How to Install & Stream Disney Plus on Xbox One?

If you ever thought Xbox consoles are only compatible with playing online games. Certainly not true because the Microsoft store includes other streaming apps to stream its content on your Xbox console. Unless for gaming, you can also stream your desired content on Xbox One console. Are you looking for How to Install and Stream Disney Plus on Xbox One? Then you will get a definite answer through this guide.

How to Install & Stream Disney Plus on Xbox One?

Can you get Disney Plus on Xbox One?

However, Disney plus is also one of the streaming platforms available in the Microsoft store to install and stream on your Xbox One console, so here we will let you know the installation process from the given below session.

Other than the Xbox console, you can also stream its content on the PS4 console as well. Also, you may stream on certain streaming devices such as Amazon firestick, Apple TV, Android or iOS devices, Roku, and Smart TVs.

Disney Plus:

Disney Plus is a streaming site with many on-demand and live streaming content. It is a subscription-based service, and here you will get some popular shows like Disney, marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, Pixar and more. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for your home to stream anime content.

Although it is a popular streaming service and is owned by Media and Entertainment Distribution from The Walt Disney Company. Since It offers more original and library content as well as TV series to stream only for users who subscribed to their service.


  • Disney plus Ad-free plan starts from $8 per month or $80 per annum.
  • Disney plus Ad-supported service starts from $10 per month 
  • Disney plus bundles start from $13 per month.

How to Install Disney plus on Xbox?

Certainly, Disney plus is available on Xbox One console and other Xbox series as well. So it is available in the Microsoft store to download for free of cost. But you need a subscription to access the Disney plus content on your console. Lets us see the steps to install the Disney plus app on your Xbox One gaming console using the instructions given below. Also, refer to this guide HBO Max on Xbox One

Firstly, go to the Xbox Home screen by pressing the home key using your controller.

⋙ Connect to the high-speed internet service further, and move to the Microsoft store from the bottom of your screen.

⋙ Then look for the Disney plus app in the App section.

⋙ Choose the app from the search result and then install it on your console.

⋙ Now move to the My Games and Apps section.

⋙ Afterwards, open the once it gets downloaded and proceeds with login using your account credentials.

⋙ Now unbox the Disney content on your Xbox console to stream.

What are the requirements to stream Disney plus on Xbox?

To stream Disney plus content on your Xbox console then, you should need a subscription first. You can purchase any of the plans according to your choice. Then you need high-speed internet access to stream its content without any distraction.

To stream with HD quality then, you should have an internet speed of more than 5Mbps. Suppose you need a 4K quality stream, then your internet speed is above 25 Mbps. Notably, 4K streaming is only compatible with Xbox One S, X and Xbox Series X and S only. However, it doesn’t support Xbox One’s last generation.

In order to have 4K streaming from Disney plus on the Xbox console, you must use high bandwidth  HDMI cables and an HDCP 2.2 accessible external screen. Check out this article ESO Cross Platform.

Another Way to get Disney plus on Xbox One using Remote Method:

In order to get Disney plus app on your Xbox One console then, you should need to use your Windows desktop or laptop.

Mandatory Steps:

  • To apply this method, you need to log in with the same Microsoft account to your Xbox one and Windows.
  • Also, you must turn on the remote feature in your console.

Hit the Xbox key from the controller ⋙ Profile & System ⋙ Settings ⋙ Devices & connections ⋙ Remote feature ⋙ Enable Remote feature ⋙  Turn on Instant-on. 

⋙ First, you should set up with high-speed internet source to your Windows desktop.

⋙ Hover over to the Microsoft store from your desktop and look for the Disney plus app.

⋙ Then choose the official app from the search result.

⋙ Click on the More option and choose to install it.

⋙ Now choose your Xbox One from the option and tap to install now.

⋙ Once the installation process is done and then open your Disney plus app.

Suggestion: This process is only applicable when the Xbox One console is nearby you.

How to Stream Disney plus on Xbox using a VPN?

Disney plus service is only available in America and Canada, so if you want to stream its content from any other location, even in geo-blocked areas. Then you must use VPN to stream its content on Xbox in your location. Unfortunately, Xbox consoles no longer support VPNso you should want to use optionally smart DNS through VPN service.

Using these tricks, you can able to stream Disney plus content on Xbox consoles over the world. Also, read IPTV on Xbox One.

Activate Smart DNS using VPN:

You can use any of the smart DNS for your VPN. So here we will let you know the process of using smart DNS with the help of a VPN.

⋙ Firstly, Install and subscribe to any of the best VPN services available in the market on your PC or Mac device.

⋙ Further, hover over the DNS settings menu and go to the log-in section.

Tap on the Register my IP Address from the IP address registration page.

⋙ Then turn it on the below option and bring your DNS IP address under the set-up page. 

⋙ After that, move to the DNS IP Address and then save it for the installation process.

⋙ Now Connect the DNS address from your Xbox console that you got.

Connect DNS on Xbox to stream Disney Plus content:

⋙ Initially, open the Xbox console and then move to the settings.

⋙ Choose the Network option under the settings menu and choose Network settings.

 Further, choose Advanced settings and then tap on the DNS settings.

⋙ Afterthat, choose Manual to set the DNS address and enter the IP Address of the DNS server shown on your profile section when the activation is completed on smart DNS.

⋙ Now register your primary and secondary IP addresses.

⋙ Next, input the address which you viewed on the registered DNS addresses active section.

⋙ Again set your location to your United States by visiting the Settings and systems further language and location settings to change your location.

⋙ After that, choose Restart Now under the Language and location menu.

⋙ Wait for it to complete the process and play the Disney plus content by signing in to it.

Wrapping Up:

Since Disney Plus is included in the Xbox One gaming console on the Microsoft store, so you can easily install and able to stream on your console. Also, you can try out another method also to get the app on your Xbox console using the Remote method. If you have any other questions related to Disney plus on Xbox One, mention them using the comment section.

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