How to Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One?

Attention, Game lovers! We are all well known for Xbox one. Xbox one is totally based on a home-based video game console and it is developed by Microsoft. And in the Xbox series, is the third base console. Some issues may be encountered while we try to connect devices. Xbox One not displaying in the HDMI port is the main cause faced by some gamers. So if you are a newcomer, this guide will be more useful on How to Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One.

Symptoms of Xbox One not working

Two symptoms that alert you

  • Black screen– Firstly, your television shows a black screen if you turn on your Xbox. If this occurs, it might be a problem with HDMI.
  • Malfunction– Secondly, sometimes there will be no issues with playing games, but the audio will not be working. this was the case when malfunctioning occurred with your HDMI connection

How to fix HDMI Port on Xbox One?

Using an HDMI cable while connecting Xbox One with other devices, if you are having any issues, this guide will help you. The solution for “How to Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One” is given below. So to get rid of any errors, you can go through this

  1. Restart Xbox One
  2. Check the HDMI port and HDMI cable
  3. Change video Resolution
  4. Disable 24Hz Video Resolution
  5. On Xbox One, Troubleshoot HDMI Hardware
  6. Software Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One
  7. Hardware Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One

1. Restart Xbox One

To Restart your Xbox One try the following procedures


Xbox button- Firstly if the flash is not displayed on the screen press and hold the Xbox button simultaneously till you see the flash

Step 2:

Restart Xbox One – Now plug out the power cable and hold it there for a few minutes. Later on “Plug in” again and tap the “Xbox One button” to complete the restart process

Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One

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2. Check the HDMI port and HDMI cable

  • Make sure whether the chosen HDMI Port and Tv are suitable. Also, check whether they have any damages.
  • The HDMI cable and TV should be supported so check it before heading to the next step. And also have a look at the HDMI cable whether it was not broken or has any disabilities

3. Change Video Resolution

To carry a secure connection, the video resolution may be inconvenient. By changing the video resolution, we can troubleshoot it. So to change the video resolution, the following procedure will guide you.


Press and hold- Kindly remove the disc if you find anyone on your Xbox One. Until you hear the beep sound on your Xbox One, press and hold the “Power button” simultaneously

Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One

Step 2

On your “Xbox One”, simultaneously press and hold the “Power button” and “Eject button” till you hear the beep sound.

640 × 480 will be launched, and by the following procedure, you can change it

Step 1

Settings- On your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox button and head towards the settings. And now, on the “Xbox One”, choose the “System settings.”

Step 2

Display and Sound- On your “Xbox One”, access “Video Output” by selecting Display and sound.

Step 3

Resolution- From the menu, access the Resolution dropdown and choose the supportive device for the resolution

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4. Disable 24Hz Features

On your Xbox One, fix the HDMI connections to disable the 24Hz video feature through this procedure.


On your “Xbox One controller”, press the “Xbox One button”. And on your Xbox One, move to the “settings.”

Step 2

All settings- On your “Xbox One”, now get into “All settings” and choose the “Display and sound.”

Step 3

Video output- On your Xbox One, now go for the Video Output and untick the “Allow 24Hz.”

5. On Xbox One, Troubleshoot HDMI Hardware

Try any software fixes to make sure whether is there any errors that stop the system from displaying. To check that some important things are listed below

  • Check HDMI Port- Have a look at HDMI Port to check whether HDMI Port is correctly plugged in on the “Xbox One and the TV”. Because sometimes, you might not have inserted it correctly. Watch if the metal parts of the HDMI plug are not sticking out.
  • Input source- Check the port that you have plugged in your cable is the same as the input source selected on your TV in the case your TV has multiple HDMI ports.
  • Try other HDMI- If the HDMI Port on your TV is the issue, try testing other HDMI
  • Remove dust or cobwebs-  Check the HDMI port, the TV and the HDMI cable to see whether there is any dust, sand or cobwebs.
  • Two HDMI Ports- On the Xbox One console, two HDMI Ports will be given. One port is connected to the cable labelled HDMI OUT. And the other port is connected to the cable TV or satellite TV. So from the app on the console, you can view your TV channels directly

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6. Software Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One

Even trying all these physical troubleshooting on the console and you find the device still not working. Try the software troubleshooting as follows

  • Unplug- Including the power cords and adapter, unplug everything on your console for at least 5 minutes. And Plug everything again on the console
  • Check the sound- For about 10secs, hold the pair button if it has an eject button. Now keep holding the power button until you hear the beep sound twice. If you find no eject button, keep holding the pair button for at least 10secs. Till you hear the beep sound twice, just tap the power button
  • Troubleshoot- On the screen, it shows the Troubleshoot menu once your Xbox One enters into the Safe Mode
  • Continue- If the system starts to work now, select “continue”. And repeat the previous steps if it still shows a black screen
  • Reset- By selecting Reset this Xbox, you can see two options that are “Remove everything and Keep games and apps.”
  • Remove everything- By trying the second option, see whether it works. If it doesn’t work, select the Remove everything option. While using this option, the entire system will get wiped

7. Hardware Fix HDMI Port on Xbox One

Your Xbox One is still not displaying anything even after trying every other option, and it might be a hardware issue. Only if you are a qualified technician dare to try this method or else take the console to the “Microsoft Service Centre” nearer to you.


Sometimes the fixing problem would result in easy or complicated. The article “How to fix HDMI Port on Xbox One” gives you valuable tips which help you solve the problem. Hence be back to the gaming routine after trying these methods. Thank you



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