How to Get BBC iPlayer on Virgin? [Updated 2022]

Do you want to know how to watch BBC channels on your Virgin Media devices without Internet+TV package subscriptions? You can get the BBC iPlayer app on your Virgin Media device to access all the BBC channels like BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News, etc. With the TiVo option on your Virgin Media device, you can now store your favorite Sports and Live events from BBC channels on that device and watch them anytime you want. To get and watch all the BBC channels on Virgin Media, read through this article.

BBC iPlayer:

bbc iplayer

The BBC iPlayer is an application of BBC that offers video-on-demand services for its users. This app is free to download on any device and can access all the BBC channels. Get the minute-to-minute live news, Sports, drama, and soap operas to your screen with this app. You need to have a BBC account to activate BBC iPlayer app on your device to watch the channels offered by it.

A BBC account credential is essential; if you have one, it’s ok, but if not, then you have to create a BBC account by following the simple procedures given here,

  • Get to the URL on any device Web browser.
  • Now tap on the Register Now option from the Sign In page.
  • Follow through with the on-screen instruction and provide the information asked.
  • Provide a valid Email ID and give a secure password for your BBC account.
  • Complete registration by tapping on the Register button.

After getting a Verification Email to your registered Email address, you can now use these credentials to access the BBC iPlayer app on any device.

Virgin Media:

virgin media

Virgin Media gives services in the fields of Telephone, Internet, and Television. This Telecommunication service provider has provided its service to the citizens of the UK with high quality. There are many broadband, TV, and phone deals offered by Virgin Media, which can be found on the URL

The latest Virgin TV V6 box is faster and can download and install apps from the App Store. With this device connected to your TV, you can access TiVo to get the multiroom feature and DVR store. With the Multiroom feature, many users in a home can watch what they like on a Virgin Media device.

Is BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media?

Yes, You can download and install the BBC iPlayer app on your Virgin Media device. After installation, you need to sign in or Activate your BBC account on this app to watch its contents.

How to Get BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media?

The procedure to access the BBC iPlayer app on a Virgin Media device is very simple. You must get to the apps section on Virgin Media, install the BBC iPlayer app, and activate it. After doing this, you can get all the channels and contents available on the BBC iPlayer app. I will now break down the process into simple procedures to make it easy for you to follow through. The steps are,

Install BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media Device:

  • Pick up your Virgin Media remote and press the Home button on it.
  • Now choose the Catch-Up option to select Channels.
  • Here under the drop-down menu, select BBC iPlayer.
  • Wait for it to get installed on your Virgin Media device.

Sign In / Activate BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media:

  • Open the BBC iPlayer app and select Sign In.
  • Your screen connected to the Virgin Media device refreshes and shows a code.
  • Copy, and paste the URL on your second device.
  • Sign In with your BBC credentials.
  • Enter the code from the screen and select Activate.

Another Method to Get BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media:

  • On your Virgin Media device, move to the Home section.
  • Now select Apps & Games option on it.
  • Find the BBC iPlayer app and install it on your Virgin Media device.

You can access the BBC iPlayer app by going to a BBC channel and pressing the red button on your Virgin Media remote. When you select the red button, you need to select the BBC iPlayer to land in the app.

The End

With this article, you have now all the procedures you can think of to get the BBC iPlayer app on your Virgin Media device. Enjoy watching your favorite shows, sports, news, and more with the BBC channels you got with the BBC iPlayer app. For any technical support, you can contact BBC through

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Lowest TV package offered by Virgin Media?

The Big Bundle Internet + TV package offered by Virgin Media at £33 per month gives your 100+ TV channels and internet at 54Mbps.

Is BBC iPlayer free on Virgin?

Yes, the app is free to download, and there are no payments needed to watch BBC channels from the iPlayer app on your Virgin Media device.

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