How to Change Language on Messenger?

Today’s topic is How to Change Language on Messenger? We have used Messenger for all social media. If you want to change the language to your mother tongue or need to change it for some other reason, follow this article to get the guidelines to change the Language on Messenger that you are using on your device.

How to Change Language on Messenger

The required information is given in these two topics:

  • What is Messenger?
  • How to Change Language on Messenger?

Follow us to learn more knowledge about this content.

What is Messenger?

Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger, and we have more services in the digital market. Messenger is a mobile app for texting with others. We have customized the messenger app to our comfort. Likewise, we can use this app as we wish. You can chat with your Facebook Friends. And also, you can get the information from other Facebook users online.

Why could we change the Language on Messenger?

There are some common reasons for changing the Language on Messenger. You need to understand the Messenger app’s inputs, Message someone using your well-known language. Chat with the new people using their language. The primary reasons for changing the wording on Messenger are given here. If any other reasons you know, then share that with us by texting them in the comment box.

What are the Features of Messenger?

Messenger service had many mesmeric benefits and highlights impressive for its users.

  • Message > The Messenger service allows us to chat with your contact friends on social media.
  • Unknown Persons > You can also chat with the unknown persons you want to talk with the person.
  • Theme > Also, it lets us change the color theme of the Messenger app to which music you like.
  • Media Sharing  > You can share your photos and videos and receive videos and pictures from others on the Messenger app.
  • Video Call > The Messenger community gives us the chance to make a video call with your loved ones or your family.
  • Audio Call > The audio call facility is also included in the Messenger app.

We know a few benefits and highlights of Messenger. So, you will download it on your device and start using the app to obtain all benefits in Messenger.

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How much does Messenger cost?

Messenger was not a selling service or streaming service. So, you can not need to pay money for using the Facebook Messenger app on your device. Even you do not need to pay cash for installing it on your device.

And the Facebook Messenger was available on all streaming platforms in-built app store. You can get this free of cost and enjoy talking with your friends.

How to Change Language on Messenger?

We have two ways to change the Language on Facebook Messenger. You have to follow reading the instructions given in the below space.

Using Smartphones to Change Language on Messenger

Change Language on Messenger using Desktop PC

So, these two methods are we going to use for changing the language on the messenger settings.

Using Smartphones to Change Language on Messenger:

Read the step-by-step guidelines for changing the wording on the required service settings.

(Note: We took the Android phone for the demo to explain the procedure to you)

👉Step 1: ( Android Settings )

Pick off your Android device and turn on mobile data. And go to the settings section on your device.

👉Step 2: ( System Management )

Please scroll down to the screen, select the System Management option, and tap on it.

👉Step 3: ( Language and Input )

Now, tap the language and Input key from the list.

👉Step 4: ( Languages )

Here, we have to change the system language with the languages option.

👉Step 5: ( Select Language )

There the community gives the list of languages in the Android system. You can click on the language or search and select the language you want to change.

Now, the language was changed, and you can text your friends with the selective language.

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Change Language on Messenger using Desktop PC:

Not only PC, but also you can use your laptops, iPad, tablets, and other handheld devices. Now, start the procedure by coming back with the steps included.

👉Step 1: ( Install Messenger )

Go to the Microsoft Store on your PC device and search for Messenger in the given space, and tap on the Install button to launch it on your device.

👉Step 2: ( Open )

After installing the Messenger service on your device, reveal it from your PC home page.

👉Step 3: ( Login )

Tap the Sign In box and fill in the required details in the given space using your account credentials.

👉Step 4: ( Messenger Icon )

At the left upper location of the Messenger app, tap on the Messenger app logo.

👉Step 4: ( Messenger and Preference )

You can see the Messenger option first, tap it, and click on the Preference category.

👉Step 5: ( Languages and Input )

Continuing to the Preference category, you have to go with the Languages and Inputs section.

👉Step 6: ( Languages ) and ( Select Language )

If the Language option is required again, tap on it and choose the language you want to change on your Facebook Messenger.

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Our Final Words:

So, we have seen the title How to Change Language on Messenger? We provided the information and instructions about Messenger and changing the language using your handheld streaming devices.

On the Smartphone topic, we use the Android phone, but also you can make use of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and more Apple products to change Facebook Messenger. You may also use tablets and Smart TVs to do this procedure. All you need is the standard Wi-Fi network connection.

The installation procedure is as same as we used in the Android topic. Still, if you need any more information or guidelines to change the Language on your Facebook Messenger app, please let me know by dropping it as a message format in the given comment box. We will respond and reply to your dropped messages as soon as possible. And I will provide you with another possible way to your questions.

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