How to Install and Watch Hotstar on LG Smart TV?

The Disney+ Hotstar application mainly uses LG Smart TV with the WebOS version 3.5. It also had higher models, and it launched a few years back. Now, the users can enjoy the Hotstar Streaming services on multiple types of Smart TVs. When you use the screen mirror method, you also use other streaming devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Andriod TV and Roku devices to stream any Disney+ Hotstar. If you are an LG Smart TV user, here we know how to install and stream Hotstar on LG Smart TVs.

hotstar on lg smart tv

A Quick Note on Disney+ Hotstar

The Disney+ Hotstar is a famous Indian-made online streaming app, and it gives more offers to users. You may enjoy movies, television series, International Shows, Hotstar originals, Live sporting events and then more. Furthermore, you need to stream any video content. It has more features than Star Media Network. In this application, you are also able to access any other third-party video content. It includes Marvel Studios, HBO, SHOWTIME, Pixar, Sony Pictures, etc. The Disney+ Hotstar gives more content to watch 100,000 hours of video content with 9 varieties of significant languages with other live sports.

Although the Disney Plus Hotstar is not accessible in the USA, you need to use the VPN services to get access. The latest American movies and then TV shows are presented here. After making the subscription for Hotstar+ Hotstar then, you can cancel the subscription plan. It means that you also require to cancel it within 48 hours of usage. Despite of, Disney+ Hotstart never let you down. Furthermore, you have the best experience in the Disney+ Hotstar Subscription. Now we are going to talk about how to stream the Disney+ hotstar on LG smart TV.

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Can I get Disney+ Hotstar on LG Smart TV?

Yes, you easily stream any of the video content with the Disney+ Hotstar on the LG smart tv. It involves the WebOS version 3.5 and then other higher models. It launched in the 2017 year and then later. Furthermore, in another model of LG smart TVs, you need to use the screen mirror method, then stream with the Disney+ Hotstar.

How to Get Disney+ Hotstar on LG TV?

Follow the coming lines then you easily stream the Disney+ hotstar through the LG Smart TV. When you have the LG Smart TV-based model, then you need to use the coming method.

Step 1>> First of all, you require to power on the LG Smart TV and then wait some time to make a better connection.

Step 2>> Now, you need to tap the Home button and then get with your home screen of the LG smart TV.

Step 3>> Furthermore, locate the LG content store and then press it.

Step 4>> Click on the search icon with your on-screen and then insert the Disney+ Hotstar name here.

Step 5>> Highlight the Disney+ hotstar app with your search lists and then install it.

Step 6>> When you complete the installation process then, open the Disney+ Hostar and then make the login process with proper credentials.

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Method 1: How to Stream the Disney+ Hotstar on LG Smart TV via Screen Mirror Method?

Step 1: Firstly, you need to plug in the LG smart TV and then connect with the smartphone and LG smart tv. It also involves the same wifi network.

Step 2: Comes into the app section of the Smartphone. Then you need to install and then log in with the Disney+ Hotstar application from the play store.

Step 3: Press the cast icon on the Hotstar app and then wait a couple of times with the LG smart tv.

Step 4: Finally, you need to stream the Disney+ Hotstar with your smartphone and your LG smart tv mirror with your smartphone.

Method 2: How to Stream Disney+ Hotstar on LG Smart TV through Streaming devices?

The Disney+ Hotstar is mainly accessible via streaming devices, and it also includes the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Andriod TV and then Roku devices. Now, we are going to talk about the further streaming process of the Disney+ Hotstar on LG Smart TV via Amazon Firestick.

Step 1>> In that process, you require to plug in the LG smart tv and then firestick. Then connect with the HDMI port.

Step 2>> Make sure that you present with the LG Smart TV and that it mainly connects with the proper internet connection.

Step 3>> Comes into the Home screen of firestick, then press the search icon and insert the disney+ Hotstar in it.

Step 4>> Select the proper search results and then install it. Then, you log in with the proper phone number and then the password.

Step 5>> Furthermore, now you stream the Disney+ Hotstar on your LG TV.

But Disney Plus is not accessible in the US; then, you need to use the VPN service.

How to Activate the Disney+ Hotstar?

  • In that process, first of all, you need to open the Disney+ Hotstar app with your LG smart tv.
  • Then tap on the My Account option, and it shows the activation code with your LG Smart TV.
  • Now, you quickly get the proper disney+ Hotstar activation site with your smartphone or your PC browser.
  • Then log in with the disney+ subscription account and then insert the proper activation code then select continue tap.
  • After done the verification, then start to stream other video content with disney+ Hotstar.
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Wrapping Up

The Disney+ Hotstar is one of the most popular streaming services in the online world. Now, you understand how to access this service on LG Smart TVs. Follow the methods mentioned above then you get more beneficial features in that process. Hope you that this passage helps to stream the Hotstar on your LG smart tv. Follow every step till to the end, and then you quickly do the process. If you have any interruption during the process, then comment below:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to add the Hotstar App to My LG Smart TV?

Yes, you easily add any of the apps, and it is also present on LG Smart TVs. Then you may download it from your LG content store with a better internet connection.

2. Is the Disney+ Hotstar app present on LG Smart TV?

Yes, the Disney+ Hotstar app is present on the LG smart tv with WebOS, and you quickly use it with the LG content store. When you present on the Disney+ Hotstar app, it does not mean that your need to use the screen mirror methods. Otherwise, use the streaming device these are mentioned in the above article.

3. How much for Disney Plus Hotstar cost in the USA?

If you are going to use Disney + hotstar in the USA, then you access the premium content library. Needs to connect with the Indian server on ExpressVPN, and then you sign up with Hotstar. Other regions consist of $19 for a year.

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