How to Get Disney Plus on XBOX 360? [Updated 2022]

Disney Plus on XBOX 360: Nowadays, the gaming industry is on the boom more than ever before. The advent of the Gaming Industry and the Technologies used in Games has become the most preferred form of entertainment for all age groups.

Who doesn’t like to play games? Wouldn’t it be more fun to use Streaming apps like Disney Plus? Too with the help of gaming consoles like XBOX, XBOX S, XBOX ONE, and so on, gaming has become viable on your large screens in the comfort of your homes.

This post will show a step-by-step process of installing Disney Plus on XBOX 360. For those who don’t know what the gaming console XBOX 360 is, let’s get on with a Quick Intro. XBOX 360 is Microsoft’s Home Video Game Console. It’s the second in the console series. Xbox is the first one.

It needs a Great Wi-Fi connection and offers you 4k entertainment with Ultimate games. It also comes with a storage capacity. The best thing is that it also comes with a video streaming option.

You can stream apps like Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Disney Plus, and many more.

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Now let’s begin the explanation.

Disney Plus:

Disney Plus is an On-Demand Video Streaming Service with a Subscription fee. This is an Exclusive Home for entertainment and your favorite Shows, Movies, Pixar, Marvel stars, Fox, and National Geographic. It has Disney content also.

First launched  Disney Plus in America. Later it was found in other countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. In India, it is streamed in integration with the Hotstar Platform with a Yearly Subscription of Rs 999 as “Hotstar VIP.”

It can be streamed on Android TV, Apple TV, IOS, Windows, Roku, etc.

Features of Disney Plus:

  • It supports 4K Video Streaming on gaming consoles like Xbox One and Xbox S.
  • It also helps offline downloads up to 10 devices, letting you watch when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Disney Plus has Classics (Star Wars, Cinderella), Movies, and any Series.
  • The Big Relief is that it gives you Ad-Free Streaming.
  • It’s also slowly releasing a party feature called “Group Watch,” where a group of 6 people can stream like watching a movie in a movie hall.

Is Disney Plus on Xbox 360?

No, you cannot stream Disney Plus on Xbox 360. You can only stream Disney Plus on Xbox consoles like Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X.

Is VPN needed for Disney plus on XBOX 360?

Before moving further, we already know that Disney Plus can be streamed only in the Few Selected Countries. It has geo-restrictions. That’s where the VPN comes into play. So that subscribers from other places could watch it hassle-free, after installing your preferred VPN, You could choose the location of your preferred server and start streaming Disney plus.

Also, VPN protects you from online attacks like Phishing, DoS (Denial of Service), etc. It also masks your IP Address and Online Identity, as Streaming Platforms are most exposed to online threats.

Note: Xbox Live is a Gaming Service by Microsoft that helps in Online Multiplayer gaming and has access to various streaming services, System apps, and Updates. You also need to Sign Up for Xbox Live.

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How do I Sign Up for Disney Plus?

1. Go to the web browser and type Disney plus.

disney browser Disney Plus on XBOX 360

2. Click “SIGN UP” on your screen.

disney sign up Disney Plus on XBOX 360

3. Enter your “Mail Id” and give a “Password” in the text box.

disney mail Disney Plus on XBOX 360

4. Choose your Subscription Type (Monthly or Yearly) based on your preference

disney subscription Disney Plus on XBOX 360

5. Enter your Payment Card Details and click Pay.

paymenyt disney Disney Plus on XBOX 360

That’s it. You have successfully signed up for Disney Plus. Now you can start watching your favorite content.

How to Download Disney Plus on XBOX?

Ensure that you have subscribed to both Disney Plus and Xbox Live.

1. “Turn on” your Xbox 360 Gaming Console and Sign In to your Profile.

2. Press the “Home button” on the Controller of your gaming console.

disney store Disney Plus on XBOX 360

3. Choose “Store” from the pop-up shown on your screen. Or Press the “Y” button directly. It will open the “Search Bar” on the screen.

disney search Disney Plus on XBOX 360

4. Search for “Disney Plus” in the search box of your console.

disney get Disney Plus on XBOX 360

5. Scroll to Choose Disney Plus by Pressing the “Abutton on the Controller of your gaming console.

disney choose

6. On Details Page, you will see a pop-up for the Disney Plus app to download. Click Launch. Or Click the “A” button on your Controller to download the Disney Plus app.

disney download

7. Wait for the download to complete. Once the installation is done, you will see a complete Installation message at the bottom of your screen.

disney installed

8. Now, press the Middle Button on your gaming console’s Controller. It will open the Disney App.

disney sign up

9. You can now log in with your credentials and start streaming.

disney mail

You could also check whether the following step has appropriately installed the Disney plus.

  • Hover to “My Games & Apps” and click “See All.
  • Look for Disney Plus Icon here.

The Installation Process is complete, and the Disney App will work fine. Try Updating your app if it’s not working correctly.

Note: “Xbox 360 is old technology. Disney Plus might not work in Xbox 360. This installation is a replicated Process of installation of Disney Plus in Xbox one console. This process might work too, give it a try”.

Wrapping Things Up:

That’s it. This is a simple guide on downloading and installing Disney Plus on Xbox 360. In a few simple steps, your gaming console turns into a Streaming device where you can stream all your favorite Disney shows and other shows.

Let us know if the steps mentioned above work for you.

Share your reviews in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Is Disney Plus free On XBOX?

No Disney Plus comes with a subscription fee, and it’s not free. You can choose a Monthly or Yearly subscription based on your preference.

2) Can you Download Apps on XBOX 360 without Xbox Live?

No, you cannot download apps without Xbox Live. It would help if you had Xbox Live to Stream apps like Disney Plus, Netflix, etc. You need to sign up for Xbox Live.

3)  Is Xbox Live Free?

No, it’s a paid subscription. You have to choose your convenient subscription either Monthly or Yearly.

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