How to Clear Cache on PS5? Simple Guide 2022

The Temporary data are stored in the consoles as a cache, so we have to clear your caches in your PS5 console for better performance. While you play games or access apps from the console also stored as a file cache. If you want to make a better performance to improve your user experience deleting the cache files will be the best solution for that.

If you clean your caches regularly, your device will improve while you access it. The Play Station 5 cache is a stockade date from your console that increases the process function every day, such as loading apps and showing info.

When you have an error and problems on your play Station 5, like PS5 frozen console bug or PS5 download error message, it may be the solution to clearing the cache often. Troubleshooting problems from your play Station 5 are due to the slow process of your console.

Here we will let you know how to clear the cache on PS5? So please read the article until the end to get more info about it.

How to Clear Cache on PS5?

How to Clear Cache on PS5?

Now we will let you know how to clear the cache from your Play Station 5. First, you want to start your console from the Play Station 5 Safe Mode. Dont delay. Just follows these steps to clear the cache on your PS5.


Switch off your gaming console by pressing the power button for a few seconds.


Afterthat, the power indicator may blink for a second while turning off.


After the PS console is turned off then, tap and hold the power button once again. Then leave it when you hear a beep again.

Note: The First beep will be heard when you hit the first time, and then the second beep will be heard after the seven seconds.


Then link your controller with a USB cable and then hit the PS key from your gaming controller.


When your gaming console has entered into a Safe Mode, then there will be an option showing to pick it on.


You have to pick the fifth option Clear Chache and Rebuild Database, from that option.


Afterthat, choose the Clear System software cache option.

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What will clearing cache on PS5 do?

To fix the issues on your Play Station 5, which may be experienced by the players who remove files with multiple trouble experiences. You may think about clearing cache will do on play Station 5 process. However, some minor problems are causing an issue or troubleshooting, so we need to clear our cache on your PS5 device to perform properly.

The minor problems include slow performance, apps and games not loading properly, and a freezing system. It will be fixed by clearing caches on your console. It means restarting by deleting all the stored temporary files on your consoles.

Everyone thinks clearing caches can nothing will change. But it is not true because clearing your all data makes your device clean with temporary files, so your console will performance will work finely.

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Wrapping Up:

Play Station is a gaming console created by Sony inc. It is a popular device for playing games online with your friends and families. You can clear you to cache from your Play Station 5 to speed up your device performance. So often, clearing the cache may help your device’s performance. Good if you have any queries or issues with clearing the cache on PS5, mention them using the comment box.

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