Best Apps for Smart TV. [Updated]

Those days are gone when without cable TV, living rooms were incomplete. There is numerous Smart TV available in this technical world. To customize viewers’ Entertainment, here comes the Smart TV with apps. To expand its usability, it works with other devices. Are you looking forward to a best-investing line? I suggest Smart TV is the best for it as by the end of 2026, it is expected to reach around $124 Billion, so it is the time to develop Smart TV if you are one of them. It results in overwhelming to build Smart TV apps but only if you have a weaker side of coding experience. This article shows some “Best Apps for Smart TV.”

Best Apps for Smart TV

In this technical world, we have a huge number of Smart TV apps and their streaming devices. Here in the below content, we have filtered and explained the top best apps on Smart TV. Kindly never skip any parts.

Spotify: [Best Music Streamin app for Smart TV]


Spotify is undoubtedly one of the Best apps for Smart TV to stream music. On your Android TV, using Spotify, you can directly stream it on your Android TV itself. As it has a “free tier service,” it is the best part. However, you can enjoy listening to music for ad-free and unlimited track skipping with a paid subscription. Like the Mi Box on Android, TV Spotify comes with a pre-installed one. All you need is to just sign into the Spotify account to start streaming music.



Spotify is for music, and Netflix is for video streaming services. Among movies and TV show streaming platforms, it is one of the most popular and best apps for Smart TV. Now almost everywhere in the world, Netflix is available. To use this app, you need a subscription, and I would highly recommend trying Netflix if you don’t have that one. You can watch Netflix originals with the app installed. In recent Smart TV, some apps come as in-built apps. Among that few apps, Netflix is one of them. Start streaming the app on your Smart TV once you log in. If you find any issues visit our article to fix Netflix.


One of the most influential media server applications out there is Kodi. To manage all your media in one central location, this app can be used and also be set up to access remotely. With the number of Kodi add-ons, it has the ability to enhance, which adds a lot of power to the application. On different Operating Systems, you can learn how to install Kodi by just clicking on the link.

If you don’t have a lot of offline media, you should use Kodi. And you can use hierarchy properly to organize all of it quickly. After you have set up Kodi, you can add extra media to your device, And that will be sorted into the proper categories and the arrangement automatically. Kodi add-ons support almost every audio and video format. On your Android TV, it is a very versatile solution where you can throw all of it.


Plex is another excellent media center application that you can use. But it is not as powerful as Kodi, and either it doesn’t have many plugins. But the difference between Kod and Plex is that things are laid out very simply in the app and have a user-friendly interface. At the same time, Kodi might feel intimidating. You need a Plex server on another laptop to use Plex on your Android TV, and over WiFi, it can be accessed. On your Android TV, you can directly playback any media file on your Plex server. You can also look for some “Best Plex alternatives” to get more set of features.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV

Among all the streaming services apps, one of the best smart TV apps to watch a bunch of live channels, sports, and Entertainment, you will get access with a YouTube TV subscription. Without having a cable TV connection, it is the best way to use all your favorite cable TV.

YouTube TV-supported channels are CNN, ESPN, NBA TV, TNT, ABC, and others. But it is available only in the US right now. If you are from another country, you can subscribe and use

Also, learn- How to Watch A&E on YouTube TV? [ Updated 2020 ]

Apple TV Plus:

apple tv plus

Apple Inc Apple TV Plus got developed, and you can install it on Google TV. On the Apple TV external streaming device, you can get it directly. Also, on all other streaming devices, it can be streamed like Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, Android, Google TV, and so on.

To watch your favorites, you need to pay for the Subscription as it is a “Subscription streaming service.”


Among the best apps, Vudu is one of the best streaming apps. Where Blockbuster movies, Shows, and live televisions are available. To the users, it gives the best features as it has no contract for signing in. And it got a good review among users.

Refer article – How to Install Vudu on Philips Smart TV: Easy Guide

Subscription cost

On its services, it doesn’t have bulk subscription packages. On the Vudu platform, you have to Buy or Rental movies, shows, episodes, and seasons.

Buy movies for $2.99 to $24.99

Rental movies for $.99 to $5.99

And for the series on Vudu

Individual Episodes  for $1.99 to $2.99

Purchase the whole season for – $16.99 to $43.99

On your smart TV display, pick what you want to stream on your Smart TV display.

Rakuten Viki:

Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is a streaming service based on south Korean videos, series, and movies. On all your streaming devices, it allows us to watch like Rakuten TV on Samsung Smart TV, and it is paid streaming service.

