How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi? | 2022 Guide

Once, I went on vacation with my friends, and I carried my Apple TV device to watch the show which was going to get telecast that day. We are all staying in a hotel, and our WiFi internet is too slow. But I never want to lose watching the show. During that time, I found out How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi, and I connected successfully. I think you are also in the same situation. I will help you to connect your Apple TV to the Hotel WiFi connection in the right way and as soon as possible. 

How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi

To connect with the Hotel WiFi, we have some prior preparation on the Apple TV. I got some details from the Apple TV community. And now, I share them with you. It is helpful to you. Join me and do the procedure as I have instructed in the following topics.

How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi?

As I mentioned in the initial section, you have to make some preparations before starting to connect the Hotel WiFi connection on your Apple TV device. And we have three ways to connect with the interface connection. They also provided below:

  1. Find the Mac Address on Apple TV.
  2. Register Mac Address & Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi.
  3. Connect using MacBook.
  4. Connect using Terminal Method.

So, the way is 3, and the previous setup is 1. We have two steps to connect and three alternatives for emergency situations. Check out the following topics and learn the procedures.

1). Find the Mac Address:

To try connecting the Apple TV to Hotel WiFi using any method, we need to do this process before initiating. Follow the steps given below to find the Mac Address on your device.

  • First, you have to connect your Apple TV device with your Hotel room TV.
  • Then, Turn On both your devices.
  • And move to the Settings option on the Apple TV home screen.
  • Now, click on the General tab on the Settings page.
  • Select the About option and click on it.
  • On the about page, you can see the Mac Address as WiFi Address.
  • It looks like 0:13:2e:dd:eb:bb.
  • Note down the Mac Address and move forward to connect.

You can write it or type it on your mobile. But you must want to note the Mac Address of your streaming device. Now, it’s time to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi. Read the next topic.

2). Register Mac Address | Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi:

If the Hotel has a WiFi connectivity service, they all have some protocols and procedures to connect with their network. To know what they are all, take a look at the steps below:

  • Take your mobile and contact the hotel Support number.
  • You have to contact the Hotel which you have staying at now.
  • The support agent will pick up the call.
  • Inform them to Register their Mac Address to their server to use WiFi.

[ Also aks as I Carry my Apple TV, and I know without registering the WiFi ( Mac Address ) with your Service, I can not be able to use your WiFi service ]

  • They will ask you some questions for confirmation.
  • The agent has to verify that you are really staying at their Hotel.
  • Provide all details they need, then follow the guidelines to connect.
  • Turn On Apple TV and Smart TV.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the menu on the home screen.

Settings on Apple TV

  • Next, you have to select the General option on the screen.

Select General option on Apple TV

  • And tap on the Network section from the list.

Network Settings on Apple TV

  • Then, prompt to the WiFi option.

Wi-Fi option on Apple TV device

  • There you can see your Hotel’s WiFi network name.
  • Click on the Hotel WiFi Network name. 
  • Please wait for some time, and it is in the process.

HURLEY! CONNECTED & READY TO USE !!!. You have successfully set and Connected Apple TV to the Hotel WiFi connection. Now, you can stream the content you are waiting for. I know Netflix is one of the favorite streaming services for everyone. If it is not working, I know how it’s hard when missing our favorite content. So, click the link and clear Netflix Error Code HTP-998.

2). Using MacBook:

So, the above method is the direct way to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi. Now, this is an alternative way, and you have no need to contact and ask permission from anyone at the Hotel. I know you will think about it. Then, do the procedure without delay.

  • Take an Ethernet Cable and Connect it to your MacBook.

Now, follow the instructions given below.

  • Turn On your MacBook device and Click on Apple Icon at the top left corner of the home screen.
  • Then select the System Preference from the menus.
  • After that, click on the Sharing option from the list.

Sharing option on MacBook

  • Choose the Internet Sharing option and click on it.

Click on Internet Sharing on MacBook

  • On the right side of the box, you can see the Share your Connection from option.
  • Please scroll down and select To Ethernet and enable it.

Select Ethernet Share on MacBook

  • Above the Checkbox, choose the WiFi option.
  • Navigate back to the Internet Sharing section and tap on it.
  • Now, the pop-up screen will appear on your MacBook display.
  • Select and click on the Start tab to initiate a connection.

Click Start to Connect Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi

Now, the Hotel ethernet on your MacBook gets changed to Hotspot.

  • The Hotel WiFi is connected, and you can find it by viewing the Greenlight. Check the image below.

Check the Green Light

  • At the top-right corner of your MacBook device screen, you can view another icon replaced.
  • Turn On your Apple TV device and Connect with the Hotspot you created.

HURRAY! Now you can Connect and Go!!!. Using the MacBook, you can use your Hotel internet connection. I hope you got your answer to How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi. 

3). Connect Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi | Using Terminal:

The terminal method is nothing but the settings on your Mac OS device. To know more about this method. Check out the instructions I have given below:

  • Go to the Utilities on your Mac Device.

Utilities on Mac

  • And click on the Terminal option on the screen.

Tap on Terminal App on Mac

  • Now, the Comment box is opened on your Mac device screen.
  • In the comment section, you have to enter the comment as

“sudo ifconfig en1 ether aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa”

  • Type the above-given comment, and the “aa” denotes your Apple TV password.

Type Comment on Mac

  • Then, you need to Enter your Admin Password in the given space.
  • Now, get connected with your Hotel Wi-Fi connection and Accept all terms and conditions.
  • Forget the provided Network and Disconnect the Network.
  • Now, get back to the Terminal Page and Type

“sudo ifconfig en1 ether bb:bb:bb:bb:bb:bb”

  • Here the “bb” consider a Wi-Fi Card actual Mac OS device.
  • Then, Turn On your Apple TV and your streaming device.
  • And connect it with the network.

This is another way to connect Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi. Stream what you would like to watch on Apple TV in your Hotel room. Enjoy your vacation. Would you like to AirPlay to Firestick? Firestick is also like an Apple TV. Tap the link to know more.

Our Final Notes:

How to Connect Apple TV to Hotel WiFi? Using Terminal, Registering Mac Address, iPhone, and Mac Device. These methods help you to Connect Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi Connection. If you scroll down and read this passage, then move to the above topics and get the step-by-step guidelines to get your Hotel Wi-Fi internet connection right now to your Apple TV device.

So, I hope I have completed my article with useful information. To know more about installation or Fixing problems in streaming an app on b device, just proceed to the How to Link I have given at the bottom of this page.

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