How to Fix ITV Hub Not working on Smart TV?

In ITV Hub, users can watch on-demand and live TV shows as it is the best streaming service and home to British drama, Award-winning reality shows and so on. Unfortunately, what if ITV hub not working on Smart TV? Through this article, we will make you find different ways to get your ITV Hub back in form

What happens when ITV hub is not working on smart tv

When ITV hub is not working on intelligent tv it shows the following symptoms

  • It displays a Blank screen
  • No sound on TV
  • No signal
  • Shows the Update notification
  • An error message
  • Buffering or Freezing

Why is ITV Hub not working?

It contains a couple of reasons to raise ITV Hub on some problems. It ranges from unavailable shows to problems with your viewing experience. So from this article, learn to fix reported issues for this streaming service from basic to the leading solution

Manual update ITV Hub on Smart TV

It can be applied to the Smart TVs model from 2014 and later.

1. Smart TV Hub- Switch on your smart tv and navigate to the Smart tv Hub

2. Go to Apps- Now head towards the “Apps area”. On the ITV Hub app, press and hold the select button. By doing this, a sub-menu appears on your screen

3. Update- Finally, select the “Update apps” and do the update if it shows any

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Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

Troubleshooting techniques are applied in the same way to all devices to get your Hub run. So we have added a few troubleshooting methods for ITV Hub not working on smart TV.

#1 Stable internet connection

  • You always need around 800 kbps to get exclusive ITV Hub content
  • If your internet connection is slow, the streaming service will automatically match your bandwidth by adjusting its video settings. Therefore you can expect a bad picture quality if you have a slow Wifi connection
  • Keep the router nearby your device so that you can get a strong internet connection

#2 Clear App data

You can try clearing your cache once you have ensured your internet is stable

  • On your screen, close the ITV Hub.
  • Turn off and on your television by waiting at least one minute between
  • Finally, launch the app and check whether the issue still exists

Specific Troubleshooting Techniques

You need to approach it differently if the general troubleshooting techniques don’t get your application up.

#1 IPTV Hub not working on Smart TV:

Watch a wide variety of shows on Smart TV by connecting it to the internet connecting

You can configure your device setting as long as having a smooth WiFi connection

While you are experiencing some issues on your ITV Hub on Smart TV never forget to try out these following methods

#2 ITV Hub is not working on Samsung TV

Compared to others Samsung TV is also popular in the United Kingdom. Like other smart television, it also encounters some streaming issues

1. Update Device Software

To support many apps, the television should need the latest software, including ITV Hub.

There is always a need for manual updates even though you choose to update it automatically.

To get things up and running again, try these simple steps

  • Check whether you are not in “TV” mode and the Smart Hub
  • On your remote control, press the “Menu” button
  • Follow the instructions by selecting Support>Software update
  • By trying these steps, you can solve the fundamental problems

2. Hard Reset

It’s pretty straightforward to return to its default factory settings on your Smart TV while performing a hard reset.

Your television turns to new by following the on-screen instructions

On your Samsung Smart TV, you can perform a hard reset by the following steps

  • On your, Samsung Smart TV click on the “Menu” button and choose the support option
  • Choose “Reset” by selecting “Self Diagnosis.”

step 2

  • Now Enter your “Security pin” when it is accepted. It gives you an additional option to reset the password if you have forgotten it. To reset, press Mute>8>2>4>Power on your remote control

samsung pin

  • Select confirm once you enter the Factory reset screen

3. Update the App

When Samsung TV is connected to the internet, it updates its apps automatically. Update your ITV Hub app manually if this feature doesn’t work

  • Navigate to the Smart Hub and click on Appsto find the ITV Hub app
  • On the ITV Hub app, choose “Update Apps” by hitting the Update option

#3 ITV Hub issues on Panasonic TV

To access shows, you have to install Viera Connect on your Panasonic TV. But in the latest Panasonic TVs, this software automatically comes preinstalled, so there is no need to install it separately.

Try clearing your cache if you have already installed it.

