What Channel is FS1 on DIRECTV? Update 2023

To all those NFL and NCAA fans out there who use the DIRECTV Streaming service at their home, you can now watch the channel FS1 on DIRECTV devices. This Pay tv channel has high-definition streaming and is available in America, Porto Rico, and the Caribbean. The FS1 channel comes from Fox Sports Media Group, a part of Fox Corporation.

DIRECTV Streaming service is used in almost all American houses, and the FS1 channel can be on this streaming service by subscribing to any of the packages offered by it. You can have the Fox Sports Channel on DIRECTV on the DIRECTV Satelite service and DIRECTV Stream App.

If you are already using DIRECTV and wondering what channel Fox Sports 1 is on DIRECTV, then you have landed at the perfect place you can find. Go through this article to get the channel number and additional information on FS1 on DIRECTV.

Know About FS1:


FS1 – Fox Sports 1

FS1 is the channel where you can watch all your favorite sporting events in HD quality. Some of the sporting events to watch on this channel are MLB, NBA, Boxing, PBA Tour, Football, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR, USGA, XFL, FIFA Futsal World Cups, and more. There are also other events to watch on FS1, such as Major League Rugby, Dog Shows, International, and National Soccer, Horse Racing, Motorsports, and more.

The Fox Sports 1 channel FS1 also has other sister channels such as Fox Sports 2, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deportes, and Big Ten Network. Fox Sports also has an App on its own for Android and Apple device users, which can be downloaded and can be used by subscribing to it,s packages.

The FS1 Channel can also be accessed on many Streaming Services, but DIRECTV is the best streaming service ever to watch FS1 in America.



You can get FS1 on DIRECTV by subscribing to any of the DIRECTV Packages offered. All DIRECTV Packages include the FS1 Channel in their channel lineup. Along with the FS1 channel, you can also have access to premier channels like STARZ, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, EPIX, and CHOICE.

The lowest price to get the channel FS1 on DIRECTV will be by subscribing to the entertainment pack with 75+ channels for $49.99 per month for the first two months for new subscribers, and after that, it will be $69.99 per month. To know about other packages and their details, refer to the given image,

directv subscription plans

You do not have to worry about missing any of the events on FS1 because you can save them in the unlimited Cloud DVR storage offered by DIRECTV and can watch them later at any time you want. To know the FS1 schedules on DIRECTV, you can visit the DIRECTV official site and find it out. Read FS1 on Spectrum to know more about it.

What Channel is FS1 on DIRECTV?

After subscribing to any of the DIRECTV packages, get DIRECTV Stream on its supported devices. You can watch channel FS1 on DIRECTV on channel number 219. When you use this channel number 219 on DIRECTV, it will land you on the FS1 channel with the current show streaming on it.

DIRECTV FS1 or Fox Sports 1 219

Read Dodgers Game on DirecTV to know more about it.

What are the Current Programs on FS1?

After directing yourself to the FS1 channel on DIRECTV on channel number 219, you can now watch some of the latest events  telecasted on the Fox Sports 1 channel, such as,

  • College Football
  • TMZ Sports
  • Bassmaster Fishing Elite Series
  • Horse Racing
  • Motorcycle Racing
  • NASCAR Race Day
  • Inside PBC Boxing
  • MLB Live games
  • FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup
  • Skip a Shannon
  • Speck for Yourself

and more other shows. To know the schedule go to the URL https://www.directv.com/Channels/FOX-Sports-1-HD-219. Read ESPN2 on DIRECTV to know more about it.

Alternatives to Stream FS1 content:

Sports TV has the biggest competition with the multiple networks, and it deals with different sports and Leagues. For any reason, If the Fox sports channel network has any lack, then you have chosen any one of the alternate channels to watch FS1 content. This channel network has telecast the same content as Fox Sports.

  • NBC Sports.
  • NFL Network.
  • ESPN.
  • NFL Network.
  • USA TV.
  • CBS Sports.

These are all channel that is included in the DirecTV package itself. So no worry about watching FS 1 sports content.

Attributes to Watch FS1 on DirecTV:

  • It has hundreds of Live sports content and other sports entertaining channels.
  • It will access Premium Showtime, Starz, HBO max, and Choice.
  • You will get more than 65000 on-demand titles.
  • Further, it has a free DirecTV application for endless streaming.
  • And it will provide DVR storage for recording your favorite content.
  • Whatever Package you are a subscriber to, the Fox Sports 1 channel will be available in all package plans.

How to Add a Channel to DirecTV?

You can add a Channel to the DirecTV lineup.

  • Direct to the change your TV service.
  • Then you have to click the Channel Add-on option.
  • And it will show the Movie, premium, international, and sports concepts.
  • Hit the Add next to the Subscription package and press to Continue button.
  • Now, your option will be shown, and then you have to check the option and order it.

The End

What are you still waiting for? Create an account in DIRECTV Stream, Subscribe to Entertainment Pack at $49.99, and get the DIRECTV Stream app on any of its supported devices. Go to channel number 219 and watch the telecasted shows on the FS1 channel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

On What Channel Number is FS2 on the DIRECTV Streaming Service?

The channel number to watch the FS2 channel on your DIRECTV Streaming Service is 618. This channel number can be used on any subscription package on DIRECTV Stream or DIRECTV Satellite to go to the Fox Sports 2 Channel.

What to Do if I Miss my Fox Sports 1 Shows on DIRECTV?

You can save the FS1 channel shows that you missed in your DIRECTV using the unlimited Cloud DVR storage you get when you subscribe to any of the DIRECTV Packages.

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