How to Watch BT Sport on Freeview?

In this article, we discuss how to watch BT Sport on Freeview. Before getting into that, let’s know what BT sport is, and Freeview is

What is BT Sport?

BT sport is provided by “BT Consumer”, a group of pay television sports channels in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A¬†division of BT Group launched on 1 August 2013 in London at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as the channel based at the former International Broadcast Centre.

Headquarters-Here East, Hackney Wick, London

It is available on BT TV, Sky and Virgin Media in the UK and on the sky.

Channels-BT Sport Box Office,BT Sport ESPN,BT Sport Extra,BoxNation

What is Freeview?

It is a television service that gives us standard HD channels for no monthly cost through your TV aerial.

Freeview Play>click Freeviewto watch your on-demand favourite shows on BBC iPlayer, and UKTV Play from various services.

Broadcast speed>2Mbps

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How to watch BT Sport on Freeview?

Plug into the BT TV box with the proper cabling you need is a rooftop TV aerial that provides BT TV in Freeview channel through aerial and broadband. It provides premium channels.

Is aerial required for BT Sport?

No! you don’t need an aerial to watch BT Sport because, over Infinity connection, the extra internet-supplied channels will all work

what channel is BT Sport on Freeview?

Freeview is free once you purchase the box, but not all channels will be available in your region.

BT Sport on channel number 115

You can watch the BT Sport channel on channel 115 on Freeview HD free of cost. 14 Europa League matches and 12 live UEFA champion league at least once were broadcasted before 2018 on BT Sport

You can also watch some semi-finals and final matches free of cost on Freeview on this channel. On the other hand, some live matches were also being broadcasted on the BT Sport website.

Is BT Sport available on Freeview?

On Freeview, BT Sports has stopped broadcasting after showing three seasons of live football events and programming for new customers. when their term is over, the existing customers on Freeview can not re-contract to watch BT Sport additionally

To access BT Sport on the Freeview platform, you need to have a decoder card and a BT Vision box, as behind a paywall, all of BT Sport’s live coverage is. On the following numbers, you can find the BT Sport channels, and they are

  • The BT Sport 1>On 408 SD and 430 HD
  • BT Sport 2>On 431 HD and 409 SD channel
  • BT Sport 3>On 410 SD and 432 HD
  • BoxNation content>On 415 SD and 439 HD channel
  • On 433, BT Sport ultimate can be viewable
  • On 434 HD and 411 SD channels, BT ESPN is watchable

Watch BT Sport for free

You can watch BT Sport for free if you are a BT broadband customer. Using BT ID, you can watch BT Sport on the BT Sport app or its online player if you dont have BT Sport to place an order.

A confirmation email carrying the information will be sent to watch BT Sport pay a monthly fee. On your BT account, activate the BT Sport after you download the BT Sport app. With the correct login credentials, you can log in to your BT account and then follow the steps given to activate the process; by doing this, you can finally launch BT Sport and can watch football matches live.

By logging into the BT Sport website, you can watch BT Sport on an Online player alternatively.

How to Get BT Sport on Freeview

There are so many games or sports channels that are telecasted on our television, and most people love the sports in our gender in different age groups, not only males or females. Here on BT Sports, you can watch live sports, but we dont promise that all the channels will be free of cost some many charges accordingly.

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Using the following method, you can watch it on Freeview

  • Using Google Chromecast Stick
  • Monthly Pass on the BT Sport
  • HDMI cable and Computer
  • And also, by using the BT Sport app

Using Google Chromecast Stick

Are you a BT Broadband customer in possession of a Google Chromecast stick, broadcast BT Sport from smartphone to the Freeview TV in alternative. You need not buy a BT TV package because it can be compatible with both iOS apps and BT Sports.

BT Broadband package- 15 euros per month plus phone line rental

Therefore via Chromecast, you can enjoy watching BTY Sport from your phones

Monthly Pass on the BT Sport

This is another way to get BT Sport on Freeview to solve the puzzle. Last year in December, BT Sport started the monthly pass that allows anyone without a contract to buy and watch sport, and it costs just 25 euros per month.

HDMI cable and Computer

If you are not fond of the idea of paying for a BT TV subscription to watch it on Sky TV, here is the solution for you

Instead, you can do this by using your computer and HDMI cables to enjoy watching

  • On your Desktop computer or Laptop, open the browser
  • log in by going to the BT Sport website
  • You can see the BT online player now; just run the BT online player
  • From here, connect one end of the HDMI cable to Freeview TV and another end to your Laptop or desktop
  • To select the HDMI channel, use your remote
  • The following screen displays your needed program. Start watching the program.

A new customer should buy the BTBroadband package, which includes a sports pack and BT phone rental, and their price fall by nearly 27.99 euros per month with a standard 50Mbps speed.

BT Sport app

By using the BT Sport app, you can also watch sports. To download this app for free, it is now possible for current BT Sport to proceed. Subscription charges are 15 euros per month for customers who do not have BT Sport.

New BT Sport apps you can download from the devices like Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Sony Playstation 4, Apple tv and so on.


As in the above article, we guided you on how to watch BT Sport on Freeview. I suggest you kindly follow these steps to get the solution straightforwardly. Please leave a comment in the below section if you still have a doubt. Thank you

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