How to Get The Daily Wire on Samsung TV?

Samsung TV is one of the best Smart TVs, and you can install the apps on your TV from the App Store. If you have a Samsung TV at your home, you can easily get The Daily Wire app on your Samsung TV by following our guide below. We will let you know How to Add The Daily Wire on Samsung TV? Then keep reading this article thoroughly to grab more knowledge about the streaming service.

About The Daily Wire:

the daily wire

The Daily Wire is a United States traditional news site and media company. It was launched in 2015 by political commentator Ben Shapiro as well as director Jeremy Boreing. This is a counter-cultural outlet for your News, entertainment, and opinion. It never claims to be without partiality.

In the United States, Shapiro was the youngest nationally syndicated columnist at 17. Klavan found himself partial and also a libertarian in 2011. This site mainly hosts two daily online News: The Ben Shapiro Show and The Andrew Klavan Show.

This streaming service is a paid platform, and it has various plans for subscribers who need to read only; then, it costs $4 per month. The All-Access plan allows you to Read, Watch and Discuss, starting from $20 per month. You can read and watch the News from this plan, and it costs $12 per month. 

Is Daily Wire on Samsung TV?

daily wire

NO. The Daily Wire app is Unavailable on Samsung TV. You can not be able to download the app directly from the Samsung Galaxy App Store. But you do not worry about it. We have another way to access and watch the Daily Wire streaming service on your Samsung Smart TV. Are you eager to know what it is? Without any delay, move to the next topic to know it.

How to Get The Daily Wire on Samsung TV?

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As we have discussed in the above session, the Daily Wire app is not available on the Samsung Galaxy App Store. In this section, I have given the alternative methods to watch this streaming service on your device. Here are the alternative methods.

  1. Screencast Daily Wire on Samsung TV.
  2. Using an external Streaming device.

So, we have two easy methods to get the app and stream it on your Samsung Smart TV. Follow each method and their instructions step-by-step given below. Here it is:

1). Screencast Daily Wire on Samsung TV (Android):

Now, we are going to see the procedure for the Screencasting method on your Samsung Smart TV using your Smartphone or any Smart Device.  If you have an iOS device, you can use the Screen Mirroring option and download the app from the Apple App Store.

(I have provided the steps below for Android Smartphone users) 

  • Initially, set up your home internet connection evenly to your Smartphone and Samsung Smart TV.
  • Afterthat, go to the Google Play Store on your Smartphone.
  • Search for the Daily Wire app in the required field.
  • Dig out the app from the search result and then Click Install to get the app on your Smartphone.

Daily Wire on Google Play Store

  • Wait for some time to download and install it on your device.
  • Launch it on your Home screen and then open the app.
  • Pull down the notification panel or control center on your Smartphone (Android).
  • Click on the Cast option.
  • Now, it will be started scanning the nearby devices.
  • Here, choose your Samsung smart TV from the listed devices.
  • Next, play any content on the Daily Wire app.
  • Which will be cast on your Samsung smart TV.

After selecting your Samsung Smart TV device on your Smartphone, your mobile screen appears on your TV display. Choose any video content in the Daily Wire app and play it on your mobile and watch it on your Samsung TV big screen. Ok, it’s time to end up this section, and I’ll take you to another method to watch the Daily Wire on Samsung Smart TV. If your Samsung TV is Too Dark, you can not be able to do this installation process. If really your Samsung TV screen is dark, please fix it right now; the procedure is mentioned in the linked article.

2). Using an External Streaming Device:

Did you know what all the External Streaming devices we have in the Digital Market are? You can get the Daily Wire on Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast. 

(I’ll guide you to get the Daily Wire app on the Roku Stick streaming device)

  • Associate your Roku Stick with your Samsung TV HDMI gateway.
  • Conne the Wi-Fi connection for both devices eventually.
  • Then, tap on the Home Button on your Roku device controller.
  • Navigate to the menu section and Click on the Streaming Channels from the list.
  • Head towards the Search field and Browse for “Daily Wire” in the given space.

