How to Download Apps on Samsung Smart tv?

In this article, we guide you on how to download apps on Samsung smart tv. Every app offers a more unique way and a newer way to interact. New apps always refine the way use social media every few years.

How to download apps on Samsung smart tv?

Samsung smart TV comes with Internet capabilities that offer more computing ability and connectivity than standard basic television. In a Landscape of smart TV

s, Samsung offers you fantastic picture quality. On top of that, it has advanced features which easily connect you. Samsung smart TVs come with preinstalled apps, including top applications like (Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, etc.) and even offer you to download other apps.

How to create an account on the Samsung smart tv?

NOTE: For accessing apps on a Samsung TV, you need to create a Samsung account.Sign in or create an account by navigating to Settings>General>System Manager>Samsung Account if you already have an account. Make sure your Samsung smart TV is connected to the internet for a different process.

Is preinstalled app not enough for your Samsung smart TV? App Store is nothing as same as google play which you found on android mobile. Fortunately, you can install any app from the app store.

App Installation procedure

The installation process may differ because a newer model has different software.

  1. Press the HOME button on your Samsung remote 
  2. Use DIRECTIONAL PAD to select an app which you need. It usually contains a left, right, top, bottom and a centre button. 
  3. Select an app on a recommendation page using the directional pad and press the CENTER button to take you to the next page 
  4. Press the CENTER key to install.

You can also search apps with magnifying glass located in the top-right corner.

How to install a new app on old Samsung Smart TV?

As we know, all people may have both old and new versions of smart TV. The issue here comes with installing apps on the new Samsung Smart TV. Here is a solution. There are some exceptions. For example, Netflix is no longer available in an older version of Samsung Smart TV, so in this case, we use other streaming devices like Fire TV stick or Roku to access your Smart TV. Downloading an app on older Samsung Smart TV is the same as we do on a newer one.

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How to install a third-party app on my Samsung Smart TV?

The Tizen operating system has been used in Samsung Smart TV, so third party apps are no longer installed. Unofficial apps from third-party sources are allowed only in Android-based smart TV but here, only through the official app store you can download apps.

If any app which you want is unavailable on Samsung Smart TV, in this case, you can connect Apple TV and Roku Streaming devices which already have preinstalled apps.

How to delete Apps on Samsung Samsung TV(All models)

All Smart TVs come with preinstalled apps, whether Samsung Smart TV or any other. If you want to delete the SmartHub app already installed, follow the steps to delete any model on Samsung Smart TV released in 2014-2021.

Limited storage space is still an issue even though Modern televisions may have become wise. For example, my Samsung Q70R Series(65) storage capacity is 2.18 GB, and the available space is 1.89GB. I could not install the app. The solution is freeing up my space and deleting existing apps. 

Steps to delete Apps:

Before deleting an app, keep remaining that you can only delete an app you installed from Samsung Smarty TV, not the one which is already preinstalled apps Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so on is greyed out or disabled by default.

  1. To launch Samsung Smart Hub on your tv, Press the Home Button. 
  2. Use Directional Pad or Navigation Ring to select the category 
  3. Now press the Center button to view a list of apps on the Samsung Smart TV.
  4. Select the app which you want to delete from your Samsung Smart TV
  5. You will get options for that specific installed apps like Delete, Add to home, Lock/Unlock., Move, and Reinstall.
  6. Now select the DELETE option and press the centre button to delete
  7. A confirmation message will be displayed on your screen asking to confirm app deletion
  8. Finally, your app was deleted successfully.


In the above summary, we have details discussed how to download apps on Samsung Smart TV for streaming videos and more. In the short term, Samsung has a grand curved screen TV providing a wide-angle view, Low input Lag, Experience a Cinematic Life, etc.


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