How to Close Apps on Firestick?

If you are stuck between any problems, then what will you do? You definitely search for a solution rather than sticking to it. Likewise, Today we are providing the best solution to your Fire TV device if any app is not responding or working on your Firestick. In that case, you don’t know what to do next or are confused about how to Close Apps on Firestick. Then there is the simplest way to close all the Firestick apps in a minute using these easy guides.

How to Close Apps on Firestick?

How to Close Apps on Firestick?

Sometimes, apps may not respond while you use them. In that case, it may be due to glitches or low memory. For that reason, you need to close the app to increase the app performance and then clear your caches and memory for better performance. In the below session, we will guide you to force stop or close the apps

on your Fire TV/ Firestick devices.

  • Get into your Fire TV Home page section by pressing the Home key on your remote.
  • Further, move to the Settings screen and highlight the Application using the Navigation arrow keys.
  • Next, choose Manage Installed Applications in the menu.
  • After that, pick the app which you want to close in the option.
  • Now choose the Force Stop option to close the app.
  •  All the apps will be closed immediately.

What are the ways to Close Multiple Apps on Firestick?

Closing apps may speed up your device process and clear the space. In the case of your background, there is more than one app that runs. Then you need to close them all by clicking the back key using your Fire TV remote. Further, it will bring back to the apps management section. If you want to close the app in any way, then press the Force Stop to close the app immediately.

You should proceed with these processes for every app which you want to close and then press the Back key in order to go back to the Background & process list app. Now refresh the page to check whether the apps are closed in the background.

How to know when the apps are running in the background on your Firestick?

In Fire TV, there is no way to know when the apps are running in the background. For that reason, you should acquire from any third parties. In that case, you can install the Background Apps and Process list app, which is available in the Amazon app store, to get it for free.

However, this app is from a trusted source to get it on your Fire TV. After launching this app, it will show you the listed apps that run in the background on your Firestick device.

Also, this app has a simple and easy interface to use, and you can learn easily without any complications to close multiple apps immediately. Therefore, you may choose the app which you want to close in the background screen and then choose the Force Stop option.

That’s it. Now you have closed all the apps at once without any complications, and your Fire TV performance will also be improved.

How to Close Apps on Firestick by Third-Party Apps?

1. Using Background Apps & Process List:

  • Tap on the Find options on your Fire TV Home.
  • Choose the Search tab and find Background Apps & Process List app.
  • Then click the app to install it on your Fire TV.
  • Click on the Open key to launch it on your device.
  • On your Home page,  choose the app which is running in the background.
  • Now press the Close All Apps tab in order to force close all the apps on your Fire TV.
  • Now it will be redirected to the Apps Settings.
  • Choose Force Stop to close all the apps that run in your background screen.
  • Now you should do the same procedure to close all the apps simultaneously.

Suppose you need to close a single app, then choose the app and tap on the Force Stop option. Then come back from the setting section.

Closing Off:

To sum up, if you want to close any app on your Fire TV, then you can use the above simple method. In this guide, we have mentioned closing the app in order to force stop the background apps that run on your screen and also third-party apps as well. Likewise, you can close all the apps that run in your Fire TV background using a third-party app called Background Apps and Process list. Suppose you want to know more information regarding how to close apps on your Firestick, then use the comment section.

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