How to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi?

With the enormous content of media Kodi offers, how would you like it if you were given the option to download all add-ons to it with a single touch? Amazing, right? With no limits, magic is built on Kodi, and it is possible. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi.

How to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi

About Kodi:

As an open-source software media center, Kodi provides access to streaming media content by storing and watching them in the comfort of your home. It comes as a user-friendly package with all your digital media put together. 

Kodi works across just about every major operating system and hundreds of devices and features a 10-foot user interface that makes it all the more substantial to put into use on your televisions and remote controls.

The content from Kodi can be run on any device, including your Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox, and much more. It works with both local and network storage services, and there are some third-party add-ons that will make enhance your Kodi experience.

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About No Limits Magic Build on Kodi:

No Limits Magic Build on Kodi is one of the most popular builds available because of its friendly user interface with tons of working add-ons. It offers many working streams with access to an extensive library of TV shows, movies, live TV, sports, music, and much more, all in HD.

It features all kinds of sporting events as well as live TV from various places across the globe. The No Limits Magic Build is available for all versions of Kodi, and it offers Lite versions dedicated to Firestick users.

The best way to start with any Kodi build installation is to reset Kodi to its default settings.

How to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi?

Before getting into the installation procedure, you have to reset the Kodi add-on service on your streaming device. Your initial process to get the No Limit Magic Build on Kodi on your streaming device. Follow the steps I have given below to reset the Kodi Add-On service. Also, you have to follow the back-to-back topics to get the installation process.

1). Reset Kodi on Your Firestick/ Fire TV

If you have Kodi on your Firestick/fire TV, the steps below reset or restore Kodi to its default settings.

  • Exit Kodi if you have it opened on your device.
  • On the Home screen of the Firestick/Fire TV, click Settings.
  • swipe using the down navigation button on your remote and click Applications.
  • Select Manage Installed Applications.
  • Scroll down, locate, and select the Kodi app to display its settings menu.
  • Select Force Stop to make sure that the application has stopped working.
  • Now scroll down and click Clear Data.
  • Select Clear Data again to permanently clear all the data and reset the app to its default settings. 

2). Reset Kodi on Your Android TV

Follow the steps below to reset Kodi to its default settings on your Android TV Box.

  • Exit Kodi if you have it opened on your TV. 
  • On the Home Screen of your TV, click Settings.
  • Click More Setting, which you’ll find under Preferences.
  • Click Apps under Devices.
  • From the list of apps, locate and select Kodi.
  • Select Clear Data which will clear all the data permanently and reset the app to its original settings. 
  • The system will post a warning to delete the app data permanently. Click OK.

After restoring Kodi to its default settings, pressing Escape returns you to the home screen of your device, launching the Kodi app now, you’ll see that everything has been erased, and you are working with a fresh installation.

Let us now begin with the installation of No Limits Magic Build on Kodi.

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4). Prerequisite to Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi:

Authorizing Kodi to allow apps from unknown sources is the most important part of the installation process. The steps below ensure just that.

  • To start with, click Settings.
  • Scrolling down, you’ll find System. Click on it.
  • On the left side of the screen, select Add-ons and turn on Unknown Sources on the right.
  • Kodi issued a warning on the add-ons being allowed access to personal data. Click Yes.

Now that this is done let us move along with the installation.

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5). Download and Install No Limits Magic Build on Kodi:

  • Return back to the home screen of Kodi, and click Settings.
  • Click on File Manager.
  • The next step would be to click Add Source.
  • The next step is to click <None> in the Add file source window.
  • Further, you have to enter the URL to download the No Limits Magic Build. Ensure you enter the correct URL for your installed version of Kodi and click OK.
  • Give a name for this media source and hit OK.
  • Return back to the System screen and select Add-ons.
  • Select Install from the zip file.
  • Select the name that you have given for the media source.
  • The next step is to click on the zip file.
  • At the top right side of your screen, you’ll see the Add-on installed notification message.
  •  A No Limits Wizard window will appear where you can enable/disable settings. Click Continue.
  • Now, click Build Menu.
  • Of the different build options that appear, select your preferred one.
  • Click Standard Install on the next screen.
  • On the next window, click Yes, Install.
  • The file will now start its download.
  • The build is now being installed. Select Force Close when prompted.

The installation is now complete. You can now re-launch the Kodi app and enjoy the perks of No Limits Magic Build on your Kodi device.

To Conclude:

You have now successfully installed the No Limits Magic Build on your Kodi, and you are all set to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows of high quality. The experience of watching Kodi is further enhanced by the incredible appearance of this build.

For further queries and suggestions, leave a comment in the comment box below. Scroll up on this article to learn how to install and stream the Limits Magic Build on Kodi on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1). Why is VPN an obligation?

Although Kodi is legal, it can be used to access and distribute pirated content with add-ons. So, it is safe to use a VPN to hide your IP address and stay away from legal issues and cyberattacks as well. One can’t be more careful while watching content for free, which has to be paid for otherwise.

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