How to Use Chrome browser on Google TV?

This article will guide you on installing and using the Chrome browser on Google TV.

How to use Chrome browser on Google TV

Can I install the Chrome browser on Google TV?

Yes! On the market, Android TV boxes are one of the best streaming devices to get Google Chrome running on your Android TV box. It is possible to install the Chrome browser on Google TV.

Google TV runs the Google Chrome web browser. From your TV, you can access everything, including music, videos, and game sites, with the google chrome web browser. Under Application, open the Quick search box to open a browser window.

How to install the Chrome browser on Google TV?

Google TV is fascinating to use with many streaming services and makes us feel the same way we use tablets, phones, or computers on the internet.

Google Chrome on your TV

As we are updated to so many devices today. Compared to the comfort offered by a mobile phone, it is difficult for those interested in connecting to the internet from the television. Yes, then to turn to the television it is more comfortable to use the above solution.

There are even more to do so because intelligent TVs are based on Google, and the browsers we use are Google’s own, which is google chrome. That means what we see in large-screen devices like laptops or desktops will be the same in everything we see

Browsing, web services, and visiting different pages could be difficult having the same browser performance, so here we pause to explain a little. Want to know the reason behind it? because TV owns different technical capabilities when compared to smartphones, tablets, or computers technical capability

The hardware of the current Google TV is designed to perform image processing tasks, thus improving quality. In addition to that, it is focused on the consumption of content like Disney+, Prime Video, and so on.

You are likely to notice a difference in execution when accessing a spreadsheet from your television while using google chrome. Here we tell you how to install the Chrome browser on Google TV.

With any Google TV operating system, make sure that the Chrome browser is not already installed on your Smart TV before starting.

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On Android TV, how to install Chrome APK?

Using Google Chrome’s installation or APK application file is the first option. All is to do is copy USB memory or send it through utility services like Google Drive after downloading

Whichever method you choose, a series of considerations is the only thing that should be considered. Step by step, let’s see what the process would be

  • Downloading the APK from Google Chrome is the first thing you have to do. For doing this, go to APK Mirror
  • Now, although you can use the Application like sending files to TV, the easiest way is to save it on a USB memory when you have the APK downloader on your computer
  • From outside the Play Store, activating the installation of applications is the next step in any case
  • for doing this, go to Device Preference>Security and Restriction>Unknown sources and activate it
  • Run the APK installer after accessing the USB memory that has connected to your TV

To avoid some unnecessary steps, there is another additional method that could be easier to follow

How to install Chrome with Aptoide?

With Google TV, you can use the previous method to install aptoide on your television, but you install Google Chrome directly since you put it. Install other applications unless you want the option to continue

With the Google operating system download, one of the browsers available for Smart TV, if you only want to install Chrome directly with your TV, is the first thing you should do. Next, go to the Play Station, search for Puffin TV-Browser, install them, and do the following once you are done.

  • Browse and select> Access the Aptoide TV website from the Puffin TV Browser, and the link to the website is
  • Install the App>To a comprehensive catalog of applications. After you download and install the Aptoide app on your TV, it will give you access.
  • Search for Chrome>Now search for Chrome with the installed Aptoide app

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On Android TV, how to run Chrome?

It will not appear on the main screen once the Application is installed. In that case, to use one of the applications, all you need to do is resort to launching those other installed applications.

And now, once we are done, you are ready to launch the Chrome browser and enjoy searching for your favorite topic on what you have on your desktop or computer. Finally, a kind advisable we want to give is, please use the advantage of the Bluetooth connection of the televisions and connect to an external keyboard and mouse to move the cursor, for entering a text and selecting the links because using a directional pad on the TV remote is not so comfortable at all.

How to Bookmark in Chrome on Google TV

It always requires knowing the best bookmark shortcuts when bookmarking in the Chrome browser if we own the Google TV.

  1. By pressing the Menu button, select Chrome after launching the Chrome app on Google TV from the available apps
  2. On Google TV, to bookmark in Chrome, first, navigate a website. Then in Chrome, select the address bar and start typing the address to get the site, and then press enter
  3. On the remote to bookmark in Chrome, press and hold both Ctrl and D keys simultaneously
  4. To place the bookmark on the Chrome home page, press enter to accept the bookmark when launching the browser

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In the above article, we guided you on installing and using Google Chrome on Google TV. I suggest you follow those given steps to use and leave a comment in the below section if still, you have a doubt.

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