How to Watch FS1 on Firestick? Smart Guide

Are you searching to watch Fox Sports 1 on Firestick? There are many possible ways to watch sports content on Amazon Firestick. Suppose you are getting tired of searching to watch FS 1 on Firestick. Let’s start an article on How to Watch FS1 on Firestick? This article will give the solution to watching Fox Sports 1 on Firestick. Here we will guide the steps and procedures to install and activate the application. Also, we will give a way to stream the content without cable. Read this article till the end and find the solution.

How to Watch FS1 on Firestick

A Short Note on Fox Sports1

Fox Sports is a channel that telecasts games and game-related events, shows, and programs. And this Sports channel was owned by Fox Sports Media Group. This television network has some branch channels, Fox Sports 2, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deportes, and Big Ten Network. Fox Now is the cable internet subscribers only, but it needs a required login to stream the content. Fox Sports is an application to watch content.

The Fox Sports 1 Channel broadcasts the programs like Baseball, Soccer and also telecasts College sports events and tournaments. Not only the sports events but also provides live events and a bundle of documentaries regarding sports on the Channel. This Channel includes the Major League Soccer, Liga MX, and Copa Libertadores, and their championship events are telecasted.

Next, we move to the other section to learn the details about Fox Sports on Firestick.

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FS1 on Firestick

Suppose you want to know how the Fox Sports 1 is on Firestick. Firestick is a streaming device, and it is able to watch sports content on Firestick. Whether the Foxsports is available on Firestick? Yes, Fox Sports is available on Firestick. You should install and activate the application then you have to stream the content on Firestick. More than 90 million subscribers use this device to stream the FS 1 content. Initially, you have to install the application on Firestick. Next, we move to the steps to install the application.

How to Watch FS1 on Firestick?

Here, we will guide the steps to stream the FS 1 on Firestick. If you want to watch FS 1 on Firestick, Then you should install the application and then you have to activate the application on Firestick. In this section, Let’s see the installation steps to get the application on Firestick. Follow the instruction given below.

  1. Fix your internet connection to your Firestick device.
  2. Click the menu button by using your control panel.
  3. Navigate to the app store to install the application.
  4. Then click the search tab and search the application.
  5. Hit the FS 1 application from the list.
  6. Click the install button, and give space to install the application.
  7. After getting downloaded, you can able to see the application on your home screen display.

How to Activate FS1 on Firestick?

If you want to Watch FS 1 on Firestick, then after installation, you have to activate the application. Activation is the second level to watch the FS1 on firestick. If you install the application, follow the steps to activate the application.

  1. Now you have to launch the application and copy the activation code.
  2. After that, go to the activation website of Fox sports.
  3. Fill in the Activation code and hit the submit button.
  4. Once again, reopen the FS 1 application and sign in with your account. Suppose you are a new user. Then create a fresh account.
  5. Now the device is getting ready to stream the FS 1 content on Firestick.
  6. Then Find the Fox Sports Program and watch the sports program and keep enjoying.

Still, you should learn how to install and activate the application on Firestick. Next, we will see the alternate method to watch the content on a Firestick device. Read the upcoming section to learn about the other streaming devices without cable to stream this content.

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Alternate Method: To Stream Fs1 without cable on Firestick:

Here, we mention the alternate streaming service to watch the Fox Sports 1 Content on Firestick. Use this streaming service we mention below.


Hulu is a streaming service. You can able to watch the FS 1 sports content on Firestick along with the Hulu subscription. You should able to buy the Hulu subscription at the cost of $64.99 per month. Also, it provides DVR storage to record the content you want to record.

Fubo TV:

This is the other subscription to stream the content, But you have to subscribe to this service because Fubo Tv is a subscription-based service. It offers the cost of $64.99 for 30 days and gives 7 days of free trials. fubo Tv is a very flexible service. You can able to install this service on three devices at the same time. Then now, you can get the Fubo Tv on Firestick.


DirecTv is one of the popular services. It can able to watch content with the subscription. It offers a cost of $69.99 per month. But this streaming service will not provide the free trial pack, But it gives the DVR storage for 20 hours storage capacity.

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Sling TV:

Sling is a subscription pack to watch Fox Sports on Firestick. The cost is $35 per month. Compared with other streaming service subscriptions, Sling Tv offers the best package to stream content.

YouTube TV:

Youtube is also a subscription-based service, and it offers a DVR storage space to record your content. And also give the 60 Channels like Discovery, Paramount Network, Comedy Central, Sports channels, Cartoon Network, music channels, and so on.

The End

This article is completed with satisfactory information, and we mention a short note on Fox Sports 1 and whether the sports content is available on firestick and the steps to install and activate the application to watch the FS 1 sports content on Firestick. And also includes an alternate way to watch the content without cable. I think you like this article. If you have any doubts or if you need more information about this article, Comment Below. Thank You.

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