1. Clear cache

On your Panasonic television, clear your apps cache by the following steps

On your Panasonic remote control, Hold down the Menu button and select the ITV Hub app, and press mentioned buttons simultaneously

  • Up*2
  • Down*2
  • Left*1
  • Right*1
  • Left*1
  • Right*1
  • Up*4

Wait for a few seconds after Deactivating and log back into your account

2. Update Device Software

Update the latest version by connecting your device to the internet connection. Go through the following ideas to update your Panasonic Television.

  • Press the “Menu button” on your Panasonic remote control
  • From the menu look for the “Network”. Then find new updates under the “Software Update”
  • And finally, install new software updates by following the on-screen instructions

3. Hard Reset

Apply Hard Reset on your Panasonic television alternatively

  • Press the “Menu button” on your Panasonic remote control
  • Now head towards the Settings and choose the System settings
  • At last, press the Factory Default option and confirm it

#4 ITV Hub is not working on Sony TV

By the following steps, you can fix these streaming issues if you are using a Sony TV.

  • Go to the Settings menu under the Home option
  • Press Apps by clicking on the TV tab
  • Now look for YVServiceHost APK by choosing System Apps
  • Finally, Clear Data on the Clear Cache option

#5 ITV Hub is not working on Firestick

While using your Firestick, you may experience several problems. Thus to get the streaming service running, you can do any of these ITV Fire stick troubleshooting methods

1. No signal

If you don’t have a signal on your Firestick immediately check whether you got a stable internet connection

Before inserting the Fire stick into the TV port, wait for a couple of seconds. Or else check for any damages on your Firestick or HDMI

2. Blank Screen

Try connecting your Firestick if you see a blank screen while loading videos. But in several cases, you needed to delete your Firestick data to prevent crashes while streaming.

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#6 ITV Hub is not working on Roku

By performing a hard reset, you can fix ITV Hub not working on Roku streaming device or disabling its network pings

Follow the method below if you are experiencing IV Hub issues

1. Hard Reset

On your Roku box less than a minute, you can smoothly perform a hard reset

  • On the back side of the box, look for the Reset hole

roku reset

  • Until it reset, long-press a pin for about 30 seconds

2. Disable Network Pings

If any error 014 message appears on the screen by using your remote control, quickly press the following buttons

  • Home*5
  • Fast forward*1
  • Play*1
  • Rewing*1
  • Play*1
  • Now choose the Disable Network pings once you enter a new screen
  • Finally, head on to the connection set-up screen and reconnect your network

3. Adjust Data Settings

On your ITV Hub videos, you may experience poor picture quality. On your Roku player, get a better streaming experience by pressing the following buttons.

  • Home*5
  • Rewind*3
  • Fast forward*2
  • Select Automatic and get back to the programme once you see a screen with various bitrate options

#7 ITV Hub is not working on Now TV

Depending on your internet connection, NOW TV automatically adjusts your videos. Because of your data settings, you may experience some working issues on NOW TV

If this occurs, you can adjust your network option as we did on Roku boxes. Also, try out these troubleshooting methods

1. Update Device Software

To continue accessing the app, you need to update the app to its latest version. Likewise, press the following button using your remote control.

  • Home*5
  • Fast forward*3
  • Rewind*2

Now select the update software option after pressing these buttons. And finally, press OK even after updating to the latest version.

To fix ITV Hub on NOW TV, you can do the following steps alternatively

  • Choose “System” on the settings and go to the “System Update.”
  • Wait for some time till your device installed the new updates once you press the “Check Now” option

2. Hard reset

You can troubleshoot ITV Hub not working on the NOW TV box by performing a hard reset. By pressing the reset button on your player, you can fix ITV Hub not working on NOW TV problems on one end. On another end, by selecting the “Advanced System” settings, do the so on-screen

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The end

On several streaming platforms, you can access the ITV Hub. But however, you may experience some freezing or buffer while loading videos. So use these troubleshooting methods to fix the ITV hub not working on smart tv and clear the problems in no time.

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