How to Get Britbox on Smart TV?

In this article, let’s guide on how to get Britbox on Smart TV and how it can be installed on Smart TV.

Britbox app

“On any Video streaming platform, it is a Top-notch British Video content.”

BritBox by BBC and ITV pic is a subscription service of an online digital video operated in nine countries the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Norway, Finland, Canada, Sweden and Denmark.

All in one place

Within hours of their UK broadcast, it provides new episodes of British dramas and soaps but also includes older programming.

Smart TV

There is always a difference between a regular TV and Smart TV

, and are in most cases, and regular TV cannot be connected to the internet means it doesn’t have any processing power, wherein smart tv, we can access our favourite apps, browse or get updates on sports by streaming video.

Subscribing to a smart tv may spend more bills as adding up those costs requires a monthly subscription. Also, the intelligent tv platform provides access to many free channel services.

Internet connection to stream programs is a significant drawback a smart TV could lead to. Also, the smart tv is connected depending on the stability and strength of the Wifi connection.

BritBox on Smart TV

With the luxury of HD and Ultra HD modes from all around the globe, BritBox offers thousands of multi-genre videos. From Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, an original premium video streaming service is not so different. With Chromecast, BT TV and other devices of Apple, it is compatible as it is multiple devices.

  • As it is a downloadable app on several Smart TV models, you can get BritBox on your Smart TV.
  • Through Apple TV apps or Amazon Prime Videos, you can subscribe to BritBox if the app isn’t available on your TV.

Even though the installation method varies on what brand you have for each of them, it is reasonably simple since, on most Smart TV, the BritBox app is available.

How to get BritBox on your Smart TV?

On Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV not interrupted to access all of the apps is fine. Where everything in Smart TV is super accessible from music to video streaming apps

With the BritBox app, it has the same case

1. To get the BritBox app negotiating the apps by Heading toward the home screen on Samsung TV

2. In the search box, enter the app’s name, “BritBox.”

3. On the next screen, it displays to install the app. Here select the specific app and install

4. Are you done installing the app? Click on the Sign-in tab. Once done, it will send you a code putting the given code number

If you have already subscribed to BritBox, there is no need to follow these steps. You can directly Sign In to it.

5. Even if you are a new subscriber or the one who already has an account. Follow these steps to take a free trial

  • Enter your name, Email ID, Password, and other credentials on the registration page.
  • Press the Register button once you have given all the needed details
  • Enter your credit card number and your details of payment
  • If you have not subscribed already, please select the Start Free Trial option
  • After a few minutes, it will take you inside the world of BritBox once the connection made

On Apple TV

Like other Apple apps, the process of installing the BritBox is straightforward on the Apple TV.

“Surely you will fall in love with it as you get an excellent  watch experience here.”

To install BritBox on your Apple TV, this will guide you on how to do it on your Apple TV.

  • Get to the iTunes and then in the search field type BritBox 
  • Once you are given the name you can find the app on the screen
  • With the help of your Apple TV, easily now you can download the BritBox app
  • As the whole process is automated there is no need of doing it manually

Are your email address of BritBox ID and your Apple account are same? If yes click the option “continue” else click “cancel”

Now start to enjoy watching by typing the email address associated with your BritBox account

Follow the instruction on your Apple TV only to access BritBox.Through Apple TV channels and apps, BritBox subscriptions are available. With some differences to be considered

  • You can watch BritBox only on the Apple TV, not from their website or in any app
  • You might have to face compatibility issues if BritBox doesn’t support it, like viewing offline might not work. Even if it works, it may create some difference
  • Subscription changes must be done in your account on Apple’s platform, and you need to contact the customer to solve any issue

On Sony Smart TV

Follow these steps to get BritBox on my Sony Smart TV

1. We always use Google Play Store to download any app which we need like same do here to download this app

2. In the Play Store, search for the app by typing BritBox app

3. Now download the app by clicking the install button

4. You can start enjoying the app once you have entered BritBox credentials

Take a seven-day trial not to check if it’s worth your taste but to know its accurate picture.

For your Reminder

1.BritBox will not be available on Xbox One, PS4 and Amazon Fire TV devices

2. For six months, there is a free subscription cost for monthly customers of EE from the UK

3.BritBox US is not the same as BritBox UK-When compared to the US and Canada, BritBox is relatively new to the UK. As it focuses on the British origin programming and the small video selection pool, there will be a slight difference in experiencing

4. Without asking for your consent, subscriptions renew automatically in BritBox


Exclusive for the subscribers, BritBox will be Top-notch and top-quality shows from the UK production companies. As a result of this article, we have guided how to get BritBox on Smart TV and suggest you do the following steps to get it. Still, have a doubt? kindly leave a comment on the below section


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