BBC iPlayer in that search bar.
  4. From the search result, the BBC iPlayer app is shown on the search screen.
  5. Tap the app and get ready to download.
  6. Click the download button.
  7. After the downloading process is complete, this app is able seen on the home screen of your Sony smart tv.
  8. Select open and get up the application on your smart tv.

How to Activate BBC iPlayer on Sony Smart TV?

In this section, we have to give a solution to activate the BBC iPlayer application.

  1. Connect the valid Wifi connection.
  2. Click the BBC iPlayer app on your sony tv.
  3. Enter the information to sign in to the application.
  4. After signing in, some Activation code is sent to that particular phone number.
  5. Enter the Activation code to activate the application. Click ok and continue.
  6. Wait for a few minutes the application will verify the codes. Then you can access the application on your smart TV.
  7. Finally, the BBC Application is ready to stream.

As of now, BBC iPlayer is available on Sony Tv only in the United Kingdom. You can stream coverage of news, live programs, sports events, comedies, and dramas, under the program of the British corporation.

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Is Sony Smart Tv Have BBC iPlayer?

This is a fantastic section. Does sony Smart tv have BBC iPlayer? The answer is yes, sony Smart Tv Has BBC Iplayer. Iplayer is a streaming service. It streams all the programs has been taken in the UK. This service is offered by a British television network.

But, the old version of sony smart tv is not able to stream this service. After getting a Firmware update, Sony TV can stream that iPlayer channel. The new model was launched in the year 2020. It is a fast-running model in that particular time period. Even Smartphones, tablets, and computers can able to stream the service.

Subscription Plan for BBC iPlayer

Here we discuss the subscription plan for BBC iPlayer, and It gives a marvelous cost that satisfies the customers very well. This Streaming service provides a weekly, monthly, and yearly payment system.

If you wish to pay for the yearly license, the cost is GB£159 per year. It will also introduce other payment methods. A monthly license cost is GB£13.13 per month.  Another one is the weekly license method. The cost is GB£3.02 per week. According to your economy, you can stream your subscription. The Streaming payment is worth it. Consume the service and enjoy streaming your favorite BBC iPlayer content on your Smart TV.


We are concluding this article. We mentioned all the details about BBC iPlayer and how to stream it on Sony tv. And also we discussed their subscription plans, and we mentioned the methods of installation and activation process details. We hope you get all the information about BBC  on Sony Smart Tv. Suppose you have any doubts about this concept, then comment below.

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