How to Install and Watch Hoopla on TV? [Easy Guide]

If you have a chance to watch every genre of content on the app, that is Hoopla on TVYou can watch everything like ebooks, comics, and famous television content in this one streaming app. And you can get this app on your available streaming devices. We have given the installation process of the Hoopla on TV. For further details, you have to read the entire article and learn how to get the app on your Smart TV device.

Is Hoopla available on TV?

The answer is No. Till no updates for the availability of Hoopla on the Smart TV device in-built App Store. So, you can not be able to get it directly on your Smart TV, but you can use an alternative method to watch it on your Smart TV device.

Here we were given the alternative method of the Hoopla on TV. Check out the next topic to get the idea.

How to Install and Watch Hoopla on TV?


We already know that the Hoopla streaming service was not available in the Smart TV App Store. So, we have to go with another streaming method of the respective streaming service on your Smart TV device. Here the methods are:

  •  Using External Streaming Devices.
  • Using the Screen Mirroring method.

Let us start the methods one by one, and the in-depth details of the installation have given in the following topics. You can get the installation steps there.

How to Sign Up with Hoopla?

First, we need a user account for the Hoopla streaming service to stream the content on the respective streaming service. Check the steps below to Sign Up with the Hoopla on your device.

  • First, we need a streaming device with a standard internet source. Then open the Internet Browser app on your Streaming device.
  • Tap the URL bar in the web browser app and search for “” in the given search field.
  • Click on the required web link from the search respect and dig it out on your device screen.e
  • On the official homepage of the Hoopla service, you have to click the Sign Up option at the top right corner.
  • Now, the form was opened on your Streaming device screen. On this page, fill the all boxes with your required details.

After completing the needed move, tap the Agree on the bottom of the screen. Here is the Sign-Up process gets completed. Now, you can use this user ID and Password to Sign In with the Hoopla streaming service. Let us get into the installation process in the next topic.

Hoople on TV – Using External Streaming Devices:

The External devices get supported by the Smart TV USB Gateway. So, we are going to use the Two Devices with your Smart TV device. They are:

  • Amazon FireStick
  • Apple TV

We are going to explain the installation process with these two external streaming devices with yoru Smart TV device.

Install Hoopla on Firestick:

Read the installation procedure and get the Hoopla on your Streaming device. Here are your required installation steps.

  • You have to Interject your Amazon Firestick device with your Smart TV HDMI entrance.
  • Then, it would help if you linked your Fire TV Stick and Smart TV with a similar Wi-Fi route.
  • To view the home screen of your Fire TV Stick device. You have to use the remote controller and click on the Home Button.
  • At the home screen toolbar or menu bar, you have a Find or Search option and click the box.
  • On the Amazon App Store home page there, you have to click on the URL box. Go through the app on your Amazon Firestick device.
  • Dig out the Hoopla app from the search result and tap the Get or Download option on the Amazon App Store screen.
  • Go to the All Apps or Apps and Games section on your Fire TV Stick device. And unwrap the installed Hoopla app on your device screen.
  • Click on the Sign In section and enter the details to stream the content on the Hoopla streaming service on your TV. Start streaming the ebooks, Television Content, Comics, and more like this in Hoopla on TV.

Install Hoopla on Apple TV:

In the above topic, we have used the Firestick external streaming device with your Smart TV device. Now our choice is to use the Apple TV streaming device with your Smart TV device. Move to the steps.

  • Take your Apple TV external device and connect it to the Smart TV HDMI gateway.
  • Using the Ethernet Cable or using a wireless connection, you have to connect your Apple TV and Smart TV with the same internet source.
  • Here is the Home Button on your Apple TV device remote controller. So, tap on the key to view the home screen.
  • On the home screen of your Apple TV device, you can see the Apps. There you have to select and pop up on your Smart TV screen.
  • Look up for the Hoopla app in the given search space of the Apple App Store. And dig out the Hoopla app on your Apple TV screen.
  • After determining the Hoopla App from the search result, you need to click on the Install button to get the app.
  • A few minutes later, the Hoopla app will be installed on your Apple TV device. Open the app and click on the Login section and enter the user account credentials to get into the streaming section of the Hoopla app.

Now, you can watch the Ebooks, Audiobooks, Comics, and more content on the Hoopla streaming service.

Stream Hoopla on TV using the Screen Mirror method:

In our second step, we are going to use the Smartphone to share the Hoopla Screen on your Smart TV screen. Let us start the process step by step.

  • First, you need to connect your Smartphone with a similar internet connection to your Smart TV.
  • Next, open your Smartphone and click on the Google Play Store app, then click on the search icon.
  • In the given search space, you need to look for the “Hoopla” on the Play Store app.
  • Determine the Hoopla and highlight it on your Google Play Store page. Then tap on the Install button to get the app on your Android device.

On your Smartphone’s home screen, you have to click on the installed Hoopla to get into the streaming process.

  • Head towards the Sign In page and enter the credentials of Hoopla and click on the Sign In button.
  • Select any content from the Hoopla streaming service and play it on your Smarphone screen.
  • Here, you need to select the Cast icon that you can see on the content streaming screen or your Smartphone navigational panel on your device.
  • After clicking on the Cast symbol, you can get the notification window on your device. There you have to select your Smart TV Brand name.

A few seconds after you click the device name, your Smart TV will start casting your Smartphone screen on its big display.

Our Final Notes:

We have given three types of installing and streaming the Hoopla on TV. You can not be able to get the Hoopla directly from the TV in-built App Store. So, we have given the alternatives to get this app on your Smart TV device. If you are skipping reading the steps and methods we have given, scroll up to the above screen and read the methods one by one and do the same on your Smart TV.

If you need a specific installation step for your Smart TV or external streaming device, you can ask me in the comment section, and we have given you the reply and given you the solution to your question as quickly as possible.

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