How to Stream Cinemax on Apple TV?

Nobody hates to watch movies. People love to watch their favourite movies on a big screen or on their available streaming device. So, today we will study How to Stream Cinemax on Apple TV?

We wrote this article for you if you are an iOS device user, especially an Apple TV user. I know you are here to learn about streaming the Cinemax service on your Apple TV device. So, do not worry about it; read this entire article. We mentioned all steps and instructions one by one in the following space.

How to Stream Cinemax on Apple TV

Here we give the outline of this article for you to refer to the content. They are:

  • What is Cinemax?
  • Know about Apple TV
  • What is Cinemax on Apple TV?
  • What are the features of Cinemax?
  • How much does Cinemax cost on Apple TV?
  • How to Stream Cinemax on Apple TV?

Here we go! To claim the streaming methods in detail, follow the below all topics.

What is Cinemax?


Cinemax is an American subscription-based premium cable and satellite TV network. And this is owned by HBO ( Home Box Office ). And Cinemax is the complete movie library, where you can stream the Blockbuster Movies, Limited original programing, First, run movies, your favourite movies, and more about the movie-related content. Cinemax was compatible with its supported device. So, let us see about it further below.

Know about Apple TV:

Apple T V

Apple TV is a smart home hub. You can stream the TV content in 4K resolution.

Apple devices have the Airplay option. It allows you to access all your home devices in it. With the help of Airplay, you can pour your favourite content, movies, on-demand videos, music, images, and also 4K HDR format videos from your iOS devices of iPhone, iPad, Apple Laptop, and all your iOS devices to your Apple TV streaming device in the high definition range of 4K quality.

What is Cinemax on Apple TV?

Unfortunately, the Cinemax service is unavailable on the Apple TV streaming device. Also, you can not get it on Android devices too. But we have an alternative method to watch the Cinemax on your Apple TV. We will explain it in the following topics.

From this article, you can learn the features, benefits, and subscription costs of Cinemax on Apple TV. So, keep reading this article and know how to get the Cinemax on your Apple TV device.

What are the Features of Cinemax?

By subscribing to the Cinemax service, you can claim all the fantastic features to stream the movies. The features are:

  • Stream all blockbuster movies in the Cinemax service. You can install it from your respective App Store for free.
  • Thirty days free trial was available on Cinemax.
  • Cinemax allows you to watch the movies such as the City of God, The High Note, Lars and the Real Girl, Tales From the Darkside, and more movies.
  • Get premium at a meagre cost.
  • The subscribers can get the unique feature to stream the 12 Channels containing Thriller MAX, Moviemax, Cinemax, and more like this.
  • You can use the Cinemax official from the web browser on your streaming device.

These are all the features we mentioned here for you. To know more features, benefits, and highlights of Cinemax, download it on your available streaming device and experience more elements on this platform. For your reference, Stream Paramount Plus on Apple TV.

How much does Cinemax cost on Apple TV?

That Cinemax provides you with the best movie collections in all types of categories. The movie category includes action, Love, Horror, and more kinds of movies. You can get it all in one place.

The cost is mentioned in the tiny image format below. You have to renew this subscription package every month.

Cinemax Subcription package

And I have one list of channels and the subscriptions on the Cinemax platform. Check it out and claim all movie collections on your device. They are:

Subscription package of Cinemax service

This is the precise detail of the channel name and the cost of the subscription.

How to Stream Cinemax on Apple TV?

Cinemax is a famous streaming service in the United States of America. Without any delay, we take you to the installation process of Cinemax on your Apple TV device. The methods are:

Step 1: HDMI.

Plugin and Turn on your Smart TV and insert your Apple TV USB stick on the Smart TV HDMI portal.

Step 2: Apple ID.

Pour the standard Wi-Fi internet connection for your Smart TV and the Apple TV device. Then you have to log in to your Apple ID on your device.

Step 3: Start Watching.

Go to the menu bar, select the Apple TV option, and tap on Start Watching.

Step 4: TV Channels.

Now head towards the TV Channels option and click the search icon. Then search for the Cinemax TV Channel in the required search bar.

Step 5: Try free.

Pick the Cinemax app from the search suggestion lineup. Then hit the Install, Download, or Get button to launch the service on your Apple TV.

After downloading, log in to the installed Cinemax application and get into that. Tap on the Try Free option to get the free trial period on the Cinemax platform.

Step 6: Purchase.

Here you have to purchase the subscription package of Cinemax for $9.99 each month.

These are the simple steps to stream the Cinemax on your Apple TV. So, if you ask me for an alternative method to get this service on your device, read out the following topic for an alternative idea.

