How to Activate Windows Permanently for Free

Windows 10 is an operating system released by Microsoft which is currently the most widely used on laptops and PCs. After installing Windows 10 on the computer, you also have to do the activation process.

This process is necessary because several shortcomings in Windows 10 are not activated, one of which appears in the “Activate Windows” watermark. In other words, activating Windows 10 is a way to get rid of the words Activate Windows, whether it’s on the Home, Pro, or Enterprise editions.

When you want to activate a Windows 10 Laptop or PC, usually the way to do this requires a product key. You can find this Windows product key anywhere, both online and offline. The price of the Windows 10 product key is quite high, so some people choose not to buy it. Even so, your Windows 10 still needs to be activated so that it can be used comfortably.

Why Need to Activate Windows?

Several reasons make you have to carry out the activation process on Windows 10 installed on a laptop, be it the Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise versions. Here are some problems that will occur if Windows 10 is not activated.

Activation Notification Appears

The first problem, if Windows 10 on your Laptop or PC is not activated, is the appearance of an activation notification. The notification is in the form of a watermark located at the bottom right of the laptop screen or PC monitor.

These notifications will always be visible even if you are opening an application on Windows 10. As a result, these notifications can annoy you and make you uncomfortable later.

The notification to activate Windows 10 will usually appear after 30 days if you have installed Windows 10 and haven’t activated it yet. So, please carry out the activation process so that the notification disappears from your Laptop screen or PC monitor.

To solve this, sometimes people use crack, which can be accessed online. You can find it on the internet, although the possibility is slim. However, if you want to achieve it this way, we highly recommend using Cyberghost Windows VPN. This is a VPN specially designed for Windows. By using the service, you can always be safe when surfing the internet.

How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently Online for Free

As said earlier, you can activate Windows 10 in various ways. To use the original license, you can activate the process even though you don’t have a product key without the help of crack software.

You can do this to activate the Windows 10 OS on a laptop but don’t have a product key without any software help. So, you don’t have to bother downloading software or crack applications like KMS.

This method can activate Windows 10 Home, Pro, Education, and Enterprise. So, whatever Windows 10 you use on your laptop, can be activated this way without having to bother downloading the activator software.

However, you need to know that this method requires an internet connection to work. So, make sure the Laptop or PC computer that is used is connected to the internet network when doing this method. If you are already connected to the internet, then please follow these steps:

  1. First of all, please open Notepad, which of course, already exists on every Windows Laptop.
  2. Once open, please copy all the codes.
  3. Then Paste the code that you copied in the Notepad window that opens.
  4. Next, please click the File menu in the Notepad window and then click Save As in the options.
  5. Or you can also use a shortcut by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + S key combination on the keyboard.
  6. In the window that has already opened, please select a location where you will save the Batch file.
  7. Then, please save them as All Files.
  8. Then rename the file as desired and add .bat to the end of the file name.
  9. After setting everything, then please click the Save button to save the file.
  10. After that, please close the Notepad window and then look for where the Batch file was stored.
  11. Then, right-click on the file, then click Run as administrator to run it as admin.
  12. Run Windows 10 bat file activator as administrator
  13. Please click Yes to continue as an administrator in the User Account Control window.
  14. Select Yes in the User Account Control window
  15. Next, a CMD window will open, and the Windows 10 activation process will take place automatically.
  16. Please just wait until the process is complete, which is marked by the appearance of the Product activated successful statement.
  17. Finally, please close the CMD window because it is no longer needed.

Now you can use all the Windows 10 features because they are active. Thus, you have successfully activated Windows 10 without a crack application even though you do not have a product key.

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