How to Play Minecraft on PS5?

On the PlayStation, Minecraft is available. In sony’s new generation console, it is not available. So do you wonder “How to Play Minecraft on PS5“? This article will guide you on “How to Play Minecraft on PS5”. Minecraft is a Microsoft product, but for quite a while, it has been on PlayStation. To add a friend, PS4 supports a split-screen, and with a PS Plus subscription, up to 8 people can go online and play games. But for Minecraft, there is no upgrade on PS5. Yet on the newer console, we can play the PS4 version.

How to Play Minecraft on PS5?

PS5 edition doesn’t exist for Minecraft. It is also not available in the store, and yet there is no official support for Minecraft. However, it will appear on the PS5 library if you own the game already and is even available for download.

Hence to play sandbox, we need to go through some hoops. And you can do it in four ways.

  • On the PS5, download and install the PS5 title.
  • On the newer console, insert the PS4 game disc
  • Using external drive
  • Transfer Data

NOTE- Check whether the internet connection and other updates are done on your PlayStation before getting into this process

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On the PS5, Download and Install the PS4 title.

To play the Minecraft on PlayStation, first download the digital version to your account

Working process

1. Web browser- First, head towards the web browser on your PC

2. PlayStation Store- Go to the PlayStation Store and buy Minecraft. Make a note you cant do this on your PS5. Use this on your Mobile app and PS4. If you don’t have a PS4 you can also do it on web browser

3. login- To your PSN account, now Log in. Make sure whether you are using the same credentials on PS5

log in to psn account

4. Buy Minecraft- Buy the game and turn on your PS5.

5. Login PSN account- Now login and search for Minecraft. You won’t find the full version of the game if Minecraft is not available on the PS5 account. In case you find the game on your PS5 account, it will be available for downlaod

6. Download-  As a final step at last download the Minecraft on your PS5

On the Newer Console, insert the PS4 Game Disc.

Here are either way steps:

1. Get the copy of Minecraft and insert it on the Playstation 5

2. On your console, to install the full game follow the steps

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Using external drive

This method requires a PS4. Here move the Minecraft copy to an external HDD from the older console. Then on the PS5, but the drive by the following steps.

1. Settings- Format the HDD drive if you don’t have an external drive with PS4 games. Now head towards the home screen of PS4 and get to the “settings” and select “Storage”

2. External Storage- On the right panel, select “Exchange Storage” and then choose the “Applications” press

external storage ps4

3. Move to Storage-  After selecting the “Applications” options, press “Move to External Storage”. By ticking its box choose Minecraft and select your favourite games as much as possible. To begin the transfer, hit “Ok.”

move to storage

4. Turn on your PS5- After the transfer finishes, power down the PS4. Unplug the drive and plug the drive to turn on your PS5. Now the PS5 allows you to play the game by recognizing in its internal storage.

On your Game Library, find the games under the category of USB extended storage. By giving the same PSN account it starts working on both consoles

Transfer Data

By transferring the game from the PS4 via Wi-Fi, you can play Minecraft on PS5 by following the steps.

1. Same PSN account- As the PS5, to the same PSN account “sign-in” after turning on your PS4

2. Update- To the latest versions, update its software. Via Wi-Fi or LAN to the same network connect both consoles

3. Settings- On PS5, go to the “settings” and choose the “System Software>Data transfer.”

4. Data transfer- Then tap on the continue option and select the PS4 console transferring data. Now simultaneously press and hold the “PS4 power button” till you hear a beep sound when PS4 started showing “Prepare for Data Transfer”

data transfer

5. Start transfer- Just select and start transferring the data you want to transfer on the PS5. Finally, the console restarted the process. And on the game library, When you power back the PS5, Minecraft will be available

How to Play Minecraft on PS5 – Alternative ways

You can play Minecraft on PS5 by this, given possible ways

  • Play Minecraft trial on PS5
  • On PS5, add Minecraft

How to Play Minecraft on PS5( Trial)

1. Wi-Fi network- To your PS5, provide the Wi-Fi network and get back to the home screen

2. Access the Game- On your PS5, now access the Game tab and search for Minecraft on your PS5

3. Pick the official-  On your PS5, from the search field, pick the official Minecraft game

Minecraft on PS5

4. Choose the trail- On your PS5, choose the game “Minecraft” for the “Play trail” and start playing on your PS5

How to Play Minecraft on PS5

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How to add Minecraft on PS5?

From the following guide, learn how to add Minecraft on PS5. But the complete version of Minecraft is currently not available on PS5.

1. Wi-Fi- To your PS4, provide a “Wi-Fi” connection, and on the PS4, launch the “PlayStation Store.”

2. Search- On your PS4, search for a Minecraft game, and from the search results, pick the official Minecraft

3. Add Minecraft- On your PS4, pick a Minecraft version. Then add and attach a game disc

4. Copy- To the game disc, then copy the Minecraft game. Then on the PS5 now, attach the game disc and paste the copy of Minecraft on your PS5.

5. Launch- Finally, on your PS5, launch and set up Minecraft and start playing


Among all video games “Minecraft” is one of the best video games. Minecraft has over 126 million users per month, which proves this is one of the best game apps. Its device compatibility is extensive, and you can get Minecraft on your desired devices. I hope this guide will help you with “How to Play Minecraft on PS5.”


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