How to Screen Mirroring Cinemax on Apple TV using iOS devices?

We are both here to install and stream the Cinemax service on your Apple TV using your handy iOS devices. Like iPhone, iPad, and Apple Laptop. And we are going to do the Screen Mirroring or Screen Casting method on your TV. So, let us see how it works and is worth doing or not.

Step 1: App Store.

First, A high-speed internet connection was a must to do this process very quickly to start this process. And go to the Apple App Store in-built into your iPhone.

Step 2: Search.

Tap the search icon on your Apple App Store screen at the top right corner. And search for the Cinemax app in the given search bar.

Step 3: Install.

Now, pick the suggested applications from the search result, which is pop-up by the App Store community. Here you have to click the Install key to get the Cinemax app on your Apple TV.

Step 4: Login.

After installing, unfold the installed Cinemax application from your iOS device’s home screen. And login to your Cinemax account or, if required, login with your Apple ID authorization.

Start Screen Mirroring the Cinemax content:

Step 5: Paly Content.

After logging in, select any movie video and play it on the Cinemax service app.

Step 6: Screen Mirroring.

Go straight to the control panel of your iPhone device and tap on the Screen Mirroring section to cast the content on your Smart TV.

Step 7: Airplay icon.

On the content streaming screen, click on the Airplay icon in the top right corner of the video screen. If it is not there, do not confused; look at the four sides of the video screen. And tap the Airplay icon.

Step 8; Device name.

After clicking the Airplay icon, the Cinemax app started scanning the available nearby device to cast the content.

Select your Apple TV streaming device name from the scanning result and let it connect. Do not disturb your device screen until they combine.

Here is the Screen Mirroring process that is get completed successfully. Look at your Smart TV screen; your iPhone or iPad Screen has appeared on your Smart TV connected with the Apple TV device.

What is the Procedure to Screen Mirror Cinemax on Apple TV using Mac?

We have done both methods in the above two topics. Let us use the Mac to stream the Cinemax on your Apple TV by applying the same Screen Mirroring method. But we change the device to Mac. So, we will see how it works properly:

Step1: Wi-Fi connection.

Power on your SmartTV and associate the Apple TV device stick on your Smart TV USB console. Then connect your Apple TV and Smart TV with the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Mac.

Also, you have to connect your Mac device to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 3: Web Bowser.

Navigate to the web browser like Safari, Firefox, and more on your Mac device.

Step 4: Cinemax Official Website.

Here you have to select the search bar and browse the Cinemax Official Website in the URL box. Then hit the search button.

You can use the on-screen keyboard on your Smart TV. Otherwise, you may use the voice search option in the Alexa voice search option in your device’s remote controller.

Step 5: Airplay.

Unfold the app from your Smart TV Apps and Games section and login with your Sign Up credentials. In the Cinemax Application screen, tap on the Airplay icon on the top side of the Cinemax website screen.

Step 6: Choose Apple TV.

After clicking the icon, the app was initiated scanning the nearby streaming devices to pour the playing content onto your device’s Big Screen.

Select your Apple TV streaming device in the scanned window and wait for a while. Both your devcies are connecting.

After it is connected, play any of your favourite content on the Cinemax platform and watch it on your big-screen TV with the help of an Apple TV streaming device.

What is an Alternative way to Stream the Cinemax on Apple TV?

Till now, we discussed streaming the Cinemax app using Mac, and iOS device, and streaming directly on Apple TV devices. Also, you can use a few streaming services to stream or sideload the Cinemax Service on your available Apple TV streaming device. The streaming service is:

  1. AT & T TV
  2. Hulu, with the Live TV.
  3. Amazon Prime Channels
  4. HBO Max

We refer you to all the streaming services to stream the Cinemax service on your Apple TV. The above services allow us to run the movie content by claiming the subscription package of every streaming service. Refer to all service subscription costs and select any one of your budget-friendly service packages.

To Conclude:

We arrive at the last section of the article. And we discussed more about the Apple TV and Cinemax application. Apply the same procedure and the methods to stream the Cinemax blockbuster movies and other movie content on your Apple TV device.

I will clear the content again in a single word, that the Cinemax platform does not have any specific streaming application of its own. So, we have to use our iOS devices to Screen Mirror the movies in the Cinemax platform on your Smart TV big screen with the connectivity of the Apple TV streaming device.

If you have doubts and queries about this content, kindly mention all your doubts and questions in the below-given comment section.

Or, if you feel satisfied with our writings and the information we were given about How to Stream Cinemax on Apple TV, please drop your feedback in the following comment space. We will respond to your feedback and clear all your doubts and questions dropped in the given space.

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