How to Get Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV?

Among the best streaming service, Apple TV is the extreme top service where it gives on-demand content, movies, TV shows, series and so on. It provides all the videos in 4k HDR quality and Dolby atoms sound play. So you can watch good video quality channels like HBO Max, STARZ, and Cinemax. To watch the content in the future is a personal watchlist where you can add those content. You can watch the originals of “Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV.”

You can buy or rent movies for streaming series and movies. On the Apple app, you can download the contents to watch it offline at any time. It has a separate zone for kids in their age category to watch movies, anime, TV shows, etc. It offers add-on subscriptions and other premium services like CBS, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and so on. Without bouncing between several video apps, you can watch Apple TV channels inside the Apple TV app.

Is Apple TV available on Vizio Smart TV?

Got a Vizio Smart TV? To watch Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV, first, check whether Apple TV appears on your Smart TV. But it’s not a matter because recently, every Smart TV is coming with in-built apps, so the apps are already pre-installed. You can use it by entering the Apple ID account credentials. It supports Apple’s Airplay 2 and Homekit, making it controllable for both Apple’s innovative home platform and Airplay 2 devices.

Apple TV subscription

To stream the Apple TV content Apple V subscription is the entry ticket.

  • $4.99 per month with a FREE trial for one week

Fascinating Features of Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

  • Turn Anything into a Remote- During the set-up process, we all get stuck handling the TV remote. But here, we can do it smoothly by turning your iPhone into a remote. Additionally, you can also use a third-party remote to work with your device.
  • Check Remote Battery Levels- To find whether your Apple TV battery is dead, just move to the settings and select “Remote and devices” to view the battery charge.
  • Search by voice- New Apple TV HD and 4k by default come with a “Siri remote”, which acts as an assistant and brings the result by using your voice.
  • Control Playback- While watching any video, the “control playback” button helps you move quickly, pause and swipe. You can also ask “Siri” to forward 15 mins before, and the Apple TV will rewind you.
  •  Vizio Smart TV’s Quality and sound– It provides all the videos in 4k HDR quality and Dolby atoms sound play. So you can watch good video quality channels like HBO Max, STARZ, and Cinemax.

How to get Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

1. VIA Button-  Launch Vizio Smart TV by connecting it to the internet. Then tap the VIA button twice on the Vizio Smart TV remote

2. Apps window- Now, it directly takes you to the “App window.”

3. Select all apps- In the App window, select “All apps”, where it lists out the available apps pre-installed on the Vizio Smart TV screen

4. Select the Apple TV app– Now, on the screen, select the “Apple TV” app and do a long press until the app notification appears. Press the “Ok” button to add Apple TV to Vizio Smart TV

5. Sign in- Open the app, and click “Start watching”. Now it moves to the next page, where select the “Account” option on the settings. For signing in, enter your “Apple TV credentials”.

6. Start streaming- Finally, on Vizio Smart TV, select the content to stream

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An alternative method to get Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

In the above steps, we can see the immediate steps to get Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV. Here are the alternative ways to get them. This method helps when your Smart TV doesn’t have a pre-installed Apple TV app. As it supports Apple’s Airplay 2 and Homekit, by using Airplay, you can stream any media file to the Vizio Smart TV from your iPhone or iPad.

1. Same wifi connection– Make sure whether to the same wifi network both your Vizio Smart Tv and iOS device are connected

2. Use iPhone or iPad– By using your iPad or iPhone, open the “Apple TV” app and sign in to the app. If you are not an existing user, then do the “Apple TV subscription” and then play any videos from the app

3. Airplay icon– On the media player, tap the “Airplay icon”. It shows the list of devices that can be connected. Gently tap on “Vizio Smart TV”. Then the media will start casting the selected videos on your Vizio Smart TV

Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

4. Start watching- Finally, enjoy “Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV” by selecting and streaming it on the big screen

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Tips to Fix Apple TV not working on Vizio Smart TV

Find this simple solution if you find any issues while streaming Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV

Step 1:

Check the set-up process

  • Firstly check whether you started in the right way to set the Vizio Airplay. It is a simple process to check whether the two devices are connected. To confirm the “Screen mirroring” feature is switched on, first turn on the AirPlay app on your Vizio Smart TV
  • On the device, check the settings that you’re trying to connect. You can do it simply by navigating to the “System preference” and clicking the “Display option”. Make sure the display option is turned on. Then you can find Vizio Tv appearing somewhere on the screen. Gently click on it
  • By doing this step, it enables you to stream content on your Vizio Smart TV without filing any complications

Step 2:

Power cycle

  • Try out this method when the previous method doesn’t work. Even if there were some bugs or errors, this trouble might cause. Luckily we can eliminate this bug by a power cycle.
  • Restart your iPhone or Ipad device and Vizio Smart TV to get the best results which I recommend. Since you don’t know the mistake occurring in your device or with your Smart Tv, this method will ensure
  • Finally, check by mirroring your screen. If you still find the same problem, simply restart your router.

Step 3:

Check wifi

  • The Vizio Smart TV will not mirror the screen you play on your iPhone or iPad if both the devices have not shared the same wifi.
  • Additionally, you need to turn off the other source while connecting two devices to the same wifi. That is, turn off the mobile network on your device while using the wifi network.

Step 4:

Update the apps

  • On both the devices, update the app while trying to connect because both the devices should have the same version for the Airplay to work. So from the “App store” update to the latest version. It would be even better if you uninstall and install the app on both devices.
  • By following this method, the bugs will get eliminated if they are presented. Hence “Updating the app eliminate the bugs.”

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The end

Now we have reached the end part of the article. By going through this article, you might have got some ideas on “Apple TV on Vizio Smart TV”. So I recommend you to watch Apple TV content on the big screen to get more fun. Thank you.



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