How to Watch Amazon Prime on PS4?

How to Watch Amazon Prime on PS4

It’s time to get entertained with Amazon Prime on PS4. We use PS4 to play games on our Smart TV. Both are entertaining platforms to us. The combination of streaming our favourite content while playing games is fantastic entertainment for us. And more features in this combo. We take you to the installation and streaming procedure from this article. So, follow … Read more

How to Play Minecraft on PS5?

On the PlayStation, Minecraft is available. In sony’s new generation console, it is not available. So do you wonder “How to Play Minecraft on PS5“? This article will guide you on “How to Play Minecraft on PS5”. Minecraft is a Microsoft product, but for quite a while, it has been on PlayStation. To add a friend, PS4 supports a split-screen, … Read more

How to Close Game on PS5? A Quick Guide

How to Close Game on PS5?

Play Station 5 UI is regarded as cleaner and simple than the predecessor. But if it does not at all immediately intuitional. For example, close down games and apps. Closing apps or games on your Play Station is quite confusing. Also, if you are not familiar with the new interface, closing the apps and games is not the same as … Read more

How to Get Crunchyroll on Ps5 (Working Method)

Crunchyroll on ps5

Are you hunting for how to install Crunchyroll on ps5? Here is the complete guide for how to install Crunchyroll on PlayStation 5. It is the right place for your need to continue to read. Crunchyroll connects anime and manga fans to watch, and it is also a streaming service that includes playstation5. It has fans in more than 200 … Read more

How to Get Paramount Plus on PS5? (Working)

Watch Paramount plus on PlayStation 5: Playstation is not used only for gaming and satisfies other purposes. First, it was introduced as a gaming platform, and later it was adapted for streaming OTT platforms. On the other hand, this PS5 acts as an entertainment hub with loads of apps to support it. And you can say that it has a … Read more