How to Use Discord on Xbox One?

Suppose you are curious to know whether the Discord app is compatible with Xbox One or not. Then we will let you know How to use Discord on Xbox One from this article. So it would help if you read this guide until the end to get more info about it.

How to Use Discord on Xbox One?

Discord is a VoIP and messaging app that allows users can able to communicate through voice calls, text messages, as well video calls. It is similar to Skype or Slack. It is specially made for video game players to communicate with each other on their game while playing. It is best to use when you play PC games.

This app lets you chat and provides search functions which can help you to get other people as well as include them on your friend list for communication fastly. Many of them are using these apps not only for chatting with each other when they play games but also as organizational and social tools.

Also, at present Discord app is now included in the Xbox One as well as Xbox series S|X. So if you need to get the Discord app on your Xbox One, we will let you know how to install and download Discord on your Xbox One.

Does Discord available on Xbox One?

Luckily, You can get the Discord app on your Xbox One gaming console. Every Xbox gamer and PC gamer eagerly waited for this feature for a long time. So you can now unite with your PC and Xbox One gamers. You may view your friends playing on Xbox through the Discord app, and also, you can join the game as a multiplayer session if you want.

For that, you need a free Discord account and Xbox live account. Then you should connect your accounts to start the game and sign up as well as install Discord for your smartphones (Android/iOS), Desktop, Mac, and Linux. You can sign up for an account using your personal information such as username, password, and email address for its verification.

How to get Discord on Xbox One?

First, you should download and install the app on your smartphone through their official website. In case you have a Discord account, then move to the next step. If you don’t have one, you need to create an account to merge with your Xbox One.

If you went to their site, you need to confirm your email account. That’s it. If you want to protect your account, you should set up your account with two-factor authentication.

Steps to link your Xbox account:

Further, it would help if you went to the Xbox One after that you should follow the given instructions to link your Xbox One.

link your xbox account


First, you should navigate to the upper left corner of the main menu.


Then choose the Settings option.


Further, go to the Account section.


Then go to the linked social accounts section.


It will ask to go to your Xbox Live or Microsoft account password.


Now choose the link option from the Discord.

How to use the Discord on your PC/ Smartphone?

To use the Discord app on your desktop or smartphone, you should go to the Discord app. You can also access it from your smartphone, laptop, and web. You should need to do the steps to use the Discord app on your device.

use discord app


First, you need to choose the Settings icon from the left corner of your Home screen.


Then go to the Connections tile from the settings section.


Now tap on the Xbox icon from the upper side of your screen.


When you visit the Xbox logo, you will be redirected to registering the pin, which will show on your Xbox screen as a popup.


Now your account will be linked with your Xbox device, and you can access your device with full advantage; by turning on the settings, you can view your profile and Xbox status.

Does Discord useful on Xbox One?

There is nothing much with your Discord app on your Xbox One, for your friends will see your activities. It doesn’t allow you to communicate, send texts or create a group while playing the game. Still, there is no official information from Microsoft to support the Xbox One officially.

Wrapping Up:

Discord app is used for communicating, chatting, and viewing your friend’s activity while you are playing the game on your console. Discord app is still not completely supported fully-fledged with all the features. You can still use the app with certain features, not at all. However, you can use the Discord app on your smartphones like Android or iOS devices or Mac devices. So it is compatible with smartphones to install and use on your devices. If you still have any queries or doubts, let me know in the comment section.

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