Philips TV Remote App. | Details and Installation Procedure.

Philips TV Remote App

A remote app is necessary for today’s scenario as you won’t have the remote handy always. That is the time will be searching for it and you can use Remote at that instance. So, you need not worry about the On or OFF situation, as there are alternatives to do them. Smart TVs depend on the app when the remote … Read more

How to turn on Roku TV without Remote: Detailed Guide

Turn on Roku TV without Remote

We all know the importance of a TV remote. It is very difficult to find the remote where you have placed it. All Roku players come with their own remote and it uses Wi-Fi as a control. Now, what if you lose your remote and it doesn’t work properly, you need to stream Roku. You can always look for some … Read more

How to Turn on Sharp Smart TV without Remote: Simple Guide

Sharp Smart TV without Remote

In the era of Smart TVs, when you consider the Smart TV OS, there are plenty of them. There are OS like Tizen, Roku, Fire TV, and even in Android Platform. And there are more Smart TVs available on the Android Platform. Each OS has its UI and you can know the advantages from it. Depending on the OS, you … Read more

How to Set Up and Use Vizio Smart TV Remote App?

Vizio Smart TV Remote App

Among the Smart TV brands, there are only a few brands that are well-known and stylish. Vizio Smart TV is one such TV that is so stylish and comes with an OLED display. This OLED display in Vizio helps in the colour Vividness. Apart from it, it also has a remote app to offer uninterrupted Entertainment. This is the best … Read more

How to Set Up and Use Samsung Smart TV Remote App?

Samsung Smart TV Remote App

Samsung TV is one of the best TV brands with numerous variations and many features. And by default, you get a remote along with the Samsung TV. Yet, there might be situations where you might not use your remote. So, you need other alternatives to access the Samsung TV as a virtual remote. There are so many options available to … Read more