Subscription of Rakuten Viki

It has four kinds of subscription packages, and they are

  • Viki, com subscription
  • Apple Subscription
  • Google Play Subscription
  • Roku Subscription

By picking up one of your subscription costs, you can watch it on your Smart TV.

HBO Max:

hbo max

Worldwide, HBO Max is one of the famous Streaming services. All people would like to have it on their TVs because they enjoy all-genre categories like a thriller, adventure, comedy, and so on. All you need is just to install it on your Smart TV. It was a Subscription-based streaming service, so need to pay to watch originals and on-demand content. To install HBO Max on Vizio smart tv, refer to this article.

Subscription cost:

As it is a Subscription-based streaming service, the Cost is given below. On your device, choose your convenient Plan for HBO Max and start streaming it on Smart TV.

Peacock TV:


Unlike the app mentioned above, Peacock TV offers a free, some limitePremiumremium amount of content with a subscription plan. For users, it has many attractive features that allow them to watch sports, Shows, Movies, News, and so on. In Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV service, you can watch LIVE TV content.

Subscription plan

  • $4.99 per montPremiumremium
  • $49.99 per year
  • $9.99 per montPremiumremium plus



ESPN is a top streaming channel for sports in a high definitional range. Where you can watch all kinds of games from this one app. Every app is famous in each country. Likewise, the ESPN sports app is famous at the world level and in the United States of America. But it notably doesn’t have a separate app for its service. It can be streamed on the given devices. Cheapest t way to stream Stream ESPN is on Sling TV, which provides two inexpensive plans. Refer to this article to watch ESPN on LG Smart TV.

On the in-built app store on your Smart TV, find and download it. On your Smart TV, with the help of other external streaming services, you can watch it

Subscription plan

  • $6,99 per month on ESPN+
  • 15% save over with an Annual plan
  • $13.99 per month on Disney plus and Hulu

Paramount Plus:

paramount plus ps5

Paramount Plus gives the audience a unique story acted by iconic stars with a mountain of Entertainment. You will get the best experience by watching stellar originals, hit movies, and exclusive premieres. The very best is you can watch Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TV. And by submitting your email address, you can receive special offers, updates, and information related to significant plus. So to stay up to date, never forget to share your email address.

Subscription cost

Paramount plus has two kinds of subscription packages, and they are mentioned below

  • $9.99 per month for the premium plan, which is ad-free
  • $4.99 for the many essential Plan, which is ad-supported

For your better convenience, you can choose any one of the given plans to stream it on your Smart TV


Philo TV

Philo is a low-cost subscription-based Streaming service. You need a high-speed internet connection and compatible devices for streaming. To watch Philo on your Smart TV, we have already presented the installation procedures for “Philo on Apple TV.” So kindly look at the article to get it on your Smart TV.

Subscription cost

  • $20 per month with Ad-supported 63 primary cable channels (without sport&local channels)
  • 7-days FREE trial
  • Additional purchase costs of $6 per month include three Epix channel
  • $9 per month includes Starz channel



On Hulu, you can get endless Entertainment, Shows, movies, and Live sports you love. You can see current-season episodes, full seasons of exclusive series, block blaster movies, Hulu originals, kid shows, and more. Also, to watch live videos, it has a section named “Hulu Plus Live.” Bundle with Disney plus and ESPN+ to watch content on its streaming platform

Subscription cost

  • $6.99 per month (Ad-supported)
  • $12.99 per month (Ad-free)
  • $69.99 per month for additional on-demand content on Disney plus and ESPN+
  • $75.99 per month for all videos without ads

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video

A place where you can find all that you love is none other than Amazon Prime Video. At a time, it inspires and entertains the world in one single. At any time, anywhere, you can watch videos with a subscription. It includes Prime videos, Amazon originals, Movies, Tv, Kids Zone, and Sports on Top categories. Amazon Prime Video platform lies under the OTT Platform.

Subscription cost

Are you new to Amazon Prime Video? Sign up for Prime video with a subscription. Stream 2 million songs, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming without ads, addition to Prime videos. Along with that, have a 30-Days free trial

  • From $12.99 up to $14.99 per month
  • $139 per year and save over 20%


Among the massive crowd of similar services, BritBox has been making its mark. It was created by BBC and ITV on Subscription-based Streaming Services. This is one of the best smart tv apps in the UK. And currently, it is active in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. BritBox brings you on-demand media content, exclusive premieres, and new release. It makes it easy to find the category as it is categorized into sections like New episodes, popular, New monthly releases, and so on. The best part is you can watch all your favorite videos without Ads interrupting. To get BritBox on Smart TV, visit this article.

Subscription cost

It is currently available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The subscription cost varies from one to another

In the United States:

  • $6.99 per month
  • $69.99 per annum

In Canada

  • $8.99 CAD per month
  • $89.99 CAD per annum

In the United Kingdom

  • 5.99 Euros per month

Here users in US and Canada can have a 7-Days Free trial. UK users can get a free trial for six months. The user subscribed to one country and travels to another and can continue using the service. But only UK subscribers can’t use BritBox in the US or Canada.

DIRECTV Stream: [Best Channel Provider app for Smart TV]

directv stream

DIRECTV Stream is one of the best Smart TV apps to stream multiple television channels. This streaming app offers OTT services and live channels from its counterpart DIRECTV Satellite. You can have more live sports experience than other streaming service providers. With its Unlimited Cloud DVR recording feature, you can watch save your favorite shows and watch them later at any time and anywhere on any compatible device you like.

The DIRECTV Stream is a subscription-based streaming service, and you need to have a compatible Smart TV to access this app. The DIRECTV Stream compatible smart TVs are Google TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Roku OS TVs. The subscription offers by DIRECTV Stream are as follows,


Discovery Plus:

discovery plus

It allows people to stream on-demand and live content at the most affordable price. Discovery Plus contains thousands of Short videos, award-winning documentaries, and so on, with exclusive specials. As a streaming app, you can get all episodes and short videos in one place. You can get all content in HD and 4k quality.

Like other Streaming services, you can get Discovery Plus on all platforms, Like LG smart TV. To learn about  Discovery Plus, visit the Discovery Plus TV article. On both Android and iOS devices, it is readily available, and also on other streaming devices

Subscription cost

  • $199.00 per month with 40+ Genres
  • $399.00 per annum

Subscribe now to get Discovery Plus on your Smart TV

Disney Plus 

disney plus

In all languages, Disney Plus is available. Through the VIP subscription, you get all movies and shows up to date before streaming on television. Like other apps, it also has all categories like Recommended movies and shows, Popular shows, Hotstar specials, best of Foreign shows, New on Disney Plus, Multiplex movies, live sports, and so on.

Attractive Subscription plans

  • $79.00 per annum with a 20% save over
  • $7.99 per month


Freevee Premium is a free streaming service from Amazon. Where you can watch thousands of hit movies, Freevee originals hit movies, and live 24/7 channels to match your moods on Entertainment. Freevee was previously called IMDb TV. So don’t be confused between these two names. To get Freevee on Apple TV, visit this article.

Freeview: [Free Streaming Service providing App for Smart TV]


On a streaming platform, Freeview allows all users to watch all content as it provides 3000 plus streaming range. This is the best TV app or Smart TV to get a free streaming service. Moreover, people are attracted to their features as it has low subscription Costs. From the Samsung App Store, you can get this service directly where the videos are in a high range quality of 4k HD. Get Freeview on Firestick by visiting this article.

Subscription cost

Freeview is a free service, so there is no subscription cost for this like Freevee. All you need is an antenna and the product that works on it.



CBS is a streaming service that provides news, Reality TV, the Latest show clips, Dramas, and so on. In the CBS network, Parameter Plus gets included. On your Streaming device, download and install the CBS app and start enjoying the content.

Subscription cost

You can check out the Attracting Subscription cost in the below steps and select plane Plan to get it on your Smart TV

  • $5.99 per month with Limited commercials (1 week FREE)
  • $9.99 per month with commercial-free  (1 week FREE)


It is the most preferred Streaming service through the Xfinity app thousand content you can get on Shows and movies. From different cable networks, you can get 250+ Live TV channels with on-demand content. You can download this to view it offline and even can record it on DVR recordings. Apart from this, you get the best quality videos of Xfinity on Smart TV. As an in-built app store, you can get this on a Streaming device.

Subscription plan of Xfinity

You have one month’s free trial, and it can be watched on the Xfinity service. As usual, when the free trial gets ended, you need to pay

  • $20 per month

From the date you purchased it, you need to renew the package every month

Peloton: [Best Fitness app for Smart TV]

Are you a fitness freak? Here comes the fitness app through which you can get fitness ideas and a live coach. It teaches how to do the exercise in the right manner through Yoga, Meditation, Stretching, Walking, Bike Bootcamp, Boxing, Tread Bootcamp and so on. Peloton is the best app on Smart TV to get fitness training. By using this app continuously for one month, you yourself see an extreme change in your body. And also, this app has good reviews from users.

Subscription cost

$12.99 for three months


Here we come to the end part. We have explained the “Best Smart TV apps list- 2022”. Along with their subscription cost and compatible devices. Without skipping any part go through the complete article and get an idea about choosing the best apps. Thank you