How to Stream Britbox on Xbox? Possible Ways 2022

Britbox is a famous online digital video subscription service. BBC Studios and ITV found this service. With this service, you can watch hundreds of TV shows, films, and live events. And this Britbox app is available with enormous streaming devices. Britbox is one of the grew-up British Entertainment services.  You can enjoy the latest episodes of your favorite shows on Britbox. In this article, we will talk about how to get Britbox on Xbox in possible ways.

britbox on xbox

A Quick Notes of Britbox

Britbox offers the latest collection of shows, films, events, and games. It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee option for users. You can stream your favorite shows such as Mr. Bean, Doctor Who, Sticks, Stones, and There She Goes. Britbox costs $7 for a month, and it also costs $70 for a year; It gives a seven-day free trial.

Talking about the Xbox It is one of the popular video game consoles, and you can stream any games, videos, and more. Now we are going to talk about how to stream Britbox on Xbox.

Can I get Britbox on Xbox?

Unfortunatley, the Britbox is not available on Xbox; there is not any direct way to stream the Britbox on Xbox. In addition, you cannot stream Britbox on any Xbox consoles, including the Xbox series and Xbox one. Yes, you are not able to stream the Britbox on Any other Xbox consoles. But you do not need to worry about that; you can use the Microsoft Edge browser to stream the Britbox. Furthermore, we will talk about this process in detail in the coming paragraph.

How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Xbox?

Follow the coming steps; then, you easily stream the Britbox through the Microsoft Edge Browser.

Step 1: First of all, Turn on the Xbox gaming console.

Step 2: Press the X button on the controller and then Open the Xbox menu.

Step 3: Use toggle buttons and Navigate the Gear option of the system menu.

Step 4: Select the Settings option in your menu list.

Step 5: Choose the System tab and then select the “Updates and Downloads” command.

Step 6: Follow on-screen instructions, then download & update Xbox consoles.

Step 7:  When you install and update on Xbox, the Microsoft Edge browser will auto-installed with your Xbox console. Then launch the Microsoft Edge browser on Xbox.

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How to Stream Britbox on Xbox?

Now, we make the proper setup on Xbox. Still, you try to stream the Britbox site on your Xbox. Follow the coming steps carefully.

  • In that process, Enable and give the pass-key to launch the Microsoft Edge. It gives protection for your browsing data.
  • Use this Microsoft Edge to watch videos and more.
  • The website hosts protected content, such as videos and music, and you do not need to load it when you use the edge of the Xbox console.
  • These websites and their services run with the help of the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Press and Hold the Menu button; When you are playing games via Microsoft Edge, it helps to get out from Gamepad mode.
  • You can change the app language in Edge in the upper right corner. Then select Settings >> Languages tap.
  • Now we try to stream the Britbox through the Microsoft Edge Browser.

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Final Verdict

Coming to an end, here we discuss possible ways to stream Britbox on Xbox. You need to use the Microsoft Edge Browser to stream the Britbox. I hope the above passage gives helpful information to you. If you have any doubts, then comment below. Thank You.

Frequnetly Asked Questions

1. Can I Download movies on Britbox?

Yes, you can download TV shows and movies on iOS and Android. Use the download option, but this option is available for only 30 days. And you need to view it within 48 hours before it expires.

2. Can I Use a Britbox subscription on Amazon?

Yes, you can use a britbox subscription on Amazon. But you need to subscribe to the Britbox through Amazon channels. Then you are able to access the Britbox service on Amazon.

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