How to Get Facebook on Xbox One? [Updated]

What is Facebook? Are you surfing for How to Stream Facebook on Xbox One? This article will help you to know more information about it.

How to Stream Facebook on Xbox One?


Facebook is an application it connects people from far away. You can sign in to your account to create your profile. Users can make friends, new friends, office colleagues, relatives, and families through their website, and also offers to share videos, pictures, articles, music, and opinions or thought.

Website, there are more than one billion users here. Facebook users can send a Friend request to known or unknown people via its website. If the people accepted your friend request, you might see their posts and timeline. Users can able private chat with others who are online.

Users can access their friend’s personal information whether they mention it on their profile, like age, location, etc. This app offers people to start a conversation through private or group chat.

What is Xbox One?

Xbox One is a video game console it comes from Microsoft’s 8th generation. This game console was released in Australia, Canada, Austria, France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, the UK, New Zealand, and finally, in the USA on 22nd November. Xbox One Microsoft officially stopped its production at the end of 2020.

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How to Get Facebook Gaming from Xbox One? 

Xbox One proprietor brings their link to the Xbox Live accounts through Facebook. From Facebook, you can play along with more friends. Promoting your stream via Facebook groups or related pages is an excellent way to achieve our biggest demographic of potential users.

You can make more audience. For a recent generation of Xbox consoles in their release and gameplay, such as Halo: Forza Horizon 5 or Infinite, fans have more excitement to share.

Features of Xbox One:

  • Facebook video app for Xbox One offers Original content, suggested content from your console, and Live streaming.
  • If you don’t get enough Facebook content from your desktop or smartphone, the website is also extending your Xbox.
  • Xbox One was the newest platform to bring Facebook’s attention when the company initially started to raise its video app for Apple TV, Samsung TV, and all services in 2017.
  • Facebook is making attention to its competition on Twitch and YouTube for bringing online videos.
  • You can stream your Facebook video through the Microsoft store from Xbox One.
  • From Facebook, users can play along with their friends through Xbox One console.

How to Get Facebook from Your Xbox One?

Pre- Requisites:

  • Xbox console
  • Capture card
  • Internet connection with high speed
  • Mac or Desktop with Streaming Software

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Xbox Console:

Xbox series S or Xbox X and Xbox One are agreeable to streaming on the Facebook game at 1080 and 30fbs. In case you may want to stream games with an excellent frame rate above 60fps, then you’ll need an Xbox Series X or S.

Capture card:

In case you may want to capture an Xbox play game to watch on Facebook gaming. The external capture card is excellent for playing Facebook games like Elgato HD60 S+. This product is very popular with streamers. Unfortunately, there are no other choices available in the market. Ensure with your system while buying a capture card—some people face issues on specific devices from various systems. If you plan to buy a capture card, analyze and research before buying.

There has a way to stream Xbox gameplay on Facebook gaming, not having a capture card. Using the Xbox app, you can watch Xbox games on your computer. Users can record their gameplay using screen recording from the Xbox app. But it is not much reliable. It depends on your connection quality from your desktop to your Xbox.

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Desktop Or Mac:

Might you think your system needs a powerful one to stream? You should attach your capture card from one end to run your Xbox, and another end attaches to your Mac or Desktop. Insert additional elements like a microphone or webcam for stream. Your desktop will need polite specs to manage encoding to stream. It can access a stable 720p at 30fps stream to the powerless machine.

Streaming Software:

From Facebook gaming, you need to send your gameplay, and then you may utilize streaming software like OBS or Streamlabs. You can select which software will work well for you, and it may depend on some factors. Although, everyone proves it easy to set up the primary stream. Ensure your capture card adds your source from the software to your choice. In addition, view your Xbox gameplay in the preview window. Users can set their audio, microphone, and webcam for additional overlays or alerts. Now you will be able to stream on Facebook Game.

Internet connection with High speed:

Ensure your network connection before you go to Live gameplay. If your network speed is not enough to stream, no one watches your stream. Players need to balance speed connection if they need more resolution or frame rate. The recommended streaming resolution for Facebook is 720p at 30fps. It may also need a bitrate up to 3mb/s. It would be best if you had at least 4mb/s to maintain your connection on Live gameplay.

Moreover, if you need 1080p at 60fps for Facebook gameplay, the bitrate needs 6mb/s. Probably, you may need around 7mb/s to stream.

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Final Note:

To play Live gameplay, you need a high internet speed above 7mb/s based on your stream clarity. T, a stream This guide explains How to stream Facebook on Xbox One using some prerequisites and following some methods. In case you are troubled with streaming Facebook on Xbox, comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). Is there a Facebook Gaming App for Xbox?

No, the Facebook gaming app doesn’t make available on Xbox. The only streaming app that offers Xbox is Twitch. Maybe they will bring an app for the Facebook game in the future. But still, you need a desktop or Mac and streaming software like OBS to stream the gameplay from Facebook gaming.

2). How can I Watch Facebook gaming on Xbox?

Yes, but only you can access the site via a built-in web browser, and Facebook gameplay is not available on Xbox.

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