Is Genshin Impact Cross Platform? PS4, PS5, PC,Mac, Mobile

If you are curious to know Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform? Then you can get an exact answer from this guide by reading the entire article. Here we have to explain Genshin Impact cross-platform and which devices to play. All your answers will be provided in one article to know from this guide.

Is Genshin Impact Cross Platform?

Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform?

The answer is that Genshin Impact crosses platforms on Playstation, Nvidia, Android, iOS, and desktop devices. There are no restrictions or limits for the users to play on specific platforms. However, it will let the users play along with everyone without boundaries.

About Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform is computer software that you can use as multi-platform, platform-independent, or platform-agnostic software. It is made up to work with many computer platforms. Although, Some cross-platform software needs a unique form to build every platform.

Alternatively, some of the devices can independently run on any platform without any made. However, cross-platform apps will run on Windows, macOS, as well as Linux and they, can run on many more platforms.

Genshin Impact is an Action role game playing which is created and launched by miHoYo. This is launched for desktops, Play Station 4, Android, and iOS. However, it is also waiting to launch on Nintendo Switch in future.

Though this game is featured as Anime, they styled an open-world environment as well as an action-based battle system that uses elemental magic and character switching.

Features of Genshin Impact Cross-Play

  • In this game, you can set a limit for the players who can join you.
  • Users can set the same device or console to contact you to play the game.
  • You can go to the settings option and choose the option to turn on with any other players from any device like Play Station or smartphone to play together.
  • It will let you increase the number of devices with multiple users to play together.
  • Users can play the game with their own compatible devices whenever and wherever they want.

What are the disadvantages of Crossplay?

Crossplay has so many good features to make your gaming experience great, but sometimes, some cons are also included in the Crossplay. So you will have to face some issues while playing on your console or device.

Here are the two major causes among the players over the world which are reported moreover given below.

  • Play Station 4 gaming console takes more time to load while playing the Crossplay.
  • Sometimes smartphones are heating while you are playing a cross-play.

Does Crossplay only available on the same server?

The answer is you can only Crossplay on your same server and, unfortunately, can’t make it on any other server. But you can invite or play with other servers. In case you need to play with your friends, then you should make sure to choose the same region to join the same server.

How to get Genshin Impact Crossplay?

First of all, you should need to invite your friends from various platforms, so you want to confirm that you have completed the Adventure Rank 16 to unlock the online multiplayer game.

You can play the game and complete the activities that will make you rank high to unlock the various features. However, you and your friends should need to play with the same regional server and also work on Genshin Impact cross-play.

When you and your friends get a rank of 16, then you can add everyone to your Genshin Impact friends list to share your UID code. You can get this code on the lower right side of your corner screen. Now you can unfold the Friend’s Menu and then move towards the Add friend. 

Afterthat, enter your friend’s UID code on the respective field to add your friend to your friend’s list. However, you can invite them to your adventure team and start to play together with the same region.

In-Play Station already has Play Station friends, so Play Station players can play the Genshin Impact friend list that already exists with your gaming console. So you can still add your friends while playing the game on your compatible devices like PC or any other devices by using its UID codes.

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How to play Genshin Impact cross-platform on various devices?

Cross-platform PC and Play Station 4|5

You can play the Genshin Impact game on your Windows or macOS device as well as on the Play Stations console. Users don’t require a Play Station console to purchase, so in case you need to play Genshin Impact with your PSN friends. However, you can play on your PC itself. A Similar Guide How to Play Minecraft on PS5?

Cross-Platform Android and iOS

Of course, you can cross-platform from your Android device to an iOS device in the Genshjin Impact game. You can also play a game with your friends on Android and iOS smartphones users. However, it doesn’t require the same device to play, and it will be the most significant advantage for you to play. Also, read, Can you play Among Us on PS4?

Cross-Platform Smartphone and Play Station 4|5

You can also play a Genshin Impact cross-play on your smartphone and Play Station gaming consoles. So you can use any device to play according to the information above. It has a feature to keep your progress from the platform whereas to switch. Although you don’t have to worry when switching to various platforms, you will never lose your progress when you change.

Genshin Impact Cross-Platform Smartphone and Windows

The answer is you can cross-platform the Genshin Impact game with your smartphone and windows or macOS. So if you are playing a game on your smartphone, then you should link with your desktop players at once while you play. However, you and your friend have various platforms, but you can play along with them.

Cross-Platform Play Station 4 and Play Station 5

It is quite a possible way to cross-platform from Play Station 4 and Play Station 5 while you play the Genshin Impact game using the PSN friends. It doesn’t matters which device they are playing on, but still, you can play together with them.

To Conclude:

You can cross-platform Genshin Impact on multiple devices or gaming consoles. However, it allows you to play with your friends on various platforms and other devices. Genshin Impact can play on your Android or iOS smartphone, Play Station, Windows, or macOS. So you dont need to worry if you dont have a Play Station because it will let you play on your smartphone and desktops as well. But you may face some technical issue or other while playing on your device, so it is common in every game. You can also sort out it in many other ways. If you have any queries regarding Genshin Impact Crossplay, let me know in the comment section.


1. Is Genshin allowing cross-server play?

The answer is that Genshin Impact is included on multiple platforms such as desktop, Android or iOS smartphones, Play Station 4 and Play Station 5. It is compatible with cross-play features, so you can use your account with multiple devices.

2. Does Genshin Impact cross-platform on Play Station 4 and Xbox?

The cross-platform is used for games and apps that are included in multiple platforms such as Play Station, Android, iOS smartphone, Xbox, Windows, and macOS. However, Genshin Impact is also a cross-platform for the video games as well as included to play from your multiple compatible platforms.

3. How to Cross-Play Genshin Impact?

  • Navigate to the Friends Menu from the Add Friend section.
  • Then input your friend’s UID Code, and it will be added to your friend’s list.
  • Now you may invite to your game the adventure team to start the game together to play.

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