How to Add and Stream FiOS TV on Apple TV?

FiOS TV is the only Fibre Optic TV service in America so far it is also the same as a streaming service so you can watch your content on your FiOS TV through Apple TV instantly within a minute by following our guide. We will let you know How to Add and Stream FiOS TV on Apple TVWe will give you a two minutes installation method below here. So keep reading this article until the end to get your answer.

 How to Add and Stream FiOS TV on Apple TV?

What is FiOS TV?

Verizon FiOS TV is a Fibre Optic Television service and it provides live TV from the internet like streaming services. However, it is the only fibre optic TV network on the market. They let you stream with HD resolution with a crystal clear HD experience. This TV is more than a normal Television as well as you can stream on-demand and premium channels.

They offer you to stream more than 425 digital TV channels and more than 230 High Definition TV channels. It has a multi-room DVR service for you to store your desired content. Thousands of on-demand titles to stream and live TV from your Andorid or iOS smartphones.

However, it is a regular Television and you can use its App. It allows you to stream TV on your desired supported devices? Additionally, the Multi-Room DVR Enhanced service makes sure that you will never miss any of your desired content.
Suppose you have a family then the Fios Triple Play provides you with the ability to use parental controls and has multiple users online at the same time. On Fios TV, you can watch HBO, HBO GO, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, and EPIX.

Subscription of FiOS TV:

The Verizon FiOS TV has seven various plans according to their price and channels. You can choose the right plan for you to stream your desired content on your device by choosing the below subscription packages.

  • Test Drive- This plan starts from $65.00 per month with more than 425 channels to stream.
  • Your FiOS TV- Starts from $65.00 per month with more than 125 channels in their package to stream.
  • More FiOS TV- Starts from $85.00 per month with more than 300 channels.
  • Most FiOS TV- Starts from $105 per month including more than 425 channels.
  • FiOS TV Mundo Total- Starts from $96 per month with more than 215 channels to stream.
  • Youtube TV- It starts from $64.99 per month including more than 85 channels to stream in their plan.

How to Get FiOS TV on Apple TV?

FiOS TV is announced that they will be included Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, and also Amazon Firestick from July 2022. So we can barely wait for it to get the device without the required FiOS TV box to stream its content on your TV. So you can get the app on an Apple TV device at present.

📍STEP 1 >> Initially, go to the App Store from your Home screen.

📍STEP 2 >> Search for the app using the search box.

📍STEP 3 >> Pick the right app and then tap on the app icon.

📍STEP 4 >> Now tap to the get for free apps from the option.

📍STEP 5 >> Then press to buy option for confirmation.

📍STEP 6 >> Tap to install it once it gets downloaded.

📍STEP 7 >> Afterthat opening the app and signing in with your account credentials.

📍STEP 8 >> Now explore the Verizon FiOS TV content from your Apple TV.

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Alternative Way:

FiOS TV is not supported on Apple TV but it is available on other Apple devices. Also, you can Airplay FiOS TV on your Apple TV in case your model is older. Let us explain how to airplay the app from your Apple TV by following our given steps.

How to Airplay FiOS TV on Apple TV using an iOS smartphone?

📍STEP 1 >> Connect your Apple TV and smartphone to a standard internet source.

📍STEP 2 >> Go to your iOS app store from your smartphone and then search for the FiOS TV app.

📍STEP 3 >> Pick the right app to download from the search result.

📍STEP 4 >> Then tap to download the app and then install it.

📍STEP 5 >> Afterthat, swipe down to the control centre and choose the screen mirror or cast option.

📍STEP 6 >> It will show you a nearby device then choose your Apple TV from the listed menus.

📍STEP 7 >> Now it will start to stream your FiOS TV on your Apple TV by screen mirroring method.

📍STEP 8 >> You can enjoy watching FiOS TV on your Apple TV.

Final Verdict:

You can get the FiOS TV app on your Apple TV from July 2022. They have officially announced that they have included the Apple TV to stream FiOS TV content from your TV. So you can directly get the app on your app store from your TV itself. If not you should screen mirror your iOS smartphone to your Apple TV to stream its content on a big screen. If you have any queries or doubts regarding FiOS TV on Apple TV let me know in the comment section.

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