How to Get HBO Max On Vizio Smart TV?

HBO Max On Vizio Smart TV: For Vizio smart TV, there are limited apps that can be installed directly except for HBO Max. If you want to know how to add HBO max app on Vizio smart TV? This article will help you set up and provide more information about it.

On Vizio Smartcast TV currently, HBO Max is available which means there is no longer to use streaming service with workarounds to access. HBO is the best version in the market.

The subscribers of HBO Max need Access to the recent episodes, shows, videos. Subscribers choose the past movies or shows and it is well known to the world. You can also access the HBO Max App on different devices like Roku, Amazon.

How To Get HBO Max On Vizio Smart TV

Adding HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV?

During COVID 19 WarnerMedia Direct launched last year’s new OTT video streaming platform which is HBO Max. The great thing is the subscription fees are the same as HBO streaming App plans for $14.99  per month. Instead of using HBO, you can both have HBO Max Original.

It has the best plan, users can watch up to 10,000 hours of HBO programs. Also, you can stream all new warner Bros Movies at the same time when it releases on the same day.

Also, you have a 7 days trial pack. If you want to subscribe, then you can visit their official website of  via TV, internet providers, App store, and digital.

If you are already a subscriber. Then there is no need to subscribe to HBO Max. You just download the HBO Max app on the play store or iOS and log in with your credentials. Choose to Access all and now you unlocked your HBO Max streaming content to your device.

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How to Get HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV?

HBO Max app will not be available on the Vizio TV app list but you can watch HBO max on Vizio TV by following four procedures which are explained below.

Users can install by using a USB flash drive. But you should change some changes in your settings which are given below.

  1. Go to the Settings and choose the device.
  2. Tap to About and choose Network.
  3. You should verify and record the IP address.
  4. Then choose the developer option.
  5. Users should also check down the apps from unknown sources and ABD debugging which are in the Vizio smart TV.

There are four ways to get the HBO Max on Vizio smart TV by using

  • Chromecast
  • USB flash drive
  • Web browser
  • Airplay

Using Chromecastchromecast


  1. Launch your Vizio smart TV and smartphone to the same wifi network. 
  2. From your mobile login to the HBO Max app.
  3. Stream a movie or show on HBO Max and click on the cast icon.
  4. Finally, Choose the smart cast TV which you want to stream.

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Using USB Flash Drive

flash drive

  1. Initially, you should search the Apk file of the HBO Max app and which is from a trustworthy source.
  2. From the browser, you should download the Apk file of HBO Max.
  3. You can copy it through the USB drive. 
  4. On Vizio smart TV, you should plug the USB into the USB port.
  5. Tap to open the My files app and USB flash drive.
  6. Find the ApK file of the HBO Max app and choose it.
  7. Press the install option.
  8. When the installation is completed, the HBO Max app will be connected to Vizio smart TV.
  9. Click on the Setting option.
  10. Select the Application Menu.
  11. Press the Manage Installed Applications.
  12. Find the HBO Max app installed by using the APK file.
  13. Finally, tap to Launch application. 

Using Web Browser

web browser

  1. From your PC or laptop, visit the web browser.
  2. Then go to the google play store and find the HBO Max app.
  3. You should open the information page. 
  4. Tap to the green icon to install. 
  5. It will be redirected you to open Google Account. 
  6. Now you can see a window with names of different devices.
  7. Click on Select the Vizio smart TV also mention the IP address and name. 
  8. After that, the App will be installed.
  9. Tap the OK button.
  10. To complete the installation, switch on the TV.
  11. Find the HBO Max app installed by using the APK file.
  12. Go to the Launch Application option.

Using Airplay


  1. Launch your Apple device and Vizio smart TV with the same wifi network.
  2. You should open the installed App from iPhone or iPad with the HBO Max app.
  3. Verify the wifi connection.
  4. Open the HBO Max app and choose the video.
  5. On the top of the screen, choose the Airplay icon.
  6.  Choose the Vizio smart TV from available sources.
  7. You should allow the Airplay to cast on the Vizio smart TV by providing Access.
  8. You may find HBO Max in a screencast on the Vizio smart TV.

Features about HBO Max

There are so many useful features are available in HBO Max which will be useful for subscribers and it also has more economically when compared with other apps.

  • This App allows you to select unique colors for everyone up to five profiles.
  • You can create a particular profile for kids. This App will allow limited content when the child sees and it won’t playback on some of the movies and shows by rating.
  • To activate or lock certain programs for kids you can set a PIN that will allow you to unlock or change the settings.
  • Every App has parental controls such as Netflix, paramount plus, Amazon prime video, Apple TV+, SHOWTIME, Disney+, STARZ, Peacock, and Hulu.
  • For HBO Max, it allows to stream up to three different devices at the same time.
  • Also, HBO Max allows downloading the desired movies or shows to watch on a smartphone or tablet. You need to refresh it after every 30 days.
  • For HBO Max Ad-free subscribers have these features but HBO Max with Ads doesn’t have these features to download offline.
  • HBO Max is not allowed to access the service from outside the United States but also you can able to watch offline downloads.
  • HBO Max includes All Originals shows Airing on HBO like Euphoria, Barry, succession, Curb your Enthusiasm, and watchmen. Also, it is only available on Max users.

TV Shows for Kids:

  • TV Shows: HBO Max has some exclusive shows like The bing bang theory, home to classic comedies like Friends, and the fresh prince of bel air.
  • Although, HBO NOW recently released movies with HBO max including those from dream works,  warner bros.
  • HBO Max subscribers also will get Access to All warner bros movies on the same day which will be available in theaters.
  • It is great to The Streamable’s choice for Best streaming service action movies.
  • For kids: HBO Max will become the exclusive home from the next year to sesame street that includes every 4,500 episodes on the library which mean all the new episodes will appear on HBO max before six months when it releases.
  • Even though, the service also launched at late-night talk show around the Not Late Show with Elmo.

Final Note:

From this article, we discussed how to get HBO max on Vizio smart TV and how to install using different methods. Moreover, HBO Max has many features and it is a great app to stream many hit collections, favorite shows, and movies. If you need more information comment below.

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