How to Change YouTube TV Password? Updated 2022

Suppose you are looking for How to Change YouTube TV Password? and the solution to this question. There are two reasons to change the password, and it is a common reason for everyone. One forgets the password. Another one is someone will find your password. I know, that’s why I’m here for you to solve your problem.

From this article, we guide you to change your YouTube TV password. Pay a keen observation on this article.

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Why do we use a Password for the Accounts?

Password gives the front line of protection instead of Unofficial control of your Desktop PC and personal data. The most potent password gives your device or any Hackers and Bad Software user account.

How to Change YouTube TV Password?

Here are the straightforward guidelines for changing your YouTube TV Passwords. They are. All you want to follow is to observe the steps given below.

In order to change your Youtube password, you should want to change your Google account password because both are the same password. However, you can change your Google password via your Google account Security section. However, changing your password also changes your Youtube account password, as well as your Gmail account, Google Drive account, and everything.

1). Change YouTube TV Password | Android |:

You can also use your Smartphone to access your YouTube TV. Also, you may change the password too. Learn it in detail below.

  • First, open the web browser on your Android.
  • Then browse for My Google Account in the URL box.

Google Account

  • From your search result, you can see your google account on your device screen.
  • Now select Gmail in the given option.
  • Move straight to the Select account.
  • Head towards the Manage your Google Account option.

Manage your Google Account

  • Tap on Personal Info from the options.

Personal Info

  • Scroll down and select the password on the page.


  • Or you can go to the password option by Selecting Security.
  • Maybe it asks you to sign in again or enter your current password.

Old Password

  • Click on the Next key.
  • Now create New Password twice in the required box given on the page.

New Password

  • Undoubtedly, hit the Change Password key.

Yes, the procedure to change YouTube Password has finished. You have changed your YouTube TV password successfully. Also, you can change your YouTube TV password through your iPhone, iPad, any iOS device, Desktop PC, and using your Laptop. Also, read HBO Max Forgot Password.

2). Change YouTube TV Password | PC |:

Follow the given below simple steps to change your Youtube TV password from your desktop device.

  • First, go to the browser and search for URL in the search field.
  • Log in and then enter your email address with the present password of your Google account.
  • Then choose the Security section and tap on the password option.

Security option on PC

  • Now you should want to log in again to your account or provide you with the present password for confirmation.

log into google account

  • Now register the New password two times and then tap on the Change password.

Enter New Password on PC

  • That’s it. Now you have changed from the old password to the new password.

3). Change YouTube TV Password | iOS device |:

In order to change your Youtube TV password on your iOS devices using a Google account, then follow the below instructions.

  • Initially, visit the official site or directly go to the Gmail app.
  • Choose the account menu and then manage your Google Account.

Manage your Google Account on iOS

  • Select the security and then choose Password or choose Personal info.

Personal Info on iOS

  • And then choose Password.

Password option on iOS

  • It will ask you to sign in or register your password and then enter it.
  • Then register the new password two times and then choose Change password.

Change Password on iOS

  • Finally, your Youtube TV Google account password has been changed.

How to Reset YouTube TV (Google Account) Password?

YouTube is running with the help of the Google Account, so if you change the Google Account Password, you can access the YouTube TV streaming service. If you forget the password, here you can change it in a simple way. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the Web Browser.
  • Enter the URL in the given URL bar.
  • Then, the Account Recovery page will appear.
  • Enter the Email or Phone in the required field.

Account Recovery

  • After entering the required information, click on the Next button.
  • Now, you have to enter your Current Password. (If remember) or skip this point.

Try Another Way

  • If you do not remember the current password, tap on the Try another way tab on the left side.

Try Another Way

  • Now, it will take you through the Recovery items page in your account.
  • Before, you linked your mobile number or your email address with a google account.
  • Please enter the details in the given field.
  • After entering the details, click on the Send tab.

Send Reset Link

  • The Reset Link will be sent to your provided email address or mobile number.
  • Tap on the link, and you can change the New Password and reset it.
  • If you do not attach any email address or mobile number, you have to click on Try another way.
  • And Answer the Security Questions that you have made at the initial stage of creating your email address.

Answer the Security Questions

  • After answering the question, please click on the Next button.
  • Now, you have to create a new password and re-confirm it in another tab.

That’s all. Now, you have completely reset the Password in the Google account. Now, log in using the new password and stream YouTube TV on your TV. Change YouTube TV Password from this kind of method also.

To Conclude:

We all know about YouTube TV and use it to stream our favorite content, entertaining shows, live programs, and more streamings. It gives a fantastic feature with a budget-friendly cost. If you forget your password or for any other reason, change the YouTube TV password by using the instructions given above.

I hope that we give our best to you. And this article about How to Change YouTube TV Password? is beneficial to you.

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