How to Download and Play Solitaire on Chromebook? | 2022

How to Download and Play Solitaire on Chromebook?

Solitaire is a solid classic game, and who doesn’t love playing Solitaire game. This timeless classic game has occupied its space on all platforms, including windows too. Chromebook is the other version of the laptop but runs on Google OS. So chrome books are handy, and you can operate them however you want. As we are well aware, Chromebook comes … Read more

How to Download Netflix on Chromebook

Netflix on Chromebook

A media streaming application like Netflix is a must-have application on all your devices. Now, who wouldn’t like to have unlimited media content always at your hands? It is common knowledge that Chromebook, although looks like just about any other laptop, is mainly used for web-based applications and activities. This article is about how to download Netflix on your Chromebook. … Read more

How to Install iTunes for Chromebook: Simple Guide

iTunes for Chromebook

With each passing year, Chrome books are becoming the best alternative for Laptops. To be precise, all American classrooms are fond of Chromebooks equally as an iPhone. iTunes is the inbuilt music app for Apple devices and manages digital media on the device. But whereas the Chromebook runs on the Google Chrome OS. Yet installing iTunes on Chromebook might be … Read more

How to Play Runespace on Chromebook?

How to Play Runescape on Chromebook

If you need an excellent guideline to play Runespace on Chromebook? Then follow this article to get clear about this. Fortunately, you can run Runescape on your Chromebook. Before playing that game, we have to do some procedures to install the Runescape game on your Chromebook device. From this article, we assist you in getting this game on your device. … Read more