How to Watch Daily Wire on Apple TV? [Updated 2022]

Here I speak collectively about the Apple TV for any kind of functionality, be it work or entertainment. In other terms, it is a micro-console that works as a digital media player. You can do what is not on Apple TV as it is an HDMI device. By default, it supports High Definition with or without an HDMI cable. Apple TV has integrated controls such as Apple Remote or Siri Control. With Wi-Fi compatibility, you can run any Software that is connected to the Mac OS. In this post, you will learn how to watch the Daily Wire on Apple TV.

The Daily Wire:

daily wire

The Most famous news website and media in America are the Daily Wire. This Daily wire, no matter what, always gives accurate and true news. Also known to be the fastest-growing and conservative community with Ben Sharpio, Matt Walsh, etc. To be precise, Ben always gives the latest updates and news headlines. Not only that, but you also have Podcasts available. With so much platform compatibility, Daily wire is found on Roku, Android, and also Apple TV.

This Daily Wire is also a cost-based subscription and costs $10, $12, and also $20 a month. The biggest advantage is that you can access the Daily Wire’s Library without a subscription also. You can find that The Daily Wire has its own app, the DailyWire+ app, available at Google Play Store and Apple App Store. One of the latest shows to stream at Daily Wire is The Greatest Live ever Sold, presented by Candace Owens.

How to Subscribe to The Daily Wire?

You cannot access Daily Wire without an account and subscription on any device and platform. Before getting the DailyWire+ app on any device, you need to subscribe to any of the plans offered by The Daily Wire. Once you have a subscribed account, you can easily log in to the Daily Wire app on Apple TV.

  • Go to on any of your device’s Web Browser.
  • Select Sign Up and then the Join to Watch option.
  • From the available plans, select the subscription you need and tap on the Select Plan option.


  • Now enter the information asked and select Create Account.

Sign Up

  • After that, provide your card details and finish the subscription process by pressing the Complete Purchase option.


Now you have your own Daily Wire account credentials, using which you can access the DailyWire+ app on Apple TV.

How to watch and stream Daily Wire on Apple TV?

When it comes to the Daily Wire compatibility, we are well aware that it is available on Apple TV. Hence you can download Daily Wire directly from the Apple App Store.

  • Let’s see the procedure to watch Daily Wire on Apple TV…
  • Firstly, to watch the Daily Wire on Apple TV, launch the Apple TV and scroll to the apple app store.

Daily Wire on Apple TV

  • Secondly, keep looking for the DailyWire+ app to watch the Daily Wire.
  • Now, from the displayed app for Daily wire, choose the exact one to stream Daily Wire.
  • In addition, you have to buy the Daily Wire as it is subscription-based, as mentioned earlier.
  • After the installation of Daily Wire on Apple TV is done, launch the Daily Wire app.
  • Once done, log in with your Daily Wire credentials to stream it unlimitedly.

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How to watch Daily Wire on Apple TV via screen mirroring?

The foremost is to look for the Same Wi-Fi connection in your Apple TV and iPhone.

  • Meanwhile, download the Daily wire on iPhone from the app store.
  • Scroll to the Control Centre and choose “Screen mirroring” to watch Daily Wire via mirroring.
  • In this step, search for your Apple TV device name and tap on it.
  • Finally, log in with your Daily Wire credentials to stream it unlimitedly.

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Wrapping Up

The Official Trailer of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, A Daily Wire Original presented by Cadence Owens, has been released. Get the latest news on your Apple TV with the Daily Wire app and have fun with the shows and movies available for watching. Get the All Access Daily Wire membership to use all its features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cast the Daily Wire app from SmartPhone to Smart TV?

Yes, with the help of the Google Home app, you can connect your SmartPhone and Smart TV on the Same WiFi network and cast your Daily Wire app from your SmartPhone to your Smart TV screen.

Is Daily Wire-Free?

No, Daily Wire is not free, and you need to subscribe for any content you want on it. Even the Read Only plan costs $0.99 per month, and after one month, it is $4 per month.

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