FIX AUDIO DELAY ON TV: Watching movies, streaming cricket matches, listening to the news, audio delay, or sync issues can be annoying when you want to watch your TV in peace. In this article, you will learn how to fix sound/ audio delay on TV with easy and quick steps. Let’s check the methods to solve it quickly on your own.

Restart your TV:

Audio delays are expected. Restarting your TV can help solve issues such as black screen, slow apps, audio-video sync issues etc. Before restarting your TV, ensure you unplug all the speaker and Bluetooth connections and keep your tv on.

Restarting your TV can be done in two different ways:

Unplug your TV connection:

  •       Turn off your TV and unplug the connection from the power source
  •       Wait for one whole minute
  •       Plug the connection again and turn on your TV
  •       Check for any audio delay

Restart using the TV menu:

  •       Click on the HOME button on your remote
  •       Go to the settings option
  •       Click on the ‘About’ and select ‘Restart.’
  •       Once done, recheck your tv for audio delay

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Broadcast Issues Can be the Reason:

Sometimes, the channel provider’s connection can be the reason for the audio delay. The broadcast provider will usually resolve this within some time. Here are easy steps to check the issue:

  •       Switch to other channels
  •       Check for any audio delay
  •       If there is no audio delay in other channels, wait for sometime
  •       And If it continues, contact your network provider

Ensure Stable Internet:

Check your internet connection and stability if you are watching through streaming applications. You can disconnect and reconnect your TV to the internet and confirm if it is fixed. Here are a few steps:

  •       Click on the HOME button
  •       Go to settings
  •       Select ‘network settings.’
  •       Navigate and disconnect the network and reconnect.

Ensure Secure TV Connection with Speaker:

You might often face sound delays when you connect your TV audio with Bluetooth and speakers. This delay happens when the audio signal travels milliseconds slower than the video. This can be solved by connecting the soundbar or speaker directly to the source device with the following easy steps:

  •       Click on the HOME button
  •       Go to the settings option
  •       Navigate to sound settings and select ‘audio out.’
  •       Click HDMI ARC/CEC option to Off
  •       Now connect your speaker to the source and check the audio

Confirm Secure TV Cable Connection:

Poor cable connections can also cause out-of-sync audio.

  •       Disconnect all the connections with the TV and reconnect it
  •       Check for delays with the audio
  •       If it is not resolved after one or more tries, replace the old cables with new ones.

Set the Game Mode Setting:

Not all TVs have a game mode in them. Check your TV settings and set the game mode accordingly. Try enabling and disabling the game mode and confirm if it resolves the issue. Here are the steps:

  •       Go to the HOME
  •       Click on the settings menu
  •       Select ‘Picture Adjustments’
  •       Navigate and choose ‘Picture mode.’
  •       Turn on or off the game mode option accordingly

Change your AV Sync Setting on your Home Theatre System:

If your home theatre is connected to your TV with a cable, it might cause audio delay issues. Check your manual from the manufacturer to change the AV or audio delay setting in your home theatre. For further assistance, you can contact the manufacturer or customer service.

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Reset the Sound Settings on Your TV:

Resetting the sound on your TV can help you solve various issues with the sound on your TV, such as sound delay, muted audio etc to FIX AUDIO DELAY ON TV 

  •       Click on the HOME button.
  •       Select the settings option
  •       Go to system settings
  •       Navigate to ‘sound settings’
  •       Click on ‘Reset TV audio settings’
  •       Now check for any audio delay

Factory Reset the TV(FIX AUDIO DELAY ON TV )

It is different from a restart. Factory reset will erase all the data and applications in the TV and clears it out as new as it had been when bought. A factory reset can help you deal with and solve various other issues with your TV. You can do it with the following steps:

  •       Click on the HOME button
  •       Go to the settings option
  •       Click on the ‘Storage and reset.’
  •       Navigate and select ‘Factory Data Reset.’
  •       Restart the TV and confirm if it has been solved

Update your TVs Software(FIX AUDIO DELAY ON TV )

Software updates cannot be done on all the TVs. This is the last step if no other option from above seems to fix the issue. You can update your TV software with the following easy steps:

  •       Ensure that the TV is connected to the internet
  •       Click on the HOME button and go to the settings
  •       Navigate to the system settings option
  •       Select and start ‘Software update.’
  •       The software will automatically start to update if it has any.

Here listed above, are all the steps with which you can resolve your audio delay and issues. If the audio/ sound delay on your TV is not fixed even after following the steps, Contact the TV manufacturer for assistance as repair might be required.

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