How to Fix Funimation Keeps Buffering? 2022

All anime lovers will love to watch anime films and cartoons as it gives you inner peace. However, getting this experience becomes a trouble if your streaming service, like How to Fix Funimation Keeps Buffering once after 3-5 seconds. Because of this kind of trouble, the entire watching experience might look miserable, isn’t it?

Since childhood, I have seen many people who would like to watch anime, and Funimation is the better platform to get them all. At the same time, there are some complaints that Funimation Keeps Buffering frequently. And attempting to solve those will be quite an easy thing if you follow the upcoming steps. To make them you need a proper internet connection and basic technical knowledge.

How to Fix Funimation Keeps Buffering?

Are you facing some trouble while your Funimation Keeps Buffering? Then I request you to read the article and make use of this guide properly to fix those issues within a short period of time. Therefore some of the verified solutions are explained here.

Clear Cache and cookies

Mostly Cookies and Cache of any browser will create buffering problems on Streaming platforms such as Funimation. Therefore clearing all those cookies and cache could help you solve the issues.

Use these ways to clear cache and cookies from the browser:

  • Open the default web browser
  • Press the three Dot that you can see on the top right corner of your display screen.
  • Then select the settings and navigate to the Privacy and Security
  • Now choose and select Clear browsing data
  • Once clearing the browsing data, set the time by clicking “All Time.”
  • Check out the boxes named Cookies and other site data and Cached Files and Images.
  • Finally, Clear Data and restart the browser.

Upgrade your Browser

Browsers are usually updated by yourself, but in rare cases, browsers won’t be got updated automatically. In some cases, the older version might cause these issues while streaming. So manually, you need to update the browser. Then how to do it? Follow the steps properly:

  • First, open your chrome browser and click the three dots on the top right corner
  • Now move your cursor to the Help option and press About Google Chrome.
  • Update your Chrome and Relaunch your browser

Disable VPN Connection

VPNs are one of the main causes that make the internet connection slower. The name itself says that it works to create a Virtual TP address for your present IP address. By disabling the VPN and getting back the internet speed.

This is applicable to those who are using free VPNs. Use Paid VPN in restricted areas and access the Funimation App with fast internet speed.

If Funimation Keeps Buffering, then Restart the Browser

Restarting your browser is the basic preference that should be done to fix the problem. If this doesn’t work, then you can follow the other option. Once you restart the page, then all the required components will be refreshed. So use this method and see your Funimation Keeps Bufferingor not.

Disable Hardware Acceleration on Google Chrome

Know that only the Hardware Acceleration feature will run your chrome smoothly and that it works under the hardware power. Your browsing experience will not be delightful if you don’t have a good hardware power supply. To prevent this kind of issue, you need to disable the Hardware Acceleration.

Follow the points to disable the Hardware Acceleration

  • To get the settings, you can follow the previous section as this takes the same format to reach them
  • On the settings, choose to select the Advanced option and pick out the System under the Advanced section
  • Now Toggle Off the option “Use Hardware Acceleration” and finally restart the browser.

Update Widevine Content on Chrome

Usually, the Widevine Content Decryption Module will let google Chrome play HTML5 video and audio. In case you don’t get any video on the browser, then you should Update the Widevine Content Decryption Module. Hence do the following steps:

  • Initially, open your Chrome browser and move the cursor to the address bar and paste this URL chrome://components/ and give enter.
  • Now select the Widevine Content Decryption Module and check for the Update

Disable Chrome Extension

Do you know usually some Extension frequently creates problems while streaming any content on the websites? The problem is that chrome will not notify you which of the extension is creating such issues. So the only way to fix them is to disable all the extensions from the browser.

Open Google Chrome Browser>>Select the three dots>>Go to the option More Tools and select the extensions>>Toogle Off all the displayed Extensions>>Finally, Restart your browser.

Reset the Google Chrome Browser

Your browser gets junky with cookies, cache, and other trash after using it for a while. So try the option Resetting or Reinstalling the Google Chrome Browser, hoping this could solve the Funimation Keeps Buffering. Do the steps to reset the Google Chrome Browser:

Go to the settings>>Apps>>Get the Google Chrome>>Choose and select App and Feature>>Uninsatll the App>>Fianlly download the website using another browser and install them.

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Is your Funimation Keeps Buffering> Then Try this Alternative Method

In some countries, Funimation will be blocked, so in such cases, you can try another anime site. And those Anime sites are mentioned below.

  • Anime_Planet
  • AnimeLab
  • Chia-Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • 9Anime
  • Anime Freak
  • Gogoanime
  • Horrible Subs
  • Animism
  • AniWatcher
  • Anime KArma
  • Tubi TV
  • Crackle

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Common Causes for Funimation Keeps Buffering

Like other Apps, Funimation also faces some buffering problems as there is enormous traffic on websites. The Funimation official website must require a minimum of 2 Mbps for SD and 5Mbps for HD quality streaming videos. But any videos that have fewer Mbps might cause buffering issues.

Did you know? Funimation is the largest website that streams more anime content. The service is available in over 52 countries and ten languages worldwide. Most of their audience watches the content on the official website, so the traffic level always remains high on websites.

Other than this, there is also another common reason that causes Funimation Keeps Buffering. And they are mentioned below with reasonable solutions. 

  • Sluggish Internet Connection
  • Crowded Server
  • Ad Blockers
  • Cookies and Cache of the Browser

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The End

Use all the provided methods to fix Funimation Keeps Buffering. If none of them works, then try this option. Check your internet connection. If they are slow, then upgrade the bandwidth. Solving these issues can fix your Funimation app from Buffering. 

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