Daily Wire on Roku

  • On your Roku TV screen, you have received the Daily Wire app from the search result.
  • Select the app and tap Add to Channel on the Roku Channel Store.

Based on your Wi-Fi internet source speed, the streaming app gets installed on your Samsung TV quickly. If it is slow, please wait patiently until the app is downloaded to your Roku TV. Now, you got an alternative idea to stream the Daily Wire app on your Samsung TV device, but you have one more important process to watch Daily Wire on Samsung TV; refer to the following section to know what it is.

Which Streaming device is better to Get The Daily Wire app on Samsung TV?

If you are going to buy a Roku device, then you can buy the Roku Express, which costs $29.99. To learn more about the available Roku Streaming devices, go to its official site and visit the Products section. 

NOTE: You can save $5 on your new Roku Express streaming devices by paying $24.99. This offer is applicable till February 11, 2023.

The Chromecast device’s cost varies with respect to eh picture quality it presents. For HD video streaming, it costs $29.99, and for 4K, it costs $49.99.

If you are to buy a streaming device to watch The Daily Wire on your Samsung TV, go for a Chromecast device. Because along with The Daily Wire app, you can also access all the apps available at Google Play Store. Whereas Roku has limited apps in its Roku Channel Store. You can use similar steps from the installation procedure of getting The Daily Wire on Android devices. 

Activate Daily Wire on Samsung TV:

Without activating the app, you can not initiate streaming the exclusive content on the Daily Wire app. So, follow every process after the Daily Wire app gets installed on your Samsung Television. To activate the app, you have to go back to the home screen and launch the app from the All Apps portion.

  • Open the Daily Wire app on your TV.
  • And the Activation code will appear on your Samsung TV Screen.
  • Note down the code and then visit the Daily Wire Official Site on your preferred browser.

Daily Wire Activation Verification Code

  • Now Enter the Daily Wire code in the respective field and then hit the Continue key.
  • Next, do follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Daily Wire user account.
  • Finally, you can explore the Daily Wire content on your Samsung TV.

It is an easy procedure to activate the Daily Wire streaming service. Activating or Registering on the Daily Wire app will notify you of the contents and all updates on its site. In before, I told you that the Daily Wire app is a Subscription-based streaming service. But I could not mention the cost. You can get the Daily Wire Subscription cost in the upcoming topic.

Daily Wire Subscription Package:

You have to purchase the subscription package to watch all the content in the Daily Wire app on your Samsung Television. If you do not know about the Subscription package of the Daily Wire app, this section is to clear that doubt. Here you can see the image below. If you have any doubts, you can check them on the Daily Wire official site.

Daily Wire Subscription

There you can see three kinds of subscription plans in the image above.  Choose one which is convenient for you.  Additionally, I have given the step-by-step process for purchasing the Subscription of the Daily Wire on your Samsung Smart TV. Proceed to the next section to know the further process.

How to Subscribe to The Daily Wire?

After Choosing the Subscription package, you have a few procedures to complete the subscription process of the Daily Wire app. Don’t panic about subscribing to the streaming service. I’ll guide you through the procedure one by one in the following.

  • Open the Daily Wire app on your Samsung TV.
  • Tap on the Subscribe Now button on the page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after entering your personal information, such as name and email id.
  • Now complete the payment process, and you will get a log-in id to your registered email address or mobile number.
  • Now, you can initiate watching the live content or any popular videos from the Daily Wire on Samsung TV.

If your Samsung TV is an older version, 4.1 or below, then you should follow the other way to stream the Daily Wire content by screen mirroring from your Smartphone or desktop.

Final Verdict:

Samsung Galaxy App Store does not contain the Daily Wire on Samsung TV.  Alternatively, you can screen mirrors on your TV using smartphones like Android, tablets, and desktops. You can install the Daily Wire app on Android devices because it is available in the Google Play Store. If you are struggling to downlaod the Daily Wire app on your Samsung TV, let me know in the comment section.

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