How to Access Google Chrome on PS5? |Easy Guide 2022|

Do not be shy to ask doubt to others. If you feel bad about asking doubt to others, then here is your friendly partner, Google Chrome, to clear your doubts. On Android, you can get Chrome browser in-built, but on Playstation? The answer for Google Chrome on PS5 gets given in the below sections.

How to Access Google Chrome on PS5 Easy Guide 2022

If you want to use Google Chrome on your Sony Play Station 5 console, you must know the possibility of this combination. I have given detailed information about Google Chrome on PS5 console. Check it out on all the portions given below.

About Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Browser is a Cross-Platform browser evolved by Google. Initially, this Google Chrome Browser gets released on Microsoft Windows. Later it takes in-built place on Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, and more devices.

No one without Google Chrome on their streaming device. It takes an important place all over the world. Google Chrome Browser provides much active information to the keyword we search. The sites on the required Chrome feed the Tools inbuilt, Extensions, Security, Web Store, and much more services.

By utilizing those services and features on the respective Chrome, it does not charge. If you ask, all devices have Google Chrome in-built, but on PS5? Refer to the next topic to know the answer.

Is Google Chrome on PS5?

Till now, No. Sony Playstation 5 gaming console does not allow you to access the Google Chrome Browser directly on the device.

But you can use the chrome browser indirectly on your Playstation 5 console. The indirect method and the information were provided in the following topics. After knowing the indirect method to access the chrome browser, you can Watch All 4 on PS5 to stream all television content on your gaming console.

Methods to Access Google Chrome on PS5:

Given three methods are used to access the Google Chrome browser on your PS5 console. Refer to the methods one by one.

  1. Access Secret Browser on PS5.
  2. Get Google Chrome on PS5 by Settings.
  3. Using the Message Field get Browser on PS5.

These three tricks will help you to access the Chrome Browser on your Sony Play Station 5 console.

1). Access Secret Browser on PS5:

Follow the steps given below. It will guide you to get Google Chrome on PS5 gaming console.

  • Set your PS5 console with your Smart TV device.
  • Connect them with your home Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Go to the homepage of the PS5 console.
  • Click on the Settings icon given on the homepage.

PS5 Homepage

  • Select the Users and Accounts tab on the Settings menu.
  • Tap on the Link with Other Services tab from the list.
  • Click the Twitter ” app from the submenu and Link Account.

Select Twitter on PS5 Settings

  • Then, you will receive the pop-up screen on your device.
  • Enter your Twitter Credentials like Password and Username.
  • Instead of providing Twitter details, you can also click on the Twitter icon.

Twitter on PS5

  • After tapping the icon, the official Twitter Login page will appear on the screen.
  • Now, you can provide the Twitter Account details on the board.

Twitter Loginpage

  • Your Twitter Homepage will appear on your TV screen.
  • Here you can access any website, and even you can access our website.

Also, Access YouTube, Reddit, and much more sites. Follow the same procedure on your PS5 console to get the browser on the device. Our first method to get Google Chrome on PS5 is completed, and we move to the next topic to know the second method. After getting the required Chrome browser on your PlayStation console, you can access and Watch Paramount Plus on PS5, the best originals, movies, and shows streaming platform.

2). Get Google Chrome on PS5 by Settings:

Do the same procedure I have provided in the below steps to get Google Chrome on PS5 console. Here they are:

  • Boot up your PS5 console and Smart TV and connect Internet, then visit the homepage.
  • Select the Network option from the list menu.

Network option on PS5 settings

  • Tap on the Settings option again on the given submenu.
  • Following the Settings page, click on the Setup Internet Connection tab.

Set up Internet connection on PS5

  • Next, select your Wi-Fi internet source from the result.
  • And enter the Advanced Settings option on the right side.

Advanced Settings on PS5

  • Click on the DNS Settings on the page.
  • Enter the code manually on the given space.
  • DNS: [Primary Code].
  • DNS: [Secondary Code].

DNS Settings on PS5

  • Click on the Ok tab, and you have received the status PlayStation Network Failed.
  • Get back to the PS5 Settings page and click on the User’s Guide tab.

User Guide and Health on PS5 Settings

  • Again tap on the User’s Guide tab on the page and select Yes.

Tap on User's Guide on PS5

  • Double-click on the L2 tab on the screen.
  • Now, the pop window will appear and click on the URL bar.
  • Enter the URL address on the required space.

Enter Google URL

  • Tap on the Submit button to enter the URL on your device.
  • Here is the Google Chrome screen that will appear on your display.

Access Google Chrome on PS5

Use Google Chrome on PS5 now and access any websites on your PlayStation 5 console.

3). Using Chat Field, Get Google Chrome on PS5:

The Chat Field also help you to get Google Chrome on PS5. Follow the steps and the procedure given below.

  • Move to the Home page and click on the Settings icon.

Setting icon on PS5

  • On the settings page, you have to click on the System option.

System option on PS5 Settings

  • And choose the Web Browser tab on the page.

Select Web Browser on PS5

  • Give permission to Allow Cookies, Cross-Site Tracking, and JavaScript options.
  • Enter the link address on the required tab.

Google Chrome on PS5

  • And click on the drop-down linked website.
  • Now, the Google Chrome screen will appear on your PS5 screen.

Access Google Chrome on PS5

Now you can access the web browser on your Sony Play Station gaming console. And access all websites on a PS5 console by Chrome. If you are a game lover, the best app for playing games is Roblox on PS5. Install the Roblox app and play your favourite games.

Final Verdict:

I will finish up this Google Chrome on PS5 content with practical 3 methods. You can not be able to get Google Chrome on PS5 directly, so you have to use the indirect method to get the chrome browser on your PS5 console. I have given three easy methods to access the web browser on your Sony Play Station 5 console.

The Chrome Browser is the world’s best internet browsing service, and it has many tools ad extension features. Do the methods on your device and access Google Chrome on PS5 right now.

People Also Ask:

Can I Screen Mirror Google Chrome on PS5?

No, the direct screen mirroring method is not supported with Sony Play Station 5 console. Instead of direct screen mirroring, you can use PlayStation’s Remote Play option to mirror your phone screen on PS5.

Can I Access Google Chrome on PS5?

No, till now, PS4 does not allow access to the respective Chrome browser on their device. So, you need to access the hidden methods to use the browser on PS5.

How do I Open Google Chrome on PS5?

You can access the required Chrome on PS5 by the settings section, Using Chat Field, and Twitter. These three methods help you to use the chrome browser on your PS5 console.

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