How to Change Password on Growtopia?

We all use gaming consoles or gaming apps to play video games. Today we are going to discuss How to Growtopia Password change? 

Like PUBG, Free Fire, and other online games, Growtopia is a video game app. You can play with your friends and enjoy the game on your streaming device if you forget your Password for the Growtopia game account.

How to Change Password on Growtopia

Get dive into the article to get the instructions to change the Password on the Growtopia gaming service.

Growtopia is an Online Video Game. You can play this game online, and the Growtopia game community allows us to play this game with our friends. It is a Free Game of Sandbox and MMO Game on your streaming device. It was compatible with Android and iOS devices, Smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and other streaming devices.

Password is a Lock for our data and inputs in our user account. It protects our user account’s input information and does not allow others to open the account without entering the Password. It was usually in an Alphanumerical, Numerical, or Alphabatics type. And it was typically called a Passcode. Use this Passcode to save our secret messages, photos, and gaming credits.

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How to Growtopia Password Change?

If you have a gaming account on Growtopia and lost the Password, read this instruction we have given below. Mostly we have to recover our gaming account for the Credits, Worlds, and Levels we reached.

  1. Go to 
  2. Input your GrowID, and then enter the mail id of your GrowID.
  3. Tap on the Submit tab.
  4. To reset your password, link through the email address that you entered.

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How to Growtopia Password Change through Email?

You have to growtopia password change through your Email. Follow the steps.

  • Visit the link for
  • Then you have to enter the Growing and the Email address you used when you created this GrowID.
  • Press to submit email change.
  • After entering the email and it will verify the id, and it will start sending the address you entered.
  • Click the link and change the password.

To Growtopia Password Change:

This is a simple method to change a password in Growtopia.

  • First, you have to visit the site
  • Then you have to enter the GrowID and the mail address. Most important, you have to use the ID when creating your GrowID.
  • Press the Submit button.
  • That email contains a reset password link, and it will send the address you gave.
  • After that, you have to change the password for Growtopia.

How to Change GrowID?

  1. Get a Birth certificate on the in-game shop.
  2. You can use your birth certificate once in 60 days.
  3. So you have to choose your new name.

To Change your world name:

  • You should purchase a Change of Address on the in-game shop.

How to Sign In and Sign Up with Growtopia?

If you already have a gaming account on Growtopia, then follow the steps given below to get into the gaming account.

👉Step 1: Web Browser or App.

Install the Growtopia gaming app on your Android or any other streaming device. Also, you can open the Web browser on your device.

👉Step 2: Login.

We are showing you the image reference of the Website. Click on the Login option on the required Growtopia webpage.

Sign In with Growtopia

👉Step 3: Enter details.

Fill the boxes they are asking the questions to get into the Game.

👉Step 4: Login.

After entering the details in the given boxes, click on the Login button provided on the page.

Create an Account on Growtopia:

Yet not, you opened the user account on the Growtopia video game service, then read the guidelines we gave for you to refer to the image.

👉Step 1: Open the App.

Unfold the installed application of the Growtopia game on your device.

👉Step 2: Play online.

Select the Play Online option on the home page of the Game.

Play Online in Growtopia

👉Step 3: Confirm Age.

On the next page, you have to select your age in the given space.

Confirm age on Growtopia

👉Step 4: Accept.

Accept the privacy policy that appeared on the game app page.

👉Step 5: Continue.

After entering the details in the respective field, you have to head toward the Continue option on the given page.

👉Step 6: Connect and Get Grow ID.

Move towards the Connect option at the bottom of the page, and you will take to the page of the Game.

Click on the Menu icon on the game screen, and tap on the “Get Grow ID” option from the menu.

Get Grow ID

👉Step 7: Enter details.

Enter the Username, Password, and Mail address in the given boxes.

👉Step 8: Get my Grow ID.

After entering all details in the given boxes, hit the Get My Grow ID option.

So, we created the account on the Growtopia site.

Create Growtopia Account on the Website:

👉Step 1: Web Browser.

Take off your available handy streaming device and open the web browser.

👉Step 2: Search.

Click on the search icon and browse for the official site of Growtopia. 

👉Step 3: Login and Sign Up.

Click on the Login icon on the page and move toward the Sign Up option.

👉Step 4: Register details.

Enter your date, Month, and year of birth in the given space.

Register on Growtopia

👉Step 5: Fill in the details.

I was hoping you could enter the Username and Password in the given field, tap on the I’m not a Robot option, and fill in the captcha.

Register on Growtopia Game

After completing all procedures, click on the Complete SignUp button on the right side of the Screen.

To Conclude:

Install the Growtopia video game on your streaming device and start playing it with your friends. Also, sign in and log in using the instructions in the above topics. If you have any suggestions for this article, give them up in the comment box as a message format.

We will give reply to your messages. And clarify your questions as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Recover the old growtopia Account?

If you need to recover the Old growtopia Account, then you have to visit the recovery website. Afterward, you have to enter the email ID and click to submit button, and it will send back the address to you. In that, you have opened the address, and then you will get your old growtopia account.

Is that possible to hack Growtopia?

Don’t worry. It is not possible to Hack it. In any case, if you lose the Growtopia account. If you are not done, secure the initial steps. After that, you have to note that you will not be able to restore the stolen items from the account.

How many GB needs to install Growtopia?

Hard drive Space: 500 MB.

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