How to Watch Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum?[2022]

To stream the Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum is not a big deal when you have MLB TV, Peacock, ESPN+, and Apple TV streaming services, as these services are best for telecasting baseball and other games. Therefore this guide will help you watch the Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum without cable usage.

Updates on Cleveland Guardians:

The Cleaveland Guardians didn’t make it to the ALCS finals. They got downed by New York Yankees with a 3-2 win. Despite that, the Guardian had a great game in this MLB Season. Let s wrap the past in the past and move on.

The Guardians have released their 2023 schedule for the next MLB Season. This shows that the Gurardians are hungry for more, even after winning the American League Central Champions 2022 title.

Channels Which Show Cleveland Guardians Game

The answer depends upon where you live. Games will primarily broadcast on Bally Sports Great Lakes if you live in the Cleveland Guardians market for the guardians of the regional sports network. Only the DirecTV stream telecast the live TV streaming service, which currently offers Bally Sports Great Lakes in its Channel Lineup.

If you don’t live in the Guardian TV market, then you are allowed to choose MLB TV to watch games as an alternative. This service also allows you to watch out-of-market or on-demand MLB games on your compatible devices. So it is suggested to check the restrictions for zip code once before getting into the subscription on the website.

To make you understand, we have added a chart showing some streaming services which carry sports channels. National television games will be regularly available on ESPN, FS1, Fox, and TBS. Also, Apple TV+ and Peacock will stream some games this season.

The Channel Number of the Guardians Game channel on Spectrum varies according to your region. To check the channel number, you can go to and enter your Zip Code to find the channel number of the Spectrum channels in your region.

Subscription Cost of Spectrum( Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum)

Spectrum has a valuable package with top features and premium channels. You can watch all categories and genres of channels on a single network, and all the plans of Spectrum are given in the below section so have a look at it to choose the best plan.

  • It costs $49.99 per month
  • Available channels are more than 125
  • The on-demand title is more than 85,000
  • Watch live and on-demand shows and games with the Spectrum TV app

With this essential information, you can get and watch Cleaveland Guardians games on Spectrum. Moreover, NBA TV is also gets included in this package.

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Stream Cleveland Guardians Live Without Cable

DirecTV Stream>> Bally Sports Great Lakes>> ESPN>> FOX>> Fox Sports 1>> TBS

Fubo TV>> ESPN>> Fox>>Fox Sports 1

Hulu+ Live TV>>ESPN>>Fox>>Fox Sports 1>> TBS

Sling TV>>ESPN>>Fox>>Fox Sports 1>> TBS

YouTube TV>>ESPN>>Fox>>Fox Sports 1>> TBS

Cleveland Guardians on Peacock( Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum)

As peacock is an NBC streaming application, you can download it on most devices, and it is free to download and watch. When while coming to the subscription section of the MLB Sunday Leadoff games, you need to subscribe to the Peacock streaming service to watch.

And the subscription cost of Peacock TV is $4.99 per month.

Watch Guardians White Sox on Apple TV+

Cleaveland Guardian is unavailable on local cable providers or MLB TV so the game can be watched for free on Apple TV. All you need is an Apple ID, and the procedure to watch the game Cleaveland Guardians is given below.

As we already said, we don’t need any subscription to watch Baseball games on Apple TV+. Hence follow the steps to access the baseball games on Apple TV.

Step 1>>Launch the Apple TV app.

To watch Cleaveland Guardians on the Apple TV+, you need first to launch the respective app. For that, from the App store, type and search for the Apple TV app and download them. And then directly select the Cleveland Gaudian games from it.

Step 2>> Use the MLB TV app

On the other hand, you can also make use of the MLB TV app to watch baseball games. For that, you need to tap on the Apple TV+ Game to redirect you to the App TV app, where it is readily available.

Step 3>> Visit the Official Website.

Or else create a new Apple ID and log in by just visiting the official website of Apple TV, which is And this is the procedure to Stream the Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum.

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Alternative Ways to Watch Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum

This section will provide you with possible alternative ways to watch Cleaveland Gaudians on Spectrum. And the ways are given below:

  1. Cleaveland Gaudians on DirecTV Stream
  2. Watch the Cleaveland Gaudians on Hulu+ Live TV
  3. Watch the Cleaveland Gaudians on Sling TV

1. Watch the Cleaveland Gaudians on DirecTV Stream

  • The subscription Cost is $69.99
  • 5-Days Free Trial
  • Unlimited DVR

On the DirecTV stream, you can watch Cleveland Gaudians Games on FS1, ESPN, and Fox with a subscription cost of $69.99 per month with 5 days free trial. However, there is a need to add Bally Sports Great Lakes to the channel Lineup so that upgrade to the package for $89.99 per month.

The package of DirecTV Stream comes with 90 plus channels, including ACC Network, Big Ten Network, NBA TV, Golf Channel, and more.

A subscription to DirecTV Stream comes with unlimited DVR storage. Using the home networks, users can watch Cleveland Guardians on unlimited screens.

2. Watch the Cleaveland Gaudians on Hulu+ Live TV

  • The subscription cost is $69.99
  • NO Free trial is available
  • Unlimited DVR

On Hulu+ Live TV, subscribers can enjoy the Cleveland Guardians games on Fox, TBS, FS1, and ESPN with a base plan of $69.99 per month.

And Hulu+ Live TV has more than 75 channels to watch all the live sports games, from baseball to everything. Some of the Channel lineups include FS2, FS1, NFL Network, SEC Network, TBS, and so on.

3. Watch the Cleaveland Gaudians on Sling TV

  • The subscription Cost is $35
  • NO Free Trial is avavilbale
  • DVR>>50 hours

Enjoy Cleveland Gaudians games on ESPN with a Sling TV orange pack subscription and an FS1: Sling Blue pack subscription. And you need to add $11 per month additionally to watch Sling Sports on MLB networks.

An orange pack subscription to Sling TV costs $50 per month to access 50 channels, including NFL Network, TNT, Stadium, etc.

Subscribers of Sling TV can now receive 50 hours of free DVR. And with the orange pack, the subscribers can only share one screen data time. With the blue pack, you can share nearly 3 screens at a time. And more ultimately, with the Sling Orange +Sling Blue, users can use 4 screens at once. And this is the procedure to Stream the Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum.

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The End

To conclude, we have presented all the possible tricks and ideas to watch the Cleveland Guardians Game on Spectrum. I hope those guidelines will be more helpful, and it is suggested to add your valuable queries to the below comment suggestion. Therefore, use this article to enjoy all Baseball games and other related games on Spectrum. Thank